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Remember? Dr. Oz Sells Out to GMO Companies, Calling Organics Elitist & Undemocratic

Christina Sarich
June 10th, 2013
Updated 05/07/2014 at 10:13 pm
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dr oz 263x164 Remember? Dr. Oz Sells Out to GMO Companies, Calling Organics Elitist & UndemocraticIn a clever twist of reverse-psychology, Dr. Oz, famed as Oprah Winfrey’s ‘heath guru’ for years and now with his own popular television show that has been running since 2011, the celebrity is telling the mainstream that ‘we’ shouldn’t need non-GMO foods, as they are ‘elitist’ and that organic foods are ‘undemocratic.’

These are Dr. Oz’s comments last December in a Time magazine editorial, which seem to be an obvious ploy by Monsanto public relations executives to promote GMO in the face of the recent backlash (like the 2 Million March Against Monsanto that happened around the world in May). Dr. Oz touts the benefits of eating an organic diet, but has also called people who buy organic goods, ‘food snobs’ or ‘snooty’ – what’s going on here?

Dr. Oz stood up for himself after his interview with Time and a huge backlash of people questioned his alliances, stating:

“It’s the former that is true [people should eat organic foods], not the latter [they should not]. There is no question that if you can afford organic food, it is better for you. It is certainly much better for the environment. I call [what I talked about in the article] the “99% Diet,” because I’m actually in the 1%. I’m blessed with the ability to buy [organic] foods. My wife’s vegetarian, and we eat meticulously at home.”

So, according to Dr. Oz, only the rich, the elite should be able to eat healthy, non-toxic, non-cancer-causing foods? I’m sure with the extra bankroll he is getting from GMO companies like Monsanto for this obvious role reversal, he can afford to stock organic fruits and vegetables for the Armageddon that these companies will cause should their practices continue. With over 130 million acres already planted and seeds escaping into other, non-sanctioned acreage, including wild acreage, Dr. Oz must be crossing his fingers and holding his breath that he can even get his ‘elitist’ hands on organic vegetarian food once the GMO companies have their way.

Maybe Dr. Oz, really is just a big projection behind a screen, since his recent comments resemble a propaganda poster issued during WWII by the German government depicting a factory worker with a big duck’s bill, with a slogan at the bottom stating, “Workers who can’t keep secrets are hurting the Third Reich’s War Efforts.” If we all keep our mouth’s shout, we can help Monsanto win the world. I’m sure eating poison food is just what the 99% really should relegate themselves too.

Funny how poor farmers in other parts of the world use organic farming to grow rice, vegetables, and fruits, and they aren’t called elitist, or snobby. Be careful who you believe, the propaganda messages from Monsanto and other GMO companies is getting louder.

There is proof that organic farming can replace Big Ag. The Rodale Institute’s test plots for organic farming in Pennsylvania have been demonstrating this point for years, and so have other farms around the world. Even better, we should start instituting small-scale organic gardens to feed ourselves – the Russians are doing it.

Dr. Oz may be getting a fat payout for selling his soul to Monsanto, but we aren’t buying his potatoes.

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  • franco

    All Doctors have price.. they just found his.

  • donna

    i wonder how much monsanto paid him..after the threatened him….

  • Deb

    Super disappointed in Dr. Oz. Sadly, another powerful influencer is a puppet for big pharma and other terrible companies. Why are we surprised?

  • Bubba

    ' famed as Oprah Winfrey’s ‘heath guru’…a skilled shill trained by the master.

  • ant

    Dr. Zo only knows what he is told to say just push the right buttons because he is only virtual a talking head on the TV screen now hit the delete button!

  • Abe

    FOX NEWS Reporters (Steve Wilson & Jane Akre) uncover that most of the Milk in the USA and across some parts of the world is unsafe to drink due to Monsanto Corporation’s POSILAC®, which has been proven to be a cancer-causing growth hormone.(known in short as “BGH” “BST” or “rBGH” ), but they were fired for attempting to inform people of the truth.
    To bad Oz doesn't have a pair like Steve & Jane! This is 5 years ago!

    Any more questions how Monsatan runs the world?

  • B. Basham

    Dr. Oz's show has many sponsors who use GMO's in their products. He has had to back-peddle for this reason. He would lose his program and paycheck.

  • Christina

    I cant prove that Monsanto is paying off Dr. Oz. I hardly think that is cause to call it propaganda. You can look at the Times magazine interview yourself. . .which is very mainstream and make your own deduction. In my book making organic foods only affordable for the wealthy and then saturating the market with GMO seed so that the proletariat. . . Or at least that is what they want to keep us as. . .the working class with no brain. . .too tired to read between the lines, is right up mainstream medias alley. The media is controlled be merely 6 main corporations. . If you dont think they are payibg main stream tv shows to support their corporate agenda, I dont know how to convince you. Monsanto recently threated one station that wanted to cover bovine sickness related to GMO and the reporter that was told he couldnt do the story was instructed, “we will tell you what the news is.” Research more if you want proof. Dont shoot the messenger.

  • Dr. GMOz

    Dr. GMOz on your service x]

  • Anne Kilgore

    I am so very disappointed regarding the info on Dr. Oz. A month ago I was watching one of his shows and he highly recommended Acaci Powder, when I went to order it on line, the last thing the company posted for me to read is that "Acaci Powder" causes Cancer, "Not" can cause Cancer. I went directly to Dr. and have never received any comment from that site. Of course I did not complete my order.

  • Ferdinand

    I totally did not get that from what he said at all. Not sure where they are coming up with all that! I agree, I am against GMOs and Monsanto, but this article doesn't appear to be based on fact at all!

  • None

    Wow, I have been reading articles from the Natural Society religiously but now I don't feel comfortable believing what is written. It is as if you are picking up where the mainstream media is leaving off and taking it in the other direction. You took a statement in which he said organic is better but that many people can not afford it and turn it into this non-sense. It is true that many of the people I talk to can't afford organic and we eat some things organic but "clean" things conventional because of our budget. This just seems over the top and seems like propaganda. If I continue to read I will do so understanding that it may be just as slanted as mainstream. Oh and I am TOTALLY against GMO and Monsanto but I don't think we need to witch hunt it take us to the crappy mainstream media level.

    • Christina

      Seem and may are used.Its called logical deduction. Also visit Time magazine.

  • Laura Swenson


  • Laura Swenson

    If this is true, its sad. I'm no GMO proponent, but I'd like to see your source for your claim that he's getting money from Monsanto. This just seems inflammatory and IMHO perpetuating non-truths doesn't help our case any.

    Can you site a source?

    • Jennifer Rasmussne

      I found on U-tube about this issue

    • Christina

      He said in the Times article that organic foods are undemocratic! His words, not mine. How is monsanto and GMO democratic when they break the law every day. . .but healthy, organic eating is undemocratic? Thays not just propaganda, its pure lies.

    • Toby Hunter

      YES the good Dr. get a big fat pay check every time he opens his mouth. Oz is a Moron.

  • Robert Johnson

    Fax the good Dr. The Finger.

  • Robert Johnson

    The good DR. is a Phony.

  • Nancy Ingalls

    Thanks for posting this story about "Dr." Oz. I had no idea he was such a big a$$hole.

    • Anonymous

      Me neither