Only YOU can Handle Your Stress: These 5 Tips Will Help

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stress relaxRegardless of how many dietary and detox recommendations you pursue, if you’re prone to anxiety, depression, or phobias from external stress that has become internal, you’re neutralizing some of the benefits gained from a solid diet and an aggressive detox.

Of course, diet and detox may alleviate some anxieties, too. But you also have to be proactive about reducing internal stress from real or imagined external stressors. The Monday back-to-work day has produced more heart attacks than any other single day of the week. Stress can kill.
External stress excites the brain’s hypothalamus, which sends a message to the lower brain’s pituitary gland, causing the release of the hormone adrenocorticotropic (ACTH) into the blood stream.

This signal prompts the adrenal glands above the kidneys to create corticoid hormones. These corticoids are then dispersed throughout your body where they are needed.

Then, they are put to use in the various stages of defense against a stressing agent. This is known as the adrenalin rush for flight or fight to enable survival against outside threats for basic survival. Most animals experience this with real events, and if they survive those threats, they usually get over it right away.

But the double edged sword of human intellect makes if difficult for many of us to get over outside threats, leading to post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). That is, the trauma’s stress signals persist well after the actual incidents of initial shock to the system. Even worse, our stinkin’ thinkin’ can create stress hormones constantly. These all reduce your immune system’s capacity and lead to worsening health and total exhaustion.

Worrying about income, bills, health issues, being harassed by others constantly, getting found out about something you’re hiding, or any other worries over time create a chronic stress patterns that stick and continue to produce hormones that create havoc on your health if not reduced or let go completely. Stressful situations will always come and go, and some stress triggers probably won’t go away (unless heavy life-change is implemented). How you react is the difference.

Of course there are countless tips for reducing stress, some of which may or may not work for you. Well, low and behold, here are 5 more tips for handling stress.

5 Tips to Alleviate the Effects of Chronic Stress

1. Practice Hatha Yoga, especially correctly performing the “corpse pose”, Tai-Chi, or its predecessor, Chi-Gong. These should be done daily, but don’t stress if you miss a day now and then!

2. Meditation done daily or as often as possible.

3. Deep breathing exercises with the intention of creating slower breathing. Ever notice when you’re frightened, your breathing is shallow and rapid? Practicing deep, slower breathing often enough and whenever you’re stressing on real or imagined frights well help diminish the hormone-chemical reactions from stress.

4. Remove yourself from stressful situations and/or environments. Sometimes we engage in actions that create an adrenal rush for fun and excitement. Sports, motorcycle or auto racing, hang gliding, and sky diving are all done for kicks. These are all voluntary actions that are exciting to some.

But a stressful job or school scenario/relationship that’s imposed on one is a totally different situation. Try to avoid or leave those when possible. While working your way out of them, take breaks with good music or movies, or hang out with real friends.

5. Practice being in the moment, regardless of the activity, with the attitude that everything will turn out alright, or even if it doesn’t, it’s not the end of the world. Do your best without being so attached to the results. Calm equanimity makes usually disagreeable matters water off a ducks back.

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