Irregular Sleep Tied to Increased Fat Around Organs

Sleep is vital not only for surviving, but also for thriving. Researchers at Wake Forest School of Medicine revealed that irregular sleep patterns can lead to unhealthy fat deposits around vital organs. This dangerous fat accumulates around the middle region of the body and is extremely dangerous.

Mother’s Obesity May Lead to Infertility in the Next Generation

Research shows that obese women are at a much greater risk of developing diabetes, hypertension, certain cancers including breast and ovarian and coronary artery disease, but that isn’t all. Being overweight could even lead to infertility in offspring.

The Sleep Factor: Understanding How Sleep Affects Your Weight

People in America are constantly looking to slim down. Shedding the pounds seems to be near the highest level of priorities for many people, despite the fact that America is showing no sign of slimming down on a grand scale. Many factors must be inspected to determine why someone is overweight.

4 Proven Natural Weight Loss Tips for How to Lose Visceral Fat

It’s not all about looking good. Roll your eyes if you must: everybody’s beautiful in some way. But visceral fat—fat inside the abdomen—is little more than a time bomb wrapped around a belly.Visceral obesity results in fatty acids accumulation in the pancreas, heart, liver, and other organs.

Exercises to Reduce Stomach Fat – 5 Exercises to Do at Home!

A fat stomach is connected with numerous health issues including a higher risk for heart disease and diabetes, and a doubled risk of premature death. But losing belly fat isn’t always easy. While your diet is the most important contributor to obesity, staying active is crucial as well. Luckily, there are a number of exercises to reduce stomach fat you can do right at home!

5 Foods to Boost Metabolism and Accelerate Fat Loss

The prospect of using foods to boost metabolism and enhance fat loss may sound bizarre to some, but a number of fat-reducing foods do exist that may be simpler than you think. You see over time, our bodies transition from being constantly craving nutrients and growing to their fully grown adult state. The nutrient hungry phase is driven primarily by the metabolic system, the breaking down of nutrients into a format that our whole body can use for a period of time.

How to Burn Fat and Become More Fit

Whether you’re looking to fit into your old jeans or to just lose a few pounds, getting rid of fat deposit is critical for both aesthetics and overall health. Weight loss and fat loss are not the same thing; weight loss can be the result of dehydration or muscle loss – no positive indicators of good rising health. If you’re looking to get into the best shape of your life and attain the body of your dreams, then losing fat should be your goal. Here are some guidelines that can help you to lose fat instead of muscle, and boost your overall health.

Ten Free and Simple Steps to Weight Loss

The nation is currently experiencing an obesity pandemic, with millions of people considerably overweight. This is due to a misunderstanding of what makes food healthy, how to construct an effective workout, and how to put it all into practice.

Spicy Food Beats Dangerous Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is often considered by obese individuals and mainstream doctors despite the serious risk and invasive nature, but researchers have revealed that a natural alternative can be utilized that may be just as effective without the surgery.

Is the Glycemic Index Diet Effective for Fat Loss?

If you’re looking to break through weight loss plateaus, then opting for a glycemic index diet is the way to go. Also known as G.I. diet, this diet is simple and straightforward, no need to count calories or remove entire food groups from your kitchen; all you need is a working knowledge of this diet and a little bit of consistent practice.

Don’t Let Your Weight Loss Goals Consume You

Creating a weight loss goal is a fabulous step toward achieving the body you have always wanted, but your weight loss goals shouldn’t negatively impact your life more than they improve it. To receive the absolute most benefit from your upcoming goal-driven life changes, you have to want to do it. That is to say, you should aim for achieving your weight loss goals with a positive, determined mindset.

19 Vegetables that Burn Calories

Is it true that food could really be a beneficial factor in the weight loss process? To most people, the concept of eating to lose weight is a bit ridiculous, but strangely enough, it is indeed true that it can be done. Simply consuming foods like fruit and vegetables could result in painless weight loss. Here are 19 vegetables that burn calories and fat instantly simply by eating them, aiding you in your weight loss mission.

Vitamin D and Weight Loss – Recognizing the Connection

Vitamin D is a well-known cancer preventative and overall health enhancer, but some researchers have even made a connection between vitamin d and weight loss. The University of Minnestoa study found that higher vitamin D levels coupled with a properly balanced diet helps people lose more weight than if simply utilizing a properly balanced diet.

Halting the Obesity Epidemic: Discover the Truth About Weight Loss

You’ve seen a million commercials, heard a million plugs, and have read a billion magazines that all talk about their secret new weight loss cure. The funny thing is that there is no lack of scientific finding in the field of weight loss, rather there is the lack of utilization in reciprocation to the scientific evidence presented to us.

3 Metabolsm Boosters for Maximum Weight Loss Results

If you’re looking to boost metabolism levels as a means for speeding up the weight loss process, then look no further. Speeding up metabolism can not only be done with the proper food consumption, but can also be achieved through exercise. Here are 3 metabolism boosters.

5 Tips for Starting Morning Exercise

Running first thing in the morning can be one of the best training approaches if you’re looking to shed the extra weight, boost fitness level and achieve consistency for the long haul. Therefore, if you’re looking to start running in the morning, but find it hard to do so, here are some of the best guidelines that can help you wake up at the right time, get ready and get the best out of the early morning run.

3 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

If you ask 10 different people for weight loss tips, you just may receive 10 different answers. One person may tell you to simply eat less and exercise, while others will push some extreme dietary lifestyle. Weight gain, however, is caused by virtually countless factors, and therefore can be tackled with various strategies. While it would require certain dietary principles to attain a higher level of overall health, here are a few very simple ways you can lose weight.