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Christina Sarich is a humanitarian and freelance writer that has broken numerous health-related news stories.

Some of her biggest pieces revolve around exposing the fraud and lies told by Big Food and Biotech. If you want to learn how food companies are tainting the food supply with toxic ingredients or how genetically modified foods are leading to the downfall of our food supply. Christina's articles are must-reads.

Her blog is Yoga for the New World, and her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body and Mind Through the Art of Yoga.

Recent articles by Christina Sarich

Huge News: Monsanto to Pay $80 Million for Misrepresenting Round Up Earnings

Monsanto must pay an $80 million settlement to the US Securities and Exchange Commission a penalty for lying about earnings for its herbicide, Round Up.

Big: New York Inches Closer to a Mandatory GM Labeling Bill

A GMO labeling bill requiring mandatory labeling of food made with genetically modified organisms recently moved forward in New York.

VIDEO: HBO Series Highlights Problems with Genetically Modified Crops

The May 2015 episode of HBO’s VICE focuses entirely on genetically modified crops, showing undeniable proof of what genetic engineering has done to our planet.

Health Food for the Price of Fast Food: New Company Makes it Possible

Doug Rauch, former CEO of Trader Joe’s, has a novel idea; give people on limited incomes access to healthy, organic food. Here is how.

The Fraud of the American Cancer Society Exposed

The American Cancer Society is the most profitable non-profit out there, having deep ties to Big Pharma and suppressing alternative cancer treatments.

Huge: Monsanto Sues California to Keep Round Up Off Carcinogen List

Biotech giant Monsanto is now suing the state of California to keep Round Up off the state’s list of carcinogens.

Native Americans Sue Postal Service over Seizure of ‘Sacramental Cannabis’

A dissenting branch of the Native American Church claims the US government illegally seized its sacramental cannabis.

Canadian Fruit Growers Say NO to Genetically Modified ‘Arctic Apples’

Fruit growers in Canada will ask the government to de-register the genetically modified Arctic Apple until further studies can be conducted.

800-Year Old Extinct Squash Grown from Heirloom Seed Resurrected

An archaeological dig in Wisconsin revealed an 800-year-old pot that contained a variety of seeds from a species of squash believed to be extinct.

Homeless Given New Life after Working on a 22-Acre Organic Farm

Verde Farms in Miami, Florida is tackling homelessness, joblessness, and food insecurity all at once with this saying: one saying: “For people, not for profit.”

Bernie Sanders Calls Out US Policy on GMOs, Slams Monsanto

Senator from Vermont and Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders seems to be fighting for food freedoms, food sustainability, and GMO labeling.

Instead of Drugs or Surgery, This Holistic Doc Prescribes Healthy Food

Instead of relying on mainstream medical drugs, doctors like Dr. Garth Davis are prescribing fresh produce and teaching patients about diet and lifestyle.

Rejected: Country in West Africa Refuses GMO Bt Cotton

The African country Burkina Faso has abandoned genetically modified Bt Cotton crops in order to phase out inferior quality GM crops for non-GM crops.

Here’s what This City is Doing to Protect the Bees, Butterflies, our Food Supply

To protect pollinating insects, St. Paul, Minnesota approved a resolution to encourage the township and citizens to limit the use of harmful pesticides.

Big Food Trickery? SmartLabels to Act as ‘Real’ GMO Labeling

The Grocery Manufacturers Association and Big Food companies are trying to trick consumers with SmartLabels to bypass GMO labeling.

Emails Reveal: As Citizens Drink Contaminated Water, State Workers Drink Bottled During Crisis

Recently-released emails show that the state was working to provide purified water to state office building employees while ignoring the citizens.

Court Gives Dow Green Light for Toxic Enlist Duo Weedkiller

A federal court has given Dow the green light to revive its toxic herbicide concoction, Enlist Duo. This, while the EPA takes a second look at the chemical stew.