Nestle/Gerber Won’t Listen: Boycott the Company Who Puts GMO Bt Toxins in Baby Food

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baby food GMOLike many food producers supplying some of the most popular foods, some baby food companies, such as Purity Brands, are going GMO-free due to public demand. But other companies stuffed with the hot air of their own inflated CEO’s egos refuse – Nestlé International, the parent company of both Nestlé USA and Gerber baby foods – is adamant about using GMOs in their products. It looks like it’s time for another boycott.

Many parents in the U.S. and North America are unknowingly feeding their infants and small children Gerber Baby Foods which contain genetically modified corn and soy, both of which contain Bt toxins, a registered pesticide with the USFDA.

If it was sold at Home Depot instead of your grocery store, it would require a label from the EPA that stated, “Pesticide” with a registration number. While Bt proteins can kill insects when they bite into the corn, the toxin is also absorbed into the entire plant – roots, stems, leaves, and fruit. If only parents knew, surely they wouldn’t ask their five month old to suck down a bottle of Bt poison.

Nestlé has received thousands of letters from concerned parents requesting that they remove GMOs from their baby formulas, but the company refuses. So, its time to stick it to Nestlé where it hurts and trigger another boycott. People are turning to other brands left and right when they find out what the company is really up to.

Bt toxins have been found to cause cell membrane death in human beings as well as other alarming health effects. GMO soy has been linked to infertilityMonsanto’s Bt toxins have even been found to kill human embryo cells. These genetically modified ingredients certainly should not be anywhere near a baby.

Nestlé says:

“At Nestlé, we believe infant nutrition is more than just baby food and infant formula. It is about caring for your child from pregnancy to toddler through the development milestones to have a healthy start for a healthy future.”

Now that is quite a statement considering what they put in their baby formula.

If you want to contact Gerber and let them know what you think of their toxic baby foods, you can do so, here.

You can also sign a petition at and of course, stop using Nestlé and its subsidiaries brands. The boycott goes live immediately.