Why Are Govt Subsidies Forcing GMO Baby Formula on Low Income Mothers?

It’s unfortunate, but babies who receive federally-funded WIC assistance are usually provided with formula comprised of toxic GMO ingredients. Make it stop.

Does Nestle’s CEO Still Think Water is Not a Basic Human Right?

Nestle’s former CEO and current Chairman went on record in saying that water should in fact be privatized — owned entirely by corporations like Nestle.

6 GMO Loaded Brands You Should Avoid Buying

Do you want to know which companies to totally avoid because they use or support GMOs? Here are 6 huge conglomerates aiming to ruin your right to know.

Nestlé Removes GMO Ingredients from Baby Foods in South Africa, Not USA

Why has Nestlé removed GMOs (genetically modified organisms) from baby foods and formulas in South Africa and not in the United States?

Nestle/Gerber Won’t Listen: Boycott the Company Who Puts GMO Bt Toxins in Baby Food

Baby food companies such as Purity Brands are going GMO-free while others, like Nestle/Gerber, refuse. It looks like it is time for another boycott.

Nestlé Subsidiary Tries to Sell Small Town it’s Own Water: Residents Fight Back

Insane. Nestle was caught taking water from a town’s pristine aquifer, only to sell the water back to town residents in bottles. The town is fighting back.

Breaking: 10 Companies Fighting GMO Labeling Prop 522 in Washington, Outcome too Close to Call

Companies Monsanto, Coke, Pepsi and Nestle are spending millions to halt Washington’s GMO labeling bill Proposition 522. The outcome is too close to call.

3 Companies Using GMOs in Baby Formula

Here are 3 companies which will not consider removing GMOs from their baby products. They represent more than 90 percent of baby formula sales in the US.

Nestle Wants to Patent Mother Nature: The Fennel Flower vs. Big Corporations

Swiss food company Nestlé is now seeking a patent on an ancient healing herb called Nigella sativa, commonly known as fennel flower or black cumin.

Nestle Wants Water Privatized, Previously Drained Millions of Gallons of Water from Arkansas Rivers

Companies should own every single bit of water on the planet, according to Nestle’s former CEO. Actually, Nestle’s position on owning water is not new.

Nestle CEO: Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized

According to the former CEO and now Chairman of the largest food product manufacturer Nestle, corporations should own every drop of water on the planet.

Corporate Giant Nestlé Makes Contradictions Concerning GMOs

GMOs are not the answer, Nestlé personnel says, but they’ll follow the money. Nestlé has taken measures to calculate its water footprint and educate farmers to practice sustainable farming, but has meanwhile wiggled over $1 million to the “Say No to 37” campaign. (The campaign fights the proposal to label genetically modified organisms—GMOs–in California.)

Brazilian Court Demands Nestle Label GMO Ingredients

It appears another victory has been declared in the battle against Monsanto and GMO ingredients. According to a major Brazilian business publication and GMWatch, a Brazilian court has demanded that multi-billion dollar food giant Nestle label all of their products as genetically modified that have over 1% GMO content.

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