AllerTrex Review | Does This Natural Lung Cleanser Really Work?


allertrexMillions of individuals suffer from allergies, and countless others suffer from respiratory conditions. But could an organic-based natural lung cleanser, known as AllerTrex by Global Healing Center, actually be beneficial, and what about for your overall health?

One of the most important things to consider with any supplement, regardless of its purpose, is to make sure that it’s going to enhance your overall health — not drag you down just to treat the symptoms. In the case of AllerTrex, a spagyric lung and respiratory tincture created by Dr. Edward F. Group, we need to examine the ingredients and their effects. And, of course, we also want to know if it actually works when it comes to its intended purpose: cleaning out the lungs and combating allergic reactions.

Note: I received no payment for this review, and the entirety of this review is my own words regarding AllerTrex.

Examining the Ingredients of AllerTrex

The very first thing to look at here is the ingredients. First and foremost, we need to examine if this supplement contains any genetically modified ingredients, or GMOs. The last thing we want to put into our bodies is a ‘health’ supplement loaded with GMOs.  In case you are unaware, GMOs have been linked to issues like sterility and even birth defects.

Thankfully, Dr. Group’s products pass this qualification more so than any other product line I’ve ever encountered, having the best certification of Non-GMO authenticity available to manufacturers, in addition to a guarantee of being gluten free, not tested on animals, certified Kosher, fully vegan, and made in the United States.

In other words, this immediately sets this product and the Global Healing Center brand at large apart from the GMO-filled supplements that we find on the shelves of pharmacies and grocery stores.

Now that we have passed that essential nutritional checkpoint, we can get into the ingredients specifically,. Thankfully, Dr. Group lays out each and every ingredient and specifies their organic certification as well as a little description as to each on the ingredients page of the product. What’s interesting, and I know many readers will wonder this, is why there is really only one non-organic ingredient? The answer is that wildcrafted ingredients are actually better than organic ingredients in most cases.

It can ultimately sacrifice a USDA seal and lose profits from consumers who are unaware of this fact, but when it comes to quality it can actually be a better option due to the way in which it is cultivated and treated depending on the ingredient. In this case, Dr. Group has actually chosen an ingredient that is known to be higher quality in wildcrafted form verses organic.

The ingredients of AllerTrex include:

  • Nascent iodine: Many experts would agree this is the preferable form of iodine for maximum absorption and assimilation for the body in order to help regulate the thyroid gland and overall function, which makes this ingredient choice extremely powerful.
  • Wildcrafted osha root: Here we have the wildcrafted ingredient, a higher quality than organic and specifically picked as it is known to aid with respiratory concerns. But this ingredient is more than just a root, it actually contains multiple oils that possess powerful healing-properties for the body. While expensive to produce in a product like this for the manufacturer, it’s great news for the consumer.
  • Organic eucalyptus: You’ve probably heard of this leaf, it’s actually pinpointed to help induce normal lung function when it comes to immunity. Ideal for a lung cleansing and support formula. Plus, it’s certified organic.

Along with the 3 ingredients above, the product also contains about 10 other organic ingredients like organic peppermint essential oil and organic orange from the peel. These are quite honestly of the highest quality of any brand I am aware of when also considering that AllerTrex is created through a process known as Spagyrex, which was created by Dr. Group and follows key guidelines to regulate organic standards and potency.

The entire process is explained on the GHC site and I am very familiar with it myself having extensively interviewed Dr. Group on the details, but an excerpt explains a couple steps:

  • Step 1: The herb chosen is certified organic or grown under organic conditions, harmoniously with nature to maximize quality and potency.
  • Step 2: The herb is then dried carefully with low heat and humidity to a specific residual moisture percentage so the raw botanical can be thoroughly processed in the liquid phase.

The additional steps outline the processing of the formula into a liquid tincture, which ultimately once again come together to create a supercharged spagyric liquid supplement. It’s the best in the industry, but does it actually produce results? Does AllerTrex actually work?

Does AllerTrex actually work?

The idea behind AllerTrex is that it enters the lungs after the user sprays a few times and deeply inhales the formula, cleansing much of the gunk from your bronchial passages and lungs that is causing respiratory problems being identified as allergies or otherwise. Whether we’re talking buildup from cigarettes, environmental pollution (which is everywhere and virtually unavoidable), bacteria in the air, or numerous other factors, it is designed to get it out.

When considering the state of indoor air in our modern society with cancer-causing cleaning supplies, carpet chemicals, paint chemicals, mercury seeping from CFLs, and even natural pet allergens, it’s no wonder so many suffer from respiratory issues.

Personally, I have been using AllerTrex for months now, and I have been in contact with what you may call ‘testers’ of the product to get a gauge of its effectiveness for their condition. While it’s usually their children suffering the worst, which I see as a rapidly climbing trend these days, I have been recording their responses in order to write an extensive review going beyond the purity of ingredients and into the downright effectiveness of AllerTrex.

I asked them to rate the potency of the tincture from 1 to 10 based on their results individually. For the children who had a hard time going outside during their ubiquitous ‘allergy season’, whose parents once were told that allergy medications were the only way out, they reported a 9 out of 10 after 1 week. In 3 weeks, it was a 10.

In comparison, they said the allergy medication was around a 4 out of 10 and came with a whole list of side effects. Not surprising when considering the average pharmaceutical comes with an astounding 70 side effects on average.

For me, I was grateful to be using AllerTrex during my trips via plane when the air quality was absolutely dreadful. The taste is great, and there is a noticeable difference after use. I carry it in my essential travel pack which includes turmeric, oregano oil, vitamin D3 (in a live serum form), probiotics, and now AllerTrex. I highly recommend this product, especially if you suffer from allergies or respiratory issues. I give it a 10/10.

Verdict: “AllerTrex comes highly recommended, especially if you suffer from allergies or respiratory issues. Outside of the super high quality organic and wildcrafted ingredients, it actually works. I give it a 10/10.”