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Consumer Reports Poll Shows 92% of Citizens Want Strict GMO Regulations

Christina Sarich
June 23rd, 2014
Updated 06/23/2014 at 1:28 am
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gmo labels organic 263x166 Consumer Reports Poll Shows 92% of Citizens Want Strict GMO RegulationsWhile we can argue that government regulation of GE crops that have already spread to over 79% of the world is a failed prospect for ridding genetically modified organisms from our diets, a whopping 92% of US citizens are asking their government to label GE foods, according to a new poll from Consumer Reports.

Despite this landslide request, Monsanto, Bayer, and Syngenta have infiltrated our governments to such an extent that nothing short of firing all of Congress, the FDA, the EPA, and the Senate would give us a chance to slay the biotech dragon that has its hold over us.

“This poll underscores that, across the country, consumers want labeling of GE food, including GE salmon, and consider safety standards set by the government of such food imperative,” said Jean Halloran, Director of Food Policy Initiatives at Consumers Union, the policy arm of Consumer Reports.

We Americans have been following the GMO seed monopolies and biotech companies’ dirty tactics long enough to see the writing on the wall. It’s time to get them – and all their political ponies – out of power. The Consumer Reports poll tells us what we already knew – with millions showing up at the March Against Monsanto, and thousands of independent scientists warning against the dangers of GMOs, we know what is in store for our health and the environment if we continue to let GE crops spread.

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Data for the poll came from several states, including Massachusetts, Oregon, Colorado, and New York—where a vote pending in the Assembly Ways and Means Committee—are considering mandatory labeling of GE crops. Americans demand their right to know, foremost:

  • 92% think GE Food Should Be Labeled Before Sold
  • 92% of Americans specifically agreed that the government should require that GE salmon be labeled before it is sold
  • 92% Think GE Food Should Meet Government Safety Standards Before Sold
  • (72%) of consumers polled said that it’s crucial for them to avoid GE ingredients when purchasing food

While Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association want ‘voluntary’ labeling instead of ‘mandatory’ labeling, we know better. If GMOs labeling was mandatory, the industry would soon go out of business, and they know it.

Monsanto and other organizations can sue all they want when states enact or try to enact GMO labeling bills, but it won’t stop the public from realizing the importance of GMO labeling. In the meantime, buy organic and look for foods that are already GMO-free.

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  • Beck

    OBAMA the fake American can executive order anything and everything down to detaining Americans indefinitely with no due process, but won’t let us know what we are eating? I’m sick of this, let’s fight already!!!! Any doubt that it’s poison? If GMO’s were good for ANYTHING, it would definitely be on the lable so they could market it better. Since everyone with 1/2 a brain knows GMO’s are worthless garbage, we should be outlawing them altogether.

  • Dave

    Not to pick on president Obama, but he did say during his campaign speech, that he will see that our foods will be GMO labeled. I’m still holding my breath Mr president……

    • Beck

      F*ck Obama!!! I would never follow any man into war that I could beat up myself. Pick on that piece of shit!!!!!

  • Angelo Isgro

    Then let’s do what the article says. Vote all Congressmen out of office regardless of affliation. This would send a strong message to the powers that be to start listening to the people and do what these poles suggest.

  • issyco

    Hi Christine, there are many of us who want gmos and all other chemically-altered seeds banned, as well as chemical sprays for all crops. Labelling is great, but banning is the only way to save our world!

    • Dave

      Not eating processed foods and any GM crops will tell the big foods companies we are not interested in GMO foods. Don’t buy and they will not produce anything that will lose them money. We have the control, now we need the will.

      • Isabel Cohen

        That’s easier said than done Dave! Almost everything in your local grocery store is gmo today so what can you buy?