Florida Town Fires Entire Police Force Amid Corruption


Florida has been rife with swell-headed government officials and city ordinance pushers who have shown complete disregard for individuals going about their business, trying to live a sustainable life. Florida is the land of Robin Speronis, who had to fight a judge who declared her ‘living off grid’ was illegal. It is also where a couple was fined $500 for growing vegetables in a garden on their own property. Now, a small Florida town has fired its entire police force after finding out about massive corruption in a recent audit.

All cops and elected officials in the city of Hampton, Florida have been ‘let go’ due to exposed unlawful actions of an unbelievable magnitude. Two Florida policymakers quit their attempt to take away Hampton’s cityhood. With only a 477 population, Hampton residents became privy to 31 federal, state, and local codes being broken by city officials. Government employees were found to be double dipping, and using city property for personal reasons.

It’s a known speed-trap, and corrupt lawmakers threatened to pull the city’s charter just a few months ago, but the town’s people wouldn’t back down and after a month of arguing, convinced Representative Charles Van Zant and Senator Rob Bradley to allow them to keep their city.

Apparently, the trouble first started rather ‘innocently,’ according to the newly hired city attorney John Cooper. A Texaco gas station on nearby US 301 requested additional  police force to protect the property after a couple of bad accidents and homicides took place. Then, Hampton annexed a 1,200-foot stretch of highway. Later on though, someone on the police force decided that a lot of easy cash was to be made from pulling over speeders and writing up tickets they would have to pay.

Even with this money drawn straight from speed-trap tickets, the police force continued draining money from the city coffers, and always over-stepping its budget. In the audit, it was found that over 19 officers were sent to ‘guard’ this Texaco station, one of them being the police chief. Bradford County Sheriff Gordon Smith confessed that many of the cops were not trained in the proper manner, and that one going by the name of ‘Rambo’ kept an assault rifle strapped across his chest while writing up tickets as an extra measure of intimidation.

Fortunately, Rambo and his kin are looking for new jobs.