8 Basic, Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism

8 Basic, Natural Ways to Boost Metabolism
Weight Loss

There are many simple steps one can take to help jump-start their metabolism if they are on a weight loss mission or trying to prevent weight gain. Natural Society has provided many weight loss tips in previous articles, but below are some more to help out even further.

  • 1. It begins before your day even starts. Make sure to get enough sleep. Research shows that there is a link between poor sleeping patterns and poor health – especially poor health concerning your hormones.
  • 2. Hormonal imbalance has a negative effect on the body and its ability to burn calories. Avoiding endocrine disruptors commonly found in plastic bottles and food packaging will help your body to self-regulate.
  • 3. When the day begins, make sure to eat breakfast. Eating breakfast gives you more energy throughout an entire day and gives your body something to break down for energy after you have been sleeping for 6-8 hours. Eating breakfast may also help you to avoid eating unnecessarily throughout the day, such as candy or other snacks.
  • 4. When you eat regular meals, eat slowly and to the point of being 3/4 full before finishing up. Give your body time to know it’s full. Most diets have individuals eating less and not being satisfied. Further, the more healthful proteins and fats you consume, the easier it is for your body to break down its own fat.
  • 5. Including more water, or an occasional coffee or green tea is also a simple and effective way to add more natural fat-burning power to your diet.
  • 6. It is a good rule of thumb to go through your normal diet and try to cut out empty calories that may come in the form of junk food or excess sugar intake, and simply replace them with a healthy alternative like fresh fruit, or nuts or yogurt. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables will also give your body more fiber to work with which helps improve metabolism.
  • 7. Including a daily exercise regimen will also help improve metabolism and weight loss. Even if its only 15 minutes a day, 15 minutes of intense exercise and breaking a sweat can have a widespread effect on your body’s functions and ultimately help you lose more weight. This is aside from the calories burned during exercise.
  • 8. Remember to never give up. Many people don’t see instant results and become discouraged. When you start transforming habits whether by cleaning your diet up or becoming more physically active, your body will also make a transformation.