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Why Some Experts Say Pregnant Women Should Reconsider Many Vaccinations

Pregnant women are being encouraged to receive many vaccinations to confer immunity in their newborns. But are all these vaccines necessary?

Read This before You Pop Another Big Pharma Antibiotic

Antibiotics have helped greatly with modern medicine, but now we need to find alternative solutions. Here are 10 compelling reasons to refuse antibiotics.

The Surprising Health Benefits of the Sugary Date Fruit

The date fruit has been praised from ancient times for its numerous health benefits in both religious texts and traditional medicine. Here is why.

2 Ancient Root Herbs Boost Total Immunity and Resistance

Having a normal range of white blood cells is essential to preventing all types of disease. Here are 2 ancient roots that can replenish white blood cells while boosting total immunity.

9 Reasons to Avoid Starbucks’ Fake Pumpkin Latte

Let’s take a moment to examine the actual ingredients that go into Starbuck’s bestselling Pumpkin Spice Latte. You will not be happy about what’s inside.

How to Manage the Ebola Scare and a Worst Case Scenario Using Vitamin C

The Ebola scare isn’t quite as intense as purported, at least not for us in America. Actually, all anyone may need is mega-does vitamin C therapy. Let’s see.

Big Pharma Drug Linked to Cancer: Drug Companies Bombarded by Lawsuits

Studies have linked the anti-diabetes drug Actos to the onset of bladder cancer, an issue leading thousands of people to seek compensation for damages.

HPV Vaccines: The Grim Reality Revealed

Not only are HPV vaccinations proving to be dangerous with side effects, but they are also unnecessary. Is Gardasil or any other vaccine worth the risks?

Cannabis Compound Restores Memory and Cognitive Capacity, Even at ‘Ultra-Low’ Doses

Studies suggest that low doses of THC from cannabis prevents and heals cognitive disorders from brain inflammation, as well as neurodegenerative diseases.

This Underrated Oil Offers Many Medicinal Benefits – Don’t Miss Out

Castor oil has been ignored by modern medicine despite centuries-old history of medicinal uses. Many think it is toxic, though it has been used for years.

Forbidden Medicine: Hemp Seeds Treat Tuberculosis

While tuberculosis often shields itself against conventional treatments, there is another way to potentially get rid of this ailment – hemp.

Big Pharma Attacks Natural Medicine to Hide Own Death Toll (And It’s Shockingly High)

The FDA and AMA continue to attack natural and alternative remedies while hiding the high toll of pharmaceutical adverse effects and deaths.

2 Unusual Agents for a Detox and Weight Loss Protocol

There are many ways to detoxify, though there are 2 agents most people never consider – niacin (vitamin B3), and food grade activated charcoal.

British Petroleum (BP) Stock Drops After Threat of $18 Billion Fines

Due to “conscious disregard of known risks” and “gross negligence,” BP may be paying an additional $18 billion in fines for the 2010 BP oil spill crisis.

Healthful Rice: Report Shows Rice Least Contaminated with Arsenic

Arsenic in rice is still a serious issue. Consumer Reports shows that organic basmati white rice from India is least contaminated. Here are other results.

Antibiotics Becoming Useless — Here’s What’s Happening

It appears after too much use on humans, and even more so with farm animals in factory farming, that antibiotics are becoming useless. A curse, or blessing?

CDC Whistle Blower’s ‘Vaccines and Autism’ Link may be Silenced Forever

Heard about a hidden CDC insider whistle blower who has evidence of vaccines being linked to autism? Unfortunately, this evidence may remain silenced.