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Victory: Senate to Kill Monsanto Protection Act Amid Outrage

Anthony Gucciardi
September 25th, 2013
Updated 05/07/2014 at 5:56 pm
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In a major victory brought upon by serious activism and public outrage, new legislation changes will shut down the Monsanto Protection Act rider that granted Monsanto protection from legal action and was set to renew on September 30th.

This unprecedented move shows the true power of the anti-GMO, anti-Monsanto movement, and how elected officials are now being forced to side with the concerned population over the money-spewing Monsanto. After all, it was Monsanto who purchased its way into the initial Senate spending bill legislation via a rider dubbed the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’  through Senator Roy Blunt.

Officially labeled the Farmer Assurance Provision under Sec. 735 of the Senate Continuing Resolution spending bill, Senator Blunt was conveniently given over $64,000 by Monsanto before he handed the biotech corporation the ability to write its own legislation for the Monsanto Protection Act. And as I told you back in March here on the frontlines of anti-GMO activism, the financial payload dished out by Monsanto was enough to secure a major victory for corporations over both the public and even the federal government.

It was last March that Obama signed the initial Senate spending bill into law, subsequently bringing the Monsanto Protection Act rider into legal validity as well. But the rider only extended until September 30th of this year, and it was up to Monsanto to pull another slippery legislative trick out of their sleeves in order to pass a Monsanto Protection Act 2.0 renewal. Once again, however, Monsanto executives underestimated the power of the alternative news community and the intelligence of those who do not want to eat contaminated food.

And as a result, Senators are being forced to respond in a big way. As one Senator put it:

“That provision will be gone,” said Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) told Politico.

There is even discussion of how the Monsanto Protection Act came to exist in the first place, and more importantly how we can hold the politicians responsible.

“Short-term appropriations bills are not an excuse for Congress to grandfather in bad policy,” said Colin O’Neil, director of government affairs for the Center for Food Safety.

Once again, we have achieved a major victory in the fight against Monsanto and GMOs at large. As information on the subject continues to spread like intellectual wildfire, Monsanto’s days as a food supply hog consistently dwindle.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Victory: Senate to Kill Monsanto Protection Act Amid OutrageGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • Joanna

    Yeah a victory and stay true

  • Ann

    Not only does Monsanto deserve the death penalty, but all Politicians, Corporations etc. advocating Monsanto deserve the death penalty.
    Why is the U.S. Government sending our troops to the Middle East to fight terrorism when Monsanto is the biggest terrorist of all being allowed to poison every citizen in America and around the world.
    Monsanto has destroyed this planet causing disease to humans, animals and plants.
    They have been poisoning our lands, water and air and Governments have been turning a blind eye.
    Monsanto has to be wiped off the face of the earth and NOW!

  • Marke N

    If anyone has names of any of the corporate big wigs at Monsanto or any of their minions that are onside, check to see if those names can be published or where they have been published. If so, nothing beats a public forum for destruction of an idea or person, person implying a U.S. corporation today, than the eyes of the citizens. Fresh meat for the next victory.

  • Marke N

    I think we all know this is a victory with time constraints. There is no way a corporation like Monsanto, evil at the core and on up, will let this slip through the next time. Keep up the vigilance folks and pass the torch on to your kids. It may take generations to clean this ‘pestilence’ out of our world.

  • Ollie

    Oh well done, well done. Just don’t ever let go. Monsanto wont.

  • Shaw

    Why do these things happen in the first place, I think its Disgusting how they think people will just sit back and accept this BS. They are playing genocide games with their own future, and their children. Humanity seriously needs to grow up.

  • Lilly

    Just because he signed the “act” do you really think they will stop doing what they are doing? This may appear to be a “victory” when in reality it’s nothing more than words to appease the people. No truth….only words. Don’t give up the fight!

  • Jari

    HALLELUJAH, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! Let’s hope this will NEVER happen again, or anything like it!

  • Marv N Gardenz

    Waiting for labeling, only then will Monsanto and other GMO factories be held account.

  • Dubbel Henke

    How wonderful, is this true?! And remember that ONE Swedish woman made THIS possible; she started this, all of us joined and the GMO-licker resigned very quickly, we CAN make a difference, Congratulations frm Europe. We will throw these scumbags out of our contries forever, very soon. They cannot stop hundred of millions of concerned Citizens…

  • MsSgt3

    I don’t think Monsanto will ever give up! After all, people like the Rothschild’s and Gates have extensive investments in in GMO”s…

  • thebearded1

    A win maybe…but look at the devastation. Who pays for restoring crops, heirloom seeds, and farms / farmers devastated by this raping of the land? And can we trust those who make legislation from going right back to the Monsanto feeding trough?

    • Fred hgggg

      because the war isnt over, but the battle is won. Revel in it, then move on and continue the fight

    • gomurr

      Without the Monsanto Protection Act farmers can at least sue. Great strides come from small steps. The most effective strategy is refusing to buy their toxic food. It is being rejected all over the world and it’s having an impact on Monsanto. Hedge funds, and their own executives, are dumping their stocks. Justice prevails even if not as quickly as we would like.

  • Bill

    Thank God ! Poison is poison !

  • romanbap

    Not this time

  • Stevo

    Yes these people at monsanto should go to jail for crimes aganst humanity there the only company that don’t want you to know your buying there poison in your food and like everybody is saying we will win the battle tell the public about GMO’S and they won’t buy GMO foods.

  • mizzev

    Our hard work and REVOLT against Monsanto is PAYING OFF!

    WE THE PEOPLE have SPOKEN !!!!!!! yippeee for US!

  • randydutton

    Lousy journalism. In your comment, “new legislation changes” you cite no legislation, provide no link, and don’t even hint at to an original source.

    It’s as if you want people to take your word, thus, they need not independently verify your comments.

    • beewing

      It is in the article on the second paragraph. read much?

      “Officially labeled the Farmer Assurance Provision under Sec. 735 of the Senate Continuing Resolution spending bill..”

      • beewing

        sorry, third paragraph. This was a rider on that legislation.

  • Vicki Watson Guenter

    Hooray for the people ! Monsanto wanted a war and now they are loosing ! Lets keep up the momentum !!!

  • shotgunsusie

    WOOO HOOOO!!!!

  • Adam The Window Wizard

    Corporations are people.
    Monsanto deserves the death penalty.

    • Alberto G.

      If corporations are people, they are psychopaths.

  • T.W.Parkhurst

    when are the going to ban GMO’s? start prosecuting Monsanto for crimes against Humanity, and Life, itself. ? To start – Single subject legislation – no riders, amendments, and require a statement of Constitutional authority. That Congress be held to all laws affecting the least of Americans.

    • Joy Kincaid

      I am with you 110%! Get rid of Monsanto, and send all it’s executives to prison, where they belong…for life! They are all guilty of murder!

      Joy Kincaid

      • mikehuntertz

        Prison does nothing to dissuade corrupt politicians and corporations. Nothing will change until we begin to hang these plutocrats in a public forum. Once a few millionaires are strung up by their neck they will think twice about assaulting the American public and staying out of politics altogether. The same goes for the pigs that terrorize the population in the name of “law enforcement”.

        • T.W.Parkhurst

          violence begets violence – we do not have to sink to their level – perhaps letting them tend to the fields sprayed with their harmless sprays, eating nothing but their harmless GMO product, drinking nothing but the clean water left by fracking, but I digress. Perhaps, isolation and time out from all humanity be more appropriate, I’ d say the moon but I’m not quite sure that is far enough or isolated enough. Perhaps the loss of use of their name or any reference other than that of traitor, treasoner would be enough. or perhaps call them simple by traitor of humanity

          • WakeUPNoob!

            You’re an idiot. The only thing that will have the slightest chance of saving this once great country is exactly as mikehuntertz explains, and worse.

        • T.W.Parkhurst

          get the money out or get the hell out, get the monsanto out or get the hell out

  • cholula1111




  • Healthy Notions, LLC

    The Truth always prevails ~

  • nik

    We are winning!!