Dying Man ‘Cures Bowel Cancer with Cannabis Oil’

Dying Man ‘Cures Bowel Cancer with Cannabis Oil’
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In an emotional account of overcoming his death sentence, 33-year-old David Hibbitt tells the world how he cured himself with cannabis oil from a bowel cancer that was unsuccessfully treated with chemotherapy, radiation, and even surgery.

Once again, allopathic medicine’s normal ‘cures’ for cancer failed, and cannabis oil rises again.

Hibbitt felt like the chemo ‘was killing him’ and it certainly wasn’t minimizing his advanced, stage 3 bowel cancer. He bought cannabis oil as a last resort when doctors told him he only had 18 months – tops – to live. He obtained his cannabis oil from a local dealer for £50 a gram, after hearing about it from friends.

He admits that at first he dismissed cannabis oil as a likely savior to his ailment, but he said it is ‘better than chemotherapy’ even though it gets you high.

Since using this oil, he has been cancer free, and he credits cannabis as the ‘miracle’ cure everyone should know about. He says, “I just want to make other people aware that there are other options out there.”

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Hibbitt is not the only man describing ‘miracle’ cancer cures by using cannabis oil. Ronnie Smith says he has treated over 300 people (including himself) of cancer with cannabis oil. He made his own oil by growing his own plants, since he had a medical marijuana card in California.

Rick Simpson is another individual of YouTube fame that has also treated cancer with cannabis. He explains that pharmaceutical companies have been withholding the miracle cure of Cannabis in order to boost their own profits for other cancer ‘treatments’ for many years.

Youtube links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFKo8yz8yjA