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Meet the Man Called ‘Crazy’ by Doctors who Cured his Own Colon Cancer

Anthony Gucciardi
April 12th, 2013
Updated 05/08/2014 at 11:37 am
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Telling your mainstream medical doctor that you’d like to forfeit chemotherapy and instead adopt an organic lifestyle full of juicing and raw nutrition to treat your own cancer could lead him or her to label you as ‘insane’, but it could also save your life. In the case of one man with stage 3 colon cancer given a 60% chance to live for a maximum of five more years under chemotherapy, he decided to forfeit chemo and venture into a natural health lifestyle only to be more than satisfied 9 years later.

At 26 years of age, Chris faced a nightmare scenario that he simply did not know how to face. After a visit to the oncologist, Chris was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer — and it had spread far beyond the colon itself. In addition to carrying a tumor the size of a golf ball in his large intestine that was continuing to grow, Chris’ cancer had spread to his lymph nodes. And it all happened two weeks before Chris was preparing to celebrate Christmas with his family.

This is the point in which mainstream doctors pressure patients into immediate and expensive action, decrying ‘alternative’ therapies as baseless and downright dangerous. For Chris, he faced the exact same scenario. At first, he succumbed to the wishes of the doctor and decided to go in for surgery.

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He was then given a 60% chance to experience up to 5 years more of his life, a life which included his wife and children. This is particularly strange as chemotherapy is not generally even used for such cancers, but for whatever reason Chris’ doctor was pursuing it. At this point, Chris had enough. Doing his own research into the reality behind cancer’s formation and alternative options, Chris told his doctor that he was going to give the route of natural health a chance. A route that puts nutrition and lifestyle far ahead of medical intervention, documenting how nutrition is actually at the heart of virtually all disease.

This was simply unacceptable to Chris’ oncologist, who at one point had told him it really didn’t matter what he ate after his initial surgery (and he was actually served Sloppy Joe after the surgery). Chris was labeled as a nutjob by the doctor, who discounted the natural route as nothing more than a joke. Because after all, diet plays no role in the health of the body, right?

Nine years later, Chris is now alive and healthy with his wife and two daughters thanks to his rigorous natural health lifestyle and raw food diet. His story has been seen by thousands on Youtube, and most recently has gone viral on the GreenMedInfoTV website. In his own words from his blog:

“The human body is intelligently designed to heal itself, and given the proper nutrients and care, it will. Despite what doctors may have told you, you have options. You have the power to transform your health. If I did it, you can too!”

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Meet the Man Called Crazy by Doctors who Cured his Own Colon CancerGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • Mary Lucy

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    Awase help me to cure my sickness called CANCER

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    2years and 4months, and when I go online I saw his

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  • Glenn Festog

    Ignorance causes illness, especially around those subjects labeled “God’s Will”. Illness is caused by deficiencies, primarily mineral deficiencies. I’ve seen countless miracles among atheists and agnostics (as well as the “faithful”) through diet change, supplementation and spending at least as much time learning how their body works as they would to learn how to repair machinery.

    Further, the word translated to mean “satan” in the old testament actually referred to “the evil inherent in man”, a big difference. Just like “Thou shalt not kill.” The original word was murder, not kill. After 4 years of theology, I was ordained in 1975; in 38 years of study I have come to the understanding of how little I Know compared to what I merely Believed. What I do know is God’s Gift to us was, is, and continues to be “Free Will” and the ability to do for yourself. We are His Creation, not His creatures. Figure it out.

  • Glenn Festog

    I have an attitude of gratitude, mostly in that the relationship I have with my God doesn’t involve Him being a sociopathic narcissist who, after a brief time on earth, condemns the majority of people to eternal torment for questioning or failing to acknowledge His existence. I think you’re confusing Him with the Government, or the hallucinations of one of the more murderous Tribes of Man on the planet.

  • Dawn Owens

    In my local Cancer Center where all the radiation and chemo guys hang out, the receptionist’s desk has a bowl of candy sitting out for the patients. I guess after the chemo and the radiation, they think what harm can a shitload of sugar do you? Tells you where their heads are at. Alt. medicine says cancer feeds on sugar, but for their patients, ‘here’s some sugar you poor fool’… it was obvious from the way their other patients looked (bald, aged far beyond their years, dark circles under their eyes, sheeple-looking…bloated) that whatever they were being treated with was horribly toxic.

    When they told me I needed aromatase inhibitors (fast aging anti-hormone drugs) and radiation, I told them I really liked my hormones thank you, and I didn’t have a radiation deficit. Went on supplements, high dose Vitamin C, turmeric, D, E and A, selenium and turmeric. So far, so good. Had a great argument with the ‘chemo guy’ whose hands were shaking by the end of the discussion; he told me his education was superior to mine even though he had no clue about my education (his was from a medical school in Oklahoma, that bastion of high powered thinking, where all the guys with great grades go, no doubt), and then pulled out a 3 x 5 card that was used to determine the ‘standard of care’ for my particular cancer and age group; I told him he could have saved a bundle on his medical school education and just bought the damn card. (It was fun :)

    Then the radiation guy; he spent a half hours worth of song and dance telling me about how they ‘aim’ the radiation at the remaining cancer cells and how there’s hundreds of physics calculations involved, and that’s why it costs so much and he was very excited about it all. I asked how they could ‘aim’ the radiation at cells they can’t see, didn’t know were even there, nor where they might be… he looked at me with that look that says, ‘omg, nobody ever asked that before…’ No answer there, either. I told him I had read the statistical reports and since they were set up so that if you lived another 5 years, you were ‘cured’ but that it seemed that the radiation made the disease come back with a vengeance after the five year mark, thus the stats and studies were all bogus. No response to that either. These guys are worse than quacks, they’re closed minded money grubbing high priests of the chemical companies.

    I wonder if there was no money in it, if they would still insist that you undergo chemo and radiation (on their dime?). No? I didn’t think so.

    As far as Chris’ testimony goes, any hospital that would serve a patient just out of bowel cancer surgery a sloppy joe should be closed down for complete ineptitude bordering on murderous intent. Any doctor that says ‘eat whatever you want’ is equally oblivious to reality.

  • josh

    Great documentary on the subject.

  • Monique

    If you dry stevia leaves and grind them up, that is the most purest form you can get and way better than sugar. We grow our own stevia, take off the leaves, dry them in a dehydrator and grind them up for use in baking, etc. Not processed at all……sugar is highly processed along with every other sweetener there is.

  • Kelly

    If people would just take on some of these healthy habits we would be PREVENTING a lot of disease and cancer! Congrats to the gentleman for taking control of his health and beating this!!!

  • batmanroxus

    Doctors and the AMA hate this. I had an uncle with colon cancer and they said he wouldn’t live a year. He died of old age 20 years later. Doctors are idiots and will kill you if you let them.

    • MAF

      Hello Barmanroxus, how did he cured himself, can you share?thank you

      • batmanroxus

        He didn’t do anything. I just think the doctors didn’t know what they were talking about or were just trying to scam him… more likely.

  • Armin

    Really? You cant give it a rest? Here is someone who used natural remedies to cure cancer and you have give the christian spin on it? So be thankful for God directing me to research other methods, but God has nothing to do with any of the reasons why the cancer appears in the first place? Very convenient and a shoestring argument at best. You cant be happy that your “god” created the natural remedies, now he has to be thanked for the healing itself? Thats the main problem i have with christianity. You belittle everyone, because the good things are all because of “god”, so be thankful, and the bad stuff is because we live in sin, but in either case WE are nothing but a servant to god and all forms of creativity and spontaneity are lost. I fell sorry for you, I really do. Luckily your cult superstitions are not fooling us anymore. Please take a look at this: and you will know why christian’s arguments fails to do anything but cause a condescending smile of pity among intelligent human beings.

  • Claudia

    My doctors told me in Feb. 2009 that without chemo and radiation I would
    only have a year. They also told me I was crazy when I told them no
    thanks. I made a whole lot of lifestyle changes, mental, emotional,
    physical and spiritual and here I am today, healthier than ever and
    still alive while I have watched others with the same kind of cancer die
    miserable deaths after years of chemo and radiation.

  • Chook Collins

    Hi all my name is chook I’m new here and I have cancer, I saw ricks intervew
    and I’m up for any help or advice I can get, right now I’m a man on the edge of insanity I have 4 young children 11 to 4 years and this news of cancer has shatterd my world, well this is my first post and I’ll leave it there for now
    The one thing I will add it to janetspillows post the amount of people that would not spend one second in their day to day life talking with god, but as soon as something goes wrong in their lives they ask for gods help funny that hay.
    well god blessyou all Chook

  • etana2012

    Yes, I’m with you TinkleBerry!!! It’s only and within you only… Cheers!

  • janetspillows

    Jaqueleen I agree with you 100%. God is in charge of all of us even if you believe in him or not. I blame all bad on the Devil. He is working hard to make everyone turn against God. He is succeeding at the moment, but one day will be destroyed along with all the other evil people in this world. If you believe in him like I do you are blessed. I feel sorry for all those who don't. They are on the wrong path and will one day regret it. And I really don't give a crap if they disagree with me. So don't waste your time writing negative comments. I'm with Jaqueleen and all those who believe. I think it's great that this man is cured. Good for him.

    • TinkleBerry

      Janet I totally disagree with you. If he waited for “god” to do something he would of died long time ago. He took matters into his own hands and changed his life around and benefited from it. Don’t push your religion on anybody because every religion is a myth and can’t be proven. So please keep your religion and let people decide on their own view on life. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. If god is soo great then why is there soo much chaos in this world? You live a fairy tale life and I feel bad for your kids (if you have any) cuz you seem like the type of person that will shove the bible down your kids throats. That’s what’s wrong with this country is people like you so please do all of us a favor and keep your religion to yourself and only yourself!

    • Barrie Briggs

      Great Story like so many that have been cured by alternate medicine. I have a product that I use and been involved with over the years called Vita Biosa now made in Canada but not suppose to be sold in Canada because of Gov't and big phara don't want it on the market. Do you think maybe it might be because it works? Just think how many people would be out of work if natural medicine was truly supported by the masses, of course not very many would be sick either. It is only sold by word of mouth otherwise it will disappear. There is cures for everything naturally. Just keep hunting around for them. If I can help drop me a note at Barrie

  • Ras Erasmus

    I think this story has a lot of encouragement for cancer patients. I am a stage 3C cancer survivor. I was diagnosed five years ago. I did receive chemotherapy but ended it after just half of the recommended treatments. Mentally, I could no longer handle the toxic influx which made me sick and depressed. Alongside the chemotherapy, I adopted the kind of lifestyle described on this video. Today, I am in my mid-fifties and feeling very well. There is no sign of cancer in my body. I encourage everyone to live an anti-cancer lifestyle. The rewards are incredible.

    • Sophie

      Congratulations. This is wonderful! Keep spreading the word. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Jerry Dow


  • Chris

    Part 2:
    Then, in my early 30's I got sick after a tick bite, which transmitted a Military germ warfare disease known as Lyme.
    All of the above have taken many years to barely get under control.
    However, through the use of all of the above, including Dr. Reams' RBTI, the improved BTA and now EAV (begun by Dr. Hulda Clark), I've made it to my 50's.
    There's no easy road, and we must be very careful what we put into our mouths.
    Being a vegetarian for many years had a bad effect on me due to the poor nutritional quality of most available foods. I would NOT recommend vegetarianism. It was Dr. Reams' RBTI that helped me get my digestive enzymes back to where I could eat meat again, which caused major improvements in my health. However, I eat only non-GMO, kosher, non-industrial meats (like in the "olden days" before industrial agriculture and corporate profiteering).
    Anyways, god luck to all you cancer and DoD warfare survivors!
    Cheers … Chris

  • Chris

    Part 1:
    I almost died of colitis when in my mid 20's.
    Back then, nobody knew about the "natural method" of getting well.
    So, I tried all kinds of "natural" stuff, starting w/Arnold Ehret's "Mucusless Diet Healing System".
    Besides juicing, the 3 biggest helps were colong hydrotherapy, Holistic Horizons Gastro-Intestinal Cleansing + flora re-implantation, and lots of REST and doing clean work (instead of being a mechanic and getting into all those auto and truck chemicals daily).
    Another huge improvement to my health came when I got my mercury/silver fillings out of my mouth.
    I went to a dentist who was an expert in removing them, but he didn't have any way to get rid of the heavy metal accumulations in other parts of my body. …

  • Cristián wehrhahn

    It seems like its harder to quit bad eating habits than to quit smoking. Nowadays food is a strong drug, and it kills you, but not before emptying your pokets. The system works perfect for big companies, not you.

  • guest

    Cancer is big business. A remarkable story about the Cancer Institute and drug cos. at

  • jem

    Pay attention to what you eat!! I sneezed all night and woke with a bad headache. I thought it was allergy. In the next week the headache got worse and I was taking more pain relievers. Lymph nodes swelled and my jaw stiffened. I thought it was an infection, would wait for it to go away. Soon I couldn't sleep more than 2 hours without waking for a pain pill. In the next 2 weeks I couldn't eat because my jaw was locked so that my teeth didn't match. Went to the chiropractor for a neck adjustment, didn't help. Finally went to a doctor thinking my blood pressure was high. It was very high and she gave me a prescription. That didn't help and I was nearing a collapse, taking 12 -14 pain pills a day. I searched my memory for what could be different about the foods I consumed every day and found a match with the date of the onset. I had changed brands of artificial sweetners, going for a stevia product. Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar so there was obviously lots of chemical fillers in the envelope. After ceasing to use it I got slowly better but it took 4 full weeks to recover.

    • lorey

      What a coincidence! or not — I just started reading Sugar Blues by William Dufty. My head is spinning just learning how sugar can destroy you — This should be required reading beginning at an early age. Especially by parents of young children.

    • The Reals

      If you're knowingly consuming artificial sweeteners, you're definitely NOT paying attention to what you eat. The lies about Stevia products are well publicized. They are neither 'natural' nor does your body process them effectively. Just because something is 'like' sugar, doesn't mean your body is tuned to process it. Especially when it is highly refined like the Stevia products are. No artificial sweetener is even close to being a healthier alternative to sugar. Most wreak havoc on your brain chemistry, and create insulin resistance. Avoid all of them at all costs, no matter what catchy sciency-sounding lies they tell you.

      FYI If you want to avoid sugar, just stop eating sweets and processed, packaged food. Nearly any food product that comes in a box has insane amounts of sugar, MSG or both. In fact read the small print and you'll see that many aren't even legally allowed to be classified as FOOD, but are instead "food product". Its right there on the box plain as day. Your body doesn't want or need food product. You're not 10 years old, and food is not a reward or present. So if it comes in a fancy box with a catchy label, and tastes sweet its probably killing you. And getting your sweet from some fake chemical instead is only worse. Eat real, 1 ingredient food. Develop a palette for something other than sugar. Prefer fat, protein and greens over anything else no matter what the paid advertizements say about it. You're an adult and this is how our species has eaten for over a million years. Without rampant migraines, obesity, diabetes, autism, cancer, alzheimers, etc etc. I'm not trying to be a jerk about it, but its your body. At what point do you respect it rather than feeding it an alternating cycle of artificial food products followed by painkillers to numb the pain of the food? Again, no offense, but that just sounds crazy. If you're not TRYING to kill yourself, then you need to put a little more effort into getting the facts and making better choices. Stevia is the absolute wrong choice. Take the whole of the 'wisdom' that led you to that choice and bury it at the bottom of the ocean. If you can't recognize a food as the animal or plant it came from, NEVER eat it. This is the only rule you ever need to follow.

      Lorey kudos for coming to this realization on your own….

      • Sophie

        Stevia IS a NATURAL sweetener from the Stevia plant (Stevia is a genus of about 240 species of herbs and shrubs in the sunflower family, native to subtropical and tropical regions from western North America to South America). That is not to say that some brands of granular forms don't have "extra" things in it that it shouldn't. It's even available in a liquid form. You are so correct about artificial sweeteners. They are toxic & dangerous to the human body.

        Other natural sweeteners, available in most areas are: coconut sugar, honey, maple sugar, cinnamon (good for hot beverages & baking), molasses, sucanat, maple sugar flakes, organic evaporated cane juice, date sugar, sorghum, stevia, muscovado, monk fruit, Lo Han, sucanat, dextrose. To name several.

  • Darren

    The cancer had spread wider than the tumour site. Many of us know first hand how aggressively cancer spreads. I don't believe in miracles, so I don't doubt for a second that this man's dietary change was the main if not the sole factor in his recovery.

  • Mule

    Being a skeptic, I can’t overlook the fact that he did have the surgery. Perhaps that helped in his recovery?

    • drketedc

      The surgery helped simply by giving his body a boost so it wouldn't have to deal with the tumor. That is a large mass to overcome.

    • rebecca

      it wld, but only temporary as cancer moves thru the blood system. can't cut out cancer.

    • Davy

      Yeah, either that or the sloppy Joe.

    • guest

      But it is said that there is always some cancer that remains after surgery or radiation, and the remaining cancer will come back even stronger, eventually, in many cases, unless a person does truly heal, and this I believe will be a matter of spiritual and lifestyle change, including diet. I have read of much healing through a raw food diet. Raw foods are alive with engymes and energy to heal you; cooked foods are dead and take energy to digest them. I read years ago that cancer in a petri dish with cooked food thrived, but in a dish with raw food it died. There is a site,, that explains more about this. There is a lot of information out there on this, actually, if you pursue a search.

  • lorey

    I'm sure you remember Dirk Benedict from the A-Team and the original Battlestar Galactica. He had prostate cancer and healed himself through diet alone. He tells the story in his first book, Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy. A good read no matter what your ailment as it's about what you eat keeping you healthy or killing you. And anon, speaking of looking young – DB is 68 and looks about 40. What you eat, drink, and breathe determines your health. God doesn't give you cancer – you have to do that yourself. Happy Trails.

  • Inspired

    Awesome! I love great stories such as this. Yay for REAL medicine. Three years ago, I became very ill and started seeing a highly recommended physician. She believed in diet and supplementation as a healing method and this was right up my alley, since I was very conscientious about my diet. Over the next 11 months, my health declined dramatically. I had crippling fatigue that consumed me to the point I could barely walk 20 feet, my hair was falling out, my digestion was shot, my skin was dry and wrinkled and I had acne all over my face and shoulders. I had peripheal neuropathy in my feet, hands and left leg. Dizziness and confusion prevented me from driving and caring for myself, so I was dependent on my family for everything. After much research, I discovered that all of my symptoms matched the symptoms of mercury poisoning. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together, I remembered a year earlier I had some dental work done and the dentist drilled on three of my amalgam fillings. Well, I breathed all of that mercury in and probably swallowed bits as well. I was so excited to finally have the answer and brought the discovery to my doctor. Hah! She ignored it and wouldn’t listen to me and I knew I was not going to get help from her (I also soon discovered that her supplement line was made with GMO’s and synthetic materials). Luckily, I found a biological dentist (thank you Dr. Gallo) to clean up all the nasty mercury fillings and cavitations. NOW we eat all organic, clean, locally grown food. We changed all of our personal hygiene products and home cleaning supplies. We use herbs, spices and foods to heal. It’s been a slow climb back to health, but I’m getting BETTER instead of worse. The fatigue is no where near as debilitating, my skin has cleared up and my hair is growing back. And tell me, who decided natural is alternative? I think allopathic medicine is more alternative and we can call natural healing the REAL deal. All of the healing gifts are given to us through nature. I’m so thankful the young man in the story decided to heal naturally. He and his family deserve health. WE have to power to heal.

    • lorey

      Inspired, please go here and read this article. Especially the part about mercury poisoning, but the entire article is priceless. Then go here to order the product – it's organic here. Pay close attention to the info about the honeycombs that attract heavy metals, etc. This info is a real eye-opener. I wish you well.

    • lorey

      One other thing, Inspired. In my Zeolite research I spoke with a man who said he has mercury in his mouth so he takes a maintenance does of 3 drops in water twice a day. A maintenance dose is much lower than a regular dose that would be needed to get rid of a problem.

    • Chris

      Sometimes when people get sicker from eating healthier they have an issue with oxalates.

  • anon

    is it my imagination or does this guy look stunningly young for a 34 year old?
    just something to think about as well, about the benefits of his diet :)

  • Judith Persin

    POLY-MVA is something the medical mafia does not want you to know about! It is curing stage 4 cancers with a 77% success rate. And I am thankful to the living God for that! Sorry if THAT bugs you! Judy

  • April

    Why is everyone being such a jerk toward the woman who suggested we thank the source of the food itself? Which is Life, whatever you call it? Come on now. The power of faith has also been proven to improve recovery. Don't become the very closed-minded people you deride.

  • erin

    Awesome!!! I am also looking into a natural cure for my husbands hep.C . If anyone has any idea’s or information please feel free to email me @

    • Richard

      Erin – for a worthwhile read, please visit – – real good information about a
      5000 year old medicinal herb – I can tell you from experience – it works just like it says.
      Best to you –

    • Sophie

      Also check out Earth Clinic is a wonderful resource.

    • Tenji
    • John there's an article on Chlorella & Spirulina related to helping with Hep C. Seek in the search engine on this website. I also would look into a product called ModuCare to see if there's any research on this helping Hep C. Also the herb Schizandra, as I recall, is very useful for liver (hep C) and ultimately, Milk Thistle. I would also drink organic green tea 2x daily. I hope this helps. John.

  • Mike

    Wait, so he had the surgery to remove the tumor?

    • debbie

      Yes, usually they remove a tumor but it usually in colon, breast and kidney that it is known to metastasize. Sorry may be incorrect spelling. This means that it can spread to lymph nodes and lead to other cancers in the body.
      Lung and brain tumors are a little more harder to remove. You can survive without breasts, live with one kidney and loose some colon. The real killers are the brain, lung, pancreas, blood and bone cancers.
      To be diagnosed with any Cancer is tragic especially those so young; and they get younger every year,

      • Steve

        The lymph nodes are one of your primary detoxification pathways. It is perfectly natural for cancer to be eliminated there. That certainly does not mean you should cut out your lymph nodes!

    • Davy

      I think the surgery was responsible for saving his life. The sloppy Joe had nothing to do with it.

      • Sophie

        I'm pretty sure he mentions the Sloppy Joe because of our poor medical care system is so broken. A healthy body needs good whole food to stay healthy. Even more so, an unhealthy body needs it even more. Not some crap like Sloppy Joe. Just saying.

  • Debbie

    Amazing story. Nope, the pharmaceuticals don't want to share this. They would rather have your money.

    Kudos to alternative medicines. TRUE ORGANIC is the way to health. But Monsanto and friends want your health and your wallet.

  • Paul Abele

    My mother did radioactive treatment for colon cancer she died in 1 year from diagnosis. I will not die from cancer, because I have and use Essiac. And it works!

    • Fay-Marie

      My husband as been diagnosed with a chordoma cancer in t8 section of his back and it snakes up into chest. Can you please tell me what Essiac is?

      • anon3

        google essiac tea,or just :essiac".its a combination of herbs.great stuff.also,one thing every cancer victim has in common is an acidic system.alkalize it.get ph strips to check your ph,and drink baking or google "baking soda cancer cure".it doesnt have to be a death sentence.people all over the world are curing their own cancers.their protocols are everywhere ,just start googling natural cancer cures,and stay away from chemo.

    • rebecca

      paul pls explain abt essiac, thx

      • dianne

        My friend makes Essiac tea with Organic herbs. Here is her recipe: 4 ounces Burdock root, 4 ounces Sheep Sorrel, and 1 ounce Slipery Elm Bark. Make a strong tea and keep the pot covered while it steeps. She keeps the extra in a mason jar wrapped in a brown paper bag in the fridge for a few days. She drank 1 cup 4 times a day.
        The Organic herbs can be found at health food stores, sold in bulk. They also sell it already made, but it costs more and who knows if it is really the right herbs? I drink it as a preventative measure.

    • dianne

      A friend also cured her cancer with Essiac Tea, juicing organic raw foods, and a few other natural cures. Stay away from Doctors, they are still practicing and have no intention of curing us.

  • Jacqueline

    Where is the credit given to the Lord who is the giver of Life? You prayed and disregarded the gift of Healing from God as a result of your prayers, but prefer to give the credit to yourself for finding natural juicing and other regimen. Be grateful to your Creator. Our Lord gave you the promptings to research other methods of treatment so you must give thanks and credit to Our Lord for your healing. The Lord heals through various means, divnine healing, through medicine, through surgery, through natural substances, through exercise, etc. Witness your gratefulness to God for healing you with the method of natural substances. Give the thanks to God where it belongs!

    • Anon2

      Easy Hun. I’m a Christian too and there is no good when you try and cram God down people’s throat. If people want to adopt god into their lives, then let them on their own free will. You cannot give faith to someone, they have to find it on their own.

    • dogitydog

      Who do you give credit to for giving him the cancer?

      • Jacqueleen

        Illness is the result of sin whether it is your own or that of the curse of the family tree. Spiritual Warfare is the battle between good (God) and evil (Satan). When we sin, we join Satan's camp and he rewards us because of his hatred for us with illness so that we may sin more by blaming God for the illness and the lack of protection. Sin removes God's protection just like this country has evicted God with the millions of aborted babies so we therefore have removed God's protection over this nation. Pray for the prevention of a Nuclear War on our soil or anywhere else in the world which will devastate all of God's creation.

      • Robyn

        good on you, it is sad when you read comments like this sad jacqueleen beleives that come of the dogmar that religion is responsibile for controlling people with

    • Sophie

      That may be your cult type way to handle it (giving credit to an entity which no one can prove exists), but that won't help one bit if you aren't eating real healthy food. Get a clue!

      • Jacqueleen

        Sorry to disappoint your point of view but I can prove it. I was divinely healed of cancer twice….lung and tumor on the head. I have the biopsies before and after extensive prayer to prove it. When my parents where dying, I studied Macrobiotics and it extended my parents lives by a few months but with no quality of life. That I might add was before I grew int he spirit and adopted a healing and deliverance ministry.

        • Davy

          Isn't it an odd coincidence that God always cures things that sometimes remit on their own, but never does He restore a lost limb?

          • Jacqueleen

            Kindly show me lung cancer or a cancerous tumor the size of a small egg that has remitted on its own?
            No. God does not restore a lost limb but He granted someone the ability to make artificial limbs. When we receive a healing from God, it comes with a mission to serve him in some way. He has plans for us. Our response should be that of obedience for our reward is great in heaven.

    • Richard

      Realizing it is near impossible for some to leave god out of the discussion,
      I think it best if we just discuss what happened to who and how they felt after said
      treatment. No one's god tells them to opt for chemical guaranteed death versus a
      natural alternative method. Let's leave your god out and let the patient take a bit of
      responsibility for his own health/well-being.

      • Jacqueleen

        You are on the wide road and had better re-think the who, what, where and whyfors of creation. It is one thing to be wrong and be forgiven but it is another thing to reject your creator, God……it means hell. Have an attitude of gratitude.

    • Doesn't matter

      So your God gives him the cancer, or at least allows the cancer to develop, and the guy is supposed to be "thanking the Lord" after he HIMSELF managed to get rid of it? That's nice! Lets all praise the Lord for all those who managed to get cured… and just ignore the rest who didn't make it… as they must not have been worthy enough or prayed hard enough.
      Your bronze age mythology has no place in modern world, other than to take the credit or responsibility away from the person!

      • Jacqueleen

        Pride was the reason for Lucifer's fall and it looks like one of your problems. Satan gives you the illness as a result of sin whether it is yours or the curse coming down from the family tree so that you will continue to sin by blaming God. When we sin we evict God and lose His protection. In your mind, we only can give thanks for what is visible like one's self. Give thanks to God and then to the method that He chose to heal you. May I remind you who gave us natural resources like food?

        Eternally grateful, I received two divine healings from cancer and I have proof (biopsies before prayer and after prayer). There is power in prayer said with a sincere heart.

        • Boris Don Bollokov

          I literally had 40 minutes of my valuable life to write this post before hitting the gym and lifting some serious iron.

          Jacqueleen… bible is a fairy tail story written by man for man who are weak minded, have little will power and need a reassurance on daily basis. Personally I believe in Matrix as it has just as much of factual proof as the bible – sarcasm.

          Now, let's assume I believe that God exists. I know one thing is certain, I can accurately conclude that omnipotent, omniscient , omnibenevolent God ,who loves man so much, has decided to create sin in order to punish man, simply because he thought it is necessary.

          Satan did not create sin, illness, all the misery. God did. Satan has no power, he is not the creator, he is simply a product, a creation with set role and function as deemed necessary by Mr. God. According to Eastern Orthodox Church and Russian/Greek Saints ( such as Серафим Саровский), Satan cannot tempt man, cannot impose anything onto a man without God's will. This means that God decides whether you die, suffer, live, whatever, the final word comes from him.

          God created a system that he sees fit, a system where everyone is and will always be a slave. A man cannot comprehend God's action, he can only speculate whether God decisions are good or bad, and this is what you are doing Jacqueleen – speculating in the context of biblical text. Remember that not everyone reads the bible and most people will have hard time to understand the bullshit bingo that you write, and that is normal. The funny thing is you don't even fully understand the God Satan relationship properly, and yet you come to this blog and try to educate atheist (may be agnostic… who cares) people on how the sin is applied to a man – brilliant. Way to go professor of religious studies :). You even have the ability to diagnose if people suffer from pride… over the internet.

          You are stuck in a very narrow prism, the foundation of which is the bible. You see Jacqueleen, you have what's called a bounded rationality that lacks lateral thinking. You are failing to question the dogma you believe in and you simply accept it as bulletproof, even though you don't fully understand it, which is a bit ironic. Then you have the cheek to come here and post these idiotic comments.

          Further, your argument about biopsies is invalid, how can it be remotely legit? There is no scientific method that could correlate the possibility of prayer or external force (the GodForce) to destroy cancer cells. But in your own subjective mind it is certainly real :).

          Seriously Jacqueleen, websites like this are not for you, no one will care or take what you say seriously, and it is not like you are spreading the word of God either, more like making people think you are an idiot.

          I wasn't trying to be rude but that is the reality of it. This is something that you might have problems accepting and dealing with.

          • Jacqueleen

            You took a long time and many words to criticize my comment. Could it be that you could not find the proper words? I would rather die and find that I made a mistaken that there is nothing else than be right that there is a God and wind up in hell as every atheist and agnostic and those sitting on the fence will find themselves if they do not repent and ask for God's mercy.

            For your information, I gratefully received two divine healings of cancer, lungs and a large tumor on the head. I have the biopsies before and after much prayer to prove that I was healed without any kind of treatment. I firmly believe!

            As for Satan and his army, it would serve you well to read up on Spiritual Warfare, the battle between
            good (God) and evil (Satan). Satan, (Lucifer) was God's most powerful and favorite angel. Angels do have supernatural powers which we humans cannot comprehend. It would behoove you to elevate your thoughts and reasoning to the spiritual level rather that revealing your ignorance as a human trying to rationalize the mysterious ways of God. I have many personal stories about angels both good and bad angels…..They do manifest as humans…Study Spiritual Warfare. You are in my prayers.

            You might recite the Angel's Pardon Prayer: My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love you. I beg pardon for those who do not believe, who do not adore, who do not hope and who do not love you.

            • Boris Don Bollokov

              Nah only about 40 minutes. As for proper words, you mean simple and easy to understand words :)? Different people convey their opinion in different way, so anyway…

              Out of curiosity, since you are a christian believer, what is the sole, main purpose of man in this life apart from resisting Satan's temptation?

              • Jacqueleen

                The main purpose of a "Christian" is to know, love and serve God. The most important way to serve God is to lead souls to Christ. Evangelize.
                As for temptation, Jesus overcame strong temptation by quoting Scripture. Just thought I would mention that. We are living in a testing arena and we choose by our own free will where we will end up…..i.e., on the UP elevator or the DOWN elevator.

                We must have an attitude of gratitude especially for the gifts that we take for granted like the plants, herbs, animal life, clean water and air, etc. I am a big proponent of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, etc., organic foods and more importantly now that GMOs will deprive us of much needed nutrition. Have a blessed day!

                • Anonymous

                  Unfortunately that is not true purpose of a Christian in this life.

                  The reason I asked, is to to see if I get a common reply, typical for Catholic, Protestant and Baptist believers.

                  However, prayer, fasting, vigil and all the other Christian practices may be, they do not constitute the aim of our Christian life. Although it is true that they serve as the indispensable means of reaching this end, the true aim of Christian life consists of the acquisition of the Holy Spirit of God. As for fasts, and vigils, and prayer, and almsgiving, and every good deed done for Christ’s sake, are the only means of acquiring the Holy Spirit of God. Only good deeds done for Christ’s sake bring the fruits of the Holy Spirit. All that is not done for Christ’s sake, even though it be good, brings neither reward in the future life nor the grace of God in this life. Jesus Christ said: “He who does not gather with Me scatters” (Luke 11:23). Not that a good deed can be called anything but gathering, even though a deed is not done for Christ’s sake, it is still considered good.

                  So, do you think commenting on this webpage is a good deed done for Christ’s sake?

                  As a side note, one thing I cannot accept is that a supreme being (god) needs to profile people into good and bad, yet he loves everyone equally, he loves you, Satan, demons, Virgin Mary equally because you are his creations, and God is noting but pure love. One thing is certain, the sin, all the suffering, the current life system exists by God’s will. Being omnipotent and omniscient God had a choice to apply a different design which wouldn’t feature today’s insane levels of suffering but he didn’t.

                  A man is just a product of this environment, free will has nothing to do with it. The bottom line is that you need to realise something, you have no free will, and never will. Free will is not as something simple as making a decision of right or wrong. A true free will means having complete control of your spirit and environment, and most importantly not having to obey God, all of which are not possible here now, the limits are to many in today’s world to constitute true free will.

                  A more accurate way to describe “christian free will” is to call it free will with restrictions imposed by God. Because the end goal will always be serfdom of God, and any entity that has to serf is a slave, and slaves have no free will by definition. Even Satan is God’s slave, as his actions are restricted by God’s will. Did you really think Satan could ever challenge God in anyway, a creation challenging supreme creator.

                  Personally, if I had a choice, and free will, I would choose to not exist and be part of this sick game.

      • Jacqueleen

        Pride was the reason for Lucifer's fall and it looks like one of your problems. Satan gives you the illness as a result of sin whether it is yours or the curse coming down from the family tree so that you will continue to sin by blaming God. When we sin we evict God and lose His protection. In your mind, we only can give thanks for what is visible like one's self. Give thanks to God and then to the method that He chose to heal you. May I remind you who gave us natural resources like food?

        • The Reals

          Yeah, Jacqueleen, we get it. This is what you believe. But it isn't what others believe or isn't the topic they came here to discuss. How much more time are you going to waste insisting on the factual basis of your mystic ideas, that clearly nobody here wants shoved any further down their throats. Seems to me you are the prideful one. A dozen or so posts and counting. Just to brag about how you know best and show everyone that you have an answer for everything.

          When will this boastful, aggressive pride end? Seems you're the one leaving the door open for Satan by being so pushy, condescending and boastful. You can insult and condescend on other people's experiences, but call others sinners for questioning your boastful endorsement of yourself and your experiences? Seems very hypocritical. It is a common case that those that boast the loudest are compensating for the deepest shortcomings. And you know what the Bible says about the fate that awaits the hypocrites. I think most would agree that Satan is already warming his ovens for you…

          • Jacqueleen

            So typically liberal….when all else fails… names and condemn. Persecution comes with the territory….Praise God.

    • Anonymoose

      The Lord helps those who help themselves.

      • Jacqueleen

        And as the saying continues….and God help those who are caught helping themselves. We can do nothing without the grace of God. Count your failures.

        • Danno

          I do not believe you are a Christian. You are making a fool of yourself on this forum to try and discredit real Christians. Old trick of Satan's. ;)

    • george

      I agree. Give THANKS to Jesus!

      Here is our story of healing:

      My wife suddenly had extreme swelling in the abdomen. So much so that it alarmed us. So we went to the hospital for diagnosis. We never intended to have treatment but wanted to know if we were battling cancer, etc. She ended up having low albumin [protein] and was told she had cirrhosis of the liver and that she needed a liver transplant. To which I got a little testy and asked if they had one on stand-by? I also asked if they could get the fluid off of her. [they had put an extra 15lbs on her from the saline solution because when you do not have albumin your liver cannot process salt water] They responded they did not have a liver [maybe one yr] and they could not get the fluid off of her. The nurses had already told me that the docs said she would be dead in 30 days.

      Armed with this knowledge I only laughed at the docs and told them they were killing my wife and we were going home to take organic products and pray so my wife could get well.

      Before leaving we called a friend who is a holistic healer and he is the first doc to touch my wife's liver. He said it was fine. [After all those extensive tests the docs knew NOTHING! They are ignorant when it comes to health!!!!]

      We got home, started juicing that same day with a Green Star Juicer. A month later we started praying like Jesus teaches. HE said if you COMMAND the mountain to be cast in the sea it will be done. We also learned that Jesus died to save us. And the word save is a compound word that not only means HE will rescue us from death but it also means we are made whole and are healed. Knowing Jesus died to heal us and that I should be commanding that my wife be healed – I turned to her body, placed my hands on her, and commanded that her body lose the fluid it was holding and that her body would function properly the way Jesus intended it to work. Understand, at this point my wife was 200lbs and a lot of this was extra fluid. Within 1 week of praying in this fashion, my wife lost 20lbs. And within 4 weeks had lost from 200lbs down to 135lbs. On her birthday, [11-11] two months after getting out of the hospital we had her blood work done and she was completely healed!

      From the grave to better than new… Jesus healed my wife! Yes, we did have to supply the nutrition but he did all of the work, even when it the nutrition was not enough by itself.

      I will ALWAYS give God/Jesus THANKS for all HE has done in our lives.

      • gorge

        There is a book called China Study that tells how people with all types of disease are cured by juicing and eating a raw diet. There are 1000's of individual stories that are included in this book.

      • Jacqueline

        What a wonderful witness to the glory of God and for the laying on of Hands. Now, start juicing and stay well. God made it!

        • jim

          Now the real question is, is God a man or a woman?

  • Anon2

    Anon, she is lucky, as most of the time the chemo and radiation will kill you. Lots of clinics won't take anyone who has undergone that stuff! I had to cancel my youtube account, when they did all that respy alignment with google. I hate it, because I miss being able to comment on youtube. But oh well! I am NOT having any accounts with anything with the google spies!

    • Richard

      By all means, make yourselves aware of the information at – – this is a completely detailed site addressing
      a 5000 yr. old medicinal herb and results of its use in the treatment of
      various cancers. From personal experience, I can attest to the veracity
      of the information.
      Best to you –

  • Anon

    This worked for a close relative of mine, but she underwent the chemo and radiation in addition to changing her diet. The whole ordeal aged her about 15 years, but she's alive and well.

    Kudos to NaturalSociety for still allowing anonymous comments; NaturalNews, In5d, and a growing number of other sites DO NOT ALLOW COMMENTARY unless you are signed in to the control grid (google, twitter, facesuck) wake up folks, they are only there to spy on you while you play ego games. Boycott websites (no donations) who do not allow free and anonymous commentary.

    • Guest Speaker

      Hear, hear! I second your praise of allowing anonymous comments. After NaturalNews required abandonment of privacy in order to voice one's thoughts on health freedom (a total contradiction), I wrote to Mike Adams expressing my dismay. He said I could send my comments to him and he would then post them. Well, that lasted for one comment, then dissolved. Mike Adams cut out the tongues of his own readers who value privacy and freedom. Kudos to NaturalSociety!!