Monsanto Protection Act 2.0: Politicians Bring Back Biotech Immunity

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money cropsThe Monsanto Protection Act that protects the biotech juggernaut from any legal action, even when it comes to federal courts, has been resurrected once again. In fact, this time even more corrupt politicians are trying to go ahead and extend the act in order to help shield Monsanto from the courts.

I first reported on the original March Monsanto Protection Act before it hit the mainstream news, and thankfully we were successful in pushing it as a major talking point internationally. Unfortunately, the act was passed through being slipped in as a rider on an emergency Senate spending bill. Senators were ‘forced’ to pass the bill with the Monsanto Protection Act included, granting Monsanto the immunity that they were seeking. Now, we are seeing the exact same scenario.

Monsanto has once again managed to weasel its way into legislation by using politicians (who have utterly failed to represent the public in any capacity) to push through a renewal of the immunity.

According to the Huffington Post:

“House Republicans will include an extension of the so-called Monsanto Protection Act in the spending bill designed to avert a government shutdown, according to text of the legislation released Wednesday by House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (R-Ky.). The Monsanto measure was originally enacted into law in March by being slipped into the previous spending resolution, which is now set to expire.”

It is now up to us to blast out this news and block Monsanto from receiving immunity once more from the courts. After all, the absolute last thing we need is a disease machine biotechnology company like Monsanto to have more authority than even the federal government.