4 Ways to Live More Holistically Today

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holistic living“Holistic” is defined as a knowledge of the interconnectedness of something, as the parts of something “explicable only by reference to the whole.” When used in reference to your health, holistic refers to the mind-body-spirit connection, the wellness of all our interconnected parts and aspects working towards the health of our entire selves. We should all be trying to live a bit more holistically to achieve greater health.

Holistic health is definitely a buzz term, but there is a legitimate reason for it. When you apply the concept of ultimate health to your entire being, you aren’t only able to fight disease and avoid illness, but you will also feel better, live with more joy, and your transformation will be contagious.

Chances are, if you’re a regular reader of NaturalSociety.com, you already apply some holistic practices in your life. Whether it’s yoga or eating a largely plant-based diet free of pesticides and other contaminants, you are taking steps to improve your life, not only your physical health. But we can all use a refresher in the basics. So, how can you live more holistically starting today?

 A Holistic Way of Living

  • 1. Practice Mindfulness – When you are able to keep your mind in the present while navigating this ever-more distracting life, you are a few steps ahead of the crowd. Mindfulness refers to focusing your awareness in the here and now, in what you are doing and what surrounds you at this particular moment. Dwelling in the past can leave you with regrets, remorse, and sadness, while looking only to the future is a surefire recipe for anxiety and worry. Give yourself wholly to each experience you choose to have—whether it’s work or recreation—and watch your stress levels drop.
  • 2. Recognize and Respect the Powers of Your Body – Spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra says, “your body has an infinite number of unknown possibilities, but it looks to you for direction.” Research has demonstrated the profound effects the mind can have on the physical body, creating new neural networks and making physical alterations. It’s a self-healing machine whose purpose is self-preservation. In other words, your body wants to be healthy; guiding it with proper nutrition and care is your job to allow it to fulfill this mission.
  • 3. Eat Clean Foods – “Clean eating” is a term commonly used in the fitness world, but when we talk about holistic health, clean eating takes on a whole new meaning. Stick with foods that are clean of pesticides and other contaminants, but also eat foods that have a clean spiritual slate—those that were prepared as locally as possibly by conscientious growers and producers. To get you started, here are 15 of the cleanest fruit and veggies you can eat.
  • 4. Focus on Positive Relationships – When it comes to working with others, remember we are all part of the larger human body. Our collective health depends on positive relationships. Practice honesty, integrity, and act with good character. Also, don’t be afraid to distance yourself from people who don’t recognize your strives to do better and be a better person. We aren’t all on the same paths, and healthy boundaries are good for everyone.

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