Not a Joke: Terrorists Caught Luring Recruits with ‘Delicious Pancake Recipes’

It’s no joke, one of the lucrative ways in which the Islamic State is pulling in ‘vulnerable audiences’ is by releasing free pancake recipes.

It’s Official, McDonald’s and Monsanto Are Both ‘Losing Money Fast’

It’s official, the financial decline of both fast food giant McDonald’s and biotech juggernaut Monsanto has begun according to economists.

Olive Oil Compound ‘Kills Cancer Cells in 30 Minutes’

New research shows that a simple compound in olive oil is capable of killing cancer cells ‘within 30 minutes to an hour’ without harming healthy cells.

Report Finds We Are Eating ‘2,500 Tons of Fake Food’

Are you drinking beverages out of antifreeze containers and chewing on horse meat in your pre-packaged ‘hamburgers?

GMO Spider Venom Could Soon Be ‘The New Viagra’

Specifically, we are talking about the use of GMO spider venom as an alternative to the highly popular erectile disfunction drug Viagra.

USDA Approves First GMO Apple For Planting

The USDA has now approved the first GMO apple for commercial planting inside the United States — would you eat one?

McDonald’s Gives Free Vaccines With Happy Meals In Texas

Would you like a side of hepatitis A shot with your Happy Meal? As it turns out, your child may just be able to receive a number of vaccinations.

Photos: Orangutan Set Free After Chained At Neck For 13 Years & Fed Junk Food

After being changed by the neck and fed a diet consisting of ‘junk food and fizzy drinks’, Pingky the orangutan was rescued and set free.

90% Of Big Pharma Spent More On Marketing Than Research In 2013 Alone

As it turns out, 9 out of 10 Big Pharma companies actually spent more on their sales and marketing than their research and development.

McDonald’s Sales Rapidly Decline As Americans Reject Fake Food

McDonald’s has fired its CEO amid rapid financial decline, as many turn away from GMO-laden fast food chains.

Big Pharma ‘Repatenting’ Raises Prices of Top Drugs By More than 6 Times

One of the first things Big Pharma does to increase drug prices, without any actual advancements, is repatent the drug and sell it for a ridiculous mark up.

96% Of Monsanto Shareholders Vote Against GMO Labeling

Around 96 percent of Monsanto shareholders would highly prefer that you do not know whether you’re eating Monsanto’s GMOs or not. Why is this?

Minnesota’s New GMO Labeling Bill Could Change Everything For Monsanto

This Midwestern state may be the most unexpected victory for GMO labeling we have yet experienced, and it could really change Monsanto.

Marijuana Backed By More Studies Than Most FDA Approved Pharma Drugs

Hundreds of studies done on marijuana far exceed most FDA-backed pharmaceutical drugs, many of which have only one clinical trial.

Report: Fast Food Chains Spend Billions ‘Targeting Black Children’

A new report reveals fast food chains are dumping billions to specifically target black children and those most likely to become obese.

Americans To Eat 1+ Billion Pounds of GMO Foods On Superbowl Sunday

Super Bowl fans are expected to break previous records in consuming over 1 billion pounds of GMO-laden snack foods

Costa Rica Rules GMO Approval Process ‘Unconstitutional’

Costa Rica Supreme Court rules ‘secretive’ GMO approval process unconstitutional. Will the US soon follow?