You Won’t Believe What the Media Said About Weight Loss Myths

You Won’t Believe What the Media Said About Weight Loss Myths
Weight Loss

A recent United Kingdom’s BBC article shockingly reads “Exercise ‘not key to obesity fight.’ The United Kingdom’s BBC is as Mainstream Media (MSM) as it gets. Therefore, when they publish an article under the title shown above, it will be circulated far and wide around the globe.

In the USA, it is well known that there is an ongoing and very serious epidemic of childhood obesity and Type II diabetes. Perhaps the number one cause of this public health disaster is the fact that children are not exercising like they used to.

Instead of climbing trees, running through the fields, and hiking up hillsides, kids are situated in front of their computer screens like never before.

Point of fact: Children — of all ages — now lead a significantly more sedentary lifestyle than their any generation that has come before them. So fixated are children and teenagers on their iPads and smartphones throughout the course of their day that the degree of physical inactivity has become the cause of a variety of health problems and medical conditions like never before.

Children using smartphones

Clearly what distinguishes 2015 from 1965 is that there did not exist the profusion of information technology products back then. What did exist was the television set, which was also the cause of a fair share of physical inactivity.

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However, in 2015, the peer pressure to stay connected to the “smartphone” has created a pervasive environment whereby children, adolescents, and young adults are both obsessive and/or compulsive with regard to their cyber-habits.

Are the BBC and other MSM outlets really THAT out of touch with trends in childhood obesity?

Children often learn the habits and make lifestyle choices in their childhood which they continue for the rest of their lives. Consequently, a life with very little exercise when young is very likely to translate to a sedentary lifestyle when older.


More importantly, studies have shown that once a person becomes obese, it becomes more and more difficult for them to attain an appropriate weight later on in life. Other research studies have indicated that exercise is in fact a major factor in keeping body weight at an acceptable level.

Meanwhile, just about every other piece of research shows how exercise is essential for optimal health and fighting obesity. According to researchers from the University of Utah, the more intense your exercise is, the more productive it is, and every minute counts.

According to the studyfor every extra daily minute of high intensity exercise, participants reduced their obesity risk by 5% for women and 2% for men.

What follows are just a few of the myriad research papers which extol the virtues of proper exercise for the purposes of weight reduction and/or control.

Although each paper comes from a different perspective, they all share the very same scientific conclusion: That adequate exercise is extremely important in meeting the challenge of obesity, especially for children.

Exercise for preventing childhood obesity.

Exercise in treating obesity in children and adolescents.

Physical Activity as a Prevention of Childhood Obesity

Childhood and Adult Obesity Can Differ in Key Ways

Although there can be some differences in the causation and treatment of child and adult obesity, the experts are in complete agreement about the role of regular exercise in the treatment of both. There is not a single health foundation or medical organization in the USA that would stand behind the BBC claim.

That the BBC would publish such a counter-intuitive and scientifically unfounded claim begs the question: “Why?”

Would the BBC rather the children and adults of Great Britain park themselves in front of their TVs watching BBC dramas and news reports? Or, would they prefer that the populace stay glued to their smartphone or computer or iPad while reading the BBC website?

One can only wonder why a major MSM news platform would publish such a ridiculous claim.