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Anthony is a natural health and self-development author, speaker, and activist whose writings have appeared in #1 USA Today and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling books and top 100 websites.

As Co-Founder of, Anthony describes the natural health website as "a platform by which I was inspired to share my experiences on the subject of natural health and and organic lifestyle. "

Suffering from Lyme Disease at an early age, Anthony was shocked to find the true effectiveness of natural and inexpensive life-saving techniques that his classically trained medical doctors told him 'would never work'.

It was then that Anthony's quest to share these techniques with the world, many of which have now been accepted by public and mainstream science, through Natural Society.

Also a proponent towards the growth of alternative news, and a dedication to aiding various non-profit organizations, NaturalSociety was Anthony's next step in what he calls "highlighting what you won't be hearing about on the major news networks."

Anthony has appeared on both grassroots and established platforms alike, including routine appearances on Drudge Report, Daily Mail, RT, The Blaze, Infowars, Michael Savage's Savage Nation, Coast to Coast AM, and many others.

Recent articles by Anthony Gucciardi

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