This Disciplinary Practice Halts Top Killer Diseases in US

Yoga can help treat diseases associated with metabolic syndrome while helping to promote a fully functioning nervous system after we are exposed to stress.

This Simple Practice Sparks ‘Positive Changes’ in the Brain

Research found that those who meditate have better communication in their brain’s ‘white matter,’ leading to improved moods and better brain communication.

Meditation can Grow Your Brain in Just 8 Weeks

A team of researchers has found that just 8 weeks of meditation can actually help your brain ‘grow,’ all while boosting memory and reducing stress.

Brain-to-Brain Communication Thousands of Miles Away Proven a Reality by Harvard Researchers

A group of neuroscientists and robotics engineers discovered that human brains can indeed ‘talk’ directly to one another in brain-to-brain communication.

Special Brain Exercise ‘Enhances Brain Performance’, New Study Finds

Want to relax? Want to boost brain power? Different types of meditation elicit qualitatively different influences on human physiology and behavior.

7 Reasons You Should Practice Yoga

Do you really need an excuse to practice the stress-relieving, flexibility-improving, general greatness that is yoga? Fine! Here are 7 reasons to do yoga.

Breakthrough: Simple Exercise Found to Spark Molecular Changes in the Body

Researchers have provided the first evidence of specific molecular changes in the body following a period of mindfulness meditation.

This Ancient Practice can Reduce Inflammation, Help Cancer Patients

A study shows cancer patients can benefit from the practice of yoga, revealing how yoga can reduce inflammation and eliminate stress on a biological level.

Reduce Depression, Avoid Cancer, and Relax with Nature

Nature can do much more than just help clear your mind and promote relaxation; it could even help treat depression and protect your body against cancer.

4 Yoga Poses to Help Detoxify the Liver

There are several yoga practices which unclog and detoxify the liver, helping it to function at its best. Here are 4 yoga poses to revitalize the liver.

Only YOU can Handle Your Stress: These 5 Tips Will Help

You have to be proactive about reducing internal stress from real or imagined external stressors. Well, here are 5 tips for handling stress.

Student of Neuroscience Shows How Meditation may Vanquish Mental Disorders

Studies show how there could be strong scientific proof that meditation could help even the most debilitating psychological disorders.

4 Ways to Live More Holistically Today

Whether it’s yoga or eating a largely plant-based diet free of pesticides, here are steps you can take to live more holistically and boost your health.

Mental Illness Comparable to Heavy Smoking in Reducing Life-Expectancy

A new study shows that serious mental illness is just as bad for our health as heavy smoking – sometimes taking an entire decade off our lifespan.

Study: Meditation & Natural Remedies Lead to 28% Reduction in Medical Costs

Meditation (not medication) is so effective for healing that in a 14-year controlled study, it was shown to reduce medical expenses in Canada by 28%.

“Cuddle Hormone” Oxytocin Found to Increase with Use of Social Media

Apparently, Tweeting, Face-booking and other forms of social interaction conducted across cyberspace reduces stress hormones and increases oxytocin levels.

Meditation Allows for Focus, Concentration, Makes the Brain ‘Smarter’

In addition to less stress, more peace, greater self-awareness, and better concentration, meditation can actually make you smarter.