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Christina Sarich is a humanitarian and freelance writer that has broken numerous health-related news stories.

Some of her biggest pieces revolve around exposing the fraud and lies told by Big Food and Biotech. If you want to learn how food companies are tainting the food supply with toxic ingredients or how genetically modified foods are leading to the downfall of our food supply. Christina's articles are must-reads.

Her blog is Yoga for the New World, and her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body and Mind Through the Art of Yoga.

Recent articles by Christina Sarich

Here’s Why We Don’t Need Genetically Modified Fruit Like the GMO Non-Browning Apple

The FDA recently approved a highly questionable non-browning genetically modified apple – but non-GMO, non-browning apples already exist.

Brazil Admits Monsanto’s Roundup Is Causing Cancer After Approving 3 GMO Crops

Brazil’s National Cancer Institute recently voiced concerns over glyphosate while condemning GM crops for fueling pesticide use…but keeps approving GMOs.

Roundup Chemicals Linked to Cancer of the Lymph System

About 44 research papers note a striking increase in the incidence of non-Hodgkin’s type lymphomas in the last 30 years – a time where pesticide use has skyrocketed.

Australia Enforces $15K Tax Penalty for Parents who Don’t Vaccinate

Those who refuse to vaccinate their kids in Australia will be denied as much as $15,000 in childcare rebates and welfare under new rules by the government.

Breaking: Secret Agreement to Make Corporations Unstoppable Moves Forward

Act today to stop the insanity of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) – a bill that would give corporations like Monsanto power like we have never seen.

Activist Power: Lowe’s to Stop Selling Bee-Killing Neonics

Mega home improvement store Lowe’s plans to stop selling a type of insecticide known as neonicotinoids, as these chemicals are killing the bees.

Big Pharma Corps Fined $48.5 Million for Paying Doctors Commission

Two major Big Pharma companies will pay $48.5 million to settle a fraud dispute for paying doctors to give patients unnecessary blood tests.

MIT Scientist: Glyphosate to Cause Autism in 50% of Children by 2025

A senior research scientist from MIT has warned that Monsanto’s Roundup and glyphosate are fueling autism in 50 percent of children.

Brazil Approves more Herbicide-Resistant Corn, Soy, & GM Trees

Brazil recently approved 3 new GM products – a genetically modified eucalyptus trees, as well as corn and soybeans made to be tolerant to 2,4-D herbicide.

BIG WIN! El Salvador Farmers Kick Monsanto Out

El Salvador farmers have achieved a victory against Monsanto by preventing the company from supplying the nation with its poison seeds.

Nestle Still Bottling 80 Million Gallons of Water Amid CA’s Crisis Drought

Nestlé has continued its water bottling practices even while California has struggled though its worst drought in history, sparking widespread outrage.

5 Ways to Defund Monsanto Through Universities

Here are 5 ways to get your institution of higher education to divest from Monsanto, one of the most hated companies on the planet.

US Farmers Going Out of Business Due to GM Crop Contamination

Genetically modified crops are contaminating the organic crops we’re fighting so hard to keep, causing numerous hardships for organic farmers.

New Study: GE Crops DON’T Increase Crop Yields

A new study published by the Environmental Working Group has revealed that biotech’s claims concerning higher crop yields are FALSE.

Hormone Disrupting Chemical Banned in EU Found in 50 Top US Snacks

A recent Harvard study says a widely used chemical used in US food products causes fertility issues, yet it is still allowed to be used.

7 Home Remedies for Gum Disease

Treating gum disease is not especially difficult. In fact, there are numerous natural home remedies for gum disease you can utilize right here.

GMO Lies: Study Shows How Pesticide Use Soars with more GMO Crops

A new study points out how biotech has caused a “rapid increase” in neonicotinoid insecticide use – especially in the widely planted GM corn and soy crops.