The Cellulite Lie: 11 ‘Treatments’ that Don’t Actually Work

The Cellulite Lie: 11 ‘Treatments’ that Don’t Actually Work
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In the northern hemisphere, we are experiencing the first buds of spring, and with that comes warmer weather. Its time to break out the shorts, swimsuits, and miniskirts for many women, but what about those who have –gasp – cellulite? But can you get rid of cellulite? Women are so worried about it, that they’ve been supped by an entire industry surrounding it – offering various snake-oil-esque treatments that promise to get rid of it, but none of them really work.

It’s important to know that anyone can suffer from cellulite. Even mega-fitness guru, Jillian Michaels has admitted that she has cellulite – someone who works out constantly and has to eat in a healthy enough way to do DVDs, TV appearances, and more.

When Michaels was asked about what part of her body she likes least in an interview, she responds:

“My a**! I hate it! There’s cellulite on it, and no matter what I do, I can’t get rid of it.”

So, aside from the fact that we are an obese nation, and many women need to focus on eating healthier and being more active, there seems to be an obsession with a cellulite-free body. Much of this obsession is fueled by mainstream media, after all. The gaunt model has covered every notable magazine you can think of, and only recently has the country of France talked about outlawing emaciated women from appearing on yet another Fashion Week spread.

But we women are just as responsible for fixating on something we can do nothing about when we can do so much about our overall health and well being.

What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite is NOT a medical condition. All cellulite is just fat underneath the skin. The fat appears bumpy because it pushes against connective tissue, causing the skin above it to pucker. It isn’t unhealthy.

I’ve even seen it on women who run 10 miles a day, and eat like rabbits. If you have cellulite, it doesn’t mean you are overweight – it means you are a normal, healthy WOMAN. Reducing weight can obviously reduce some cellulite (since it is just fat under the skin) but since we all need some fat to function, it won’t likely go away completely.

Can You Get Rid of Cellulite?

Very savvy marketing has sold women on some moderately invasive procedures that are supposed to remove cellulite, but some of them can even make it worse. While cellulite can be improved, as outlined in a previous article NaturalSociety did outline home remedies for cellulite reduction, it is unlikely that it will go away completely. And you should NOT spend tons of money in an effort to remedy the issue. Here are 11 ‘cellulite solutions’ to avoid.

  • 1. Liposuction – Not only is this a very invasive procedure that can leave scars, but liposuction can make skin droopy and bumpy. Go to the gym instead and work on strength training. The appearance of muscle can minimize the look of cellulite, and your skin will be taught and toned. Maybe this surgery works for some people, but for many it can make the problem worse, adding some side effects of its own. Here’s a prominent plastic surgeon in LA telling the truth about cellulite.

  • 2. Laser Surgery – Like liposuction, laser surgeries can be pricey services offered by swanky spas and outpatient ‘medical clinics,’ but unless you want to get rid of spider veins, which lasers can do effectively, skip the cellulite treatments. They simply don’t work.
  • 3. Pills – If you think there is a magic pill that is going to get rid of your cellulite, I’ve got a melting glacier to sell you. Sorry, they don’t work.
  • 4. Body Wraps – These are also offered at ‘high-class’ spas, but mostly they just cause your body to sweat out excess fluids. Not an ounce of cellulite is coming out with that sweat. Though this doesn’t mean they don’t provide other benefits.
  • 5. Dry Skin Brushing – This is one practice that actually has some great benefits as it increases lymphatic flow. It can make the surface of your skin soft, and help the body reduce its toxic load, but sadly, it won’t help you get rid of cellulite to any notable extent.
  • 6. Injections of Various Drugs or Herbs – Again, these aren’t going to melt your fat away, nor the attachments between the muscle that cause little fat puckers that create cellulite. Skip the injections and have a green juice instead. You’ll feel so clear-headed and energetic you won’t care about your cellulite as much.
  • 7. Any Cream, Gel, $100-an-Ounce Lotion, etc. – I don’t care if it has coffee beans in it, or pricey algae hand-picked from the deepest ocean – it isn’t going to get rid of your cellulite. What will make you look and feel better is using natural ingredients like coconut oil to make your skin soft and smooth.
  • 8. Suction Devices, or Cups – You can’t suck out cellulite, just like you can’t suck out that extra piece of pizza you ate last night. This one really takes the cake, pun intended.
  • 9. Ultrasound – Unless you want a picture of your cellulite in 3D, forget it. It isn’t going to get rid of those puckers and bumps.
  • 10. Heat Rollers – Save them for your hair. They aren’t going to get rid of your cellulite.
  • 11. Detox Baths – Another great practice to boost overall health, but detox baths also will not get rid of cellulite. Instead, use them to get rid of the toxic load on your body from all the medications, bad food we eat, environmental toxins, polluted water we drink, etc.