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Monsanto Shareholder Meeting Infiltrated by Activist (Video)

Anthony Gucciardi
February 18th, 2012
Updated 11/04/2012 at 10:27 pm
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In an exciting act of grassroots resistance to Monsanto and their GMOs that are ravaging the planet, activist Adam Eidinger has infiltrated a Monsanto shareholder meeting and posted the video up on Youtube. Eidinger discusses the negative impact of GMO crops, Roundup, and other Monsanto creations on human health and the environment. As a result, a shocked Monsanto spokesman (identified as CEO Hugh Grant by Eidinger) does his best to brush off the concerns and assure the activist that the company — the same company that has been found to be running slave rings on their GMO crop fields — cares very much about the concerns of their shareholders.

One of the major concerns highlighted by activist Adam Eidinger, who identifies himself as an ‘occupy activist’, is the increased usage of pesticides on crops as a result of Monsanto’s failing Bt-infused GMO crops. Bt is a toxin incorporated into genetically modified crops in order to kill different insects, though recently it was exposed that Bt usage has subsequently spawned insect populations which are resistant to the biopesticide. At least 8 populations of insects have developed resistance, with 2 populations resistant to Bt sprays and at least 6 species resistant to Bt crops as a whole.

What is the result? Farmers are being forced to spray substantially more pesticides as a result, leading to further pesticide-laden genetically modified foods being unknowingly consumed by a large number of individuals.

This is also further demonstrated by the EPA, which has also found Monsanto’s GMO corn to be ineffective. It even found that the crops were creating resistant rootworms. The EPA found that the resistant rootworms, which are evolving to resist the insecticide,  are currently found Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and Nebraska.

In a follow-up video, Adam Eidinger asks just how much Monsanto spends to squelch GMO labeling campaigns. Of course you may remember that Monsanto had admitted to influencing the outcome of the Colorado labeling initiative which ended in failure. With a number of phony pro-GMO protests and farmers likely paid off by Monsanto, the company managed to alter the result. The actions bring into question why Monsanto would deny consumers the right to know if their foods contain genetically modified ingredients.

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that sales would decrease substantially, as consumers are catching on to the dangers of GMO foods. Monsanto managed to rake in $11.8 billion in sales during the 2011 fiscal year that ended Aug 31, and they have no intention of slowing down their hazardous production — even if it means destroying your health along with the genetic integrity of the planet.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
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  • anne

    I think they are responsible for the bee collapse, them and the chemtrails that I am sure must disorientate the bees who rely on the sun for direction.

  • Auto

    I can't understand what he's saying. He squandered his opportunity, not learning to record both audio and video using a proper device.

  • Brent

    I couldn't make out what the dude was saying. He couldn't rent a decent recording device? wtf??

    Past time to visit the Monsanto HQ nearest you and frag some executive sob's.

  • bart roberts
  • the dave

    Good warm up for the real thing. Though this guy and those of his ilk are professional obfuscators and liars, I suspect they are quaking in their proverbial boots regarding what is coming down to them shortly. They will NOT escape justice for their despicable actions – I think that is clear. This year will NOT end good for this creep and his NWO clan…What a shame for them……

  • WTFongu

    Sanctions against Corporation Crime – SACC

    Time to face facts folks, until you do something about the rape and pillaging of your money, Rights, and lives….this is how your lives will always be! Endless struggle, endless frustration. Politicians won't protect you. They are being paid-off by these companies. The only way you can quietly punish Corporations is to hit them in the cash flow. It's their life blood. It's their motivation to continue doing bad business with you.

    You effectively have to do one simple thing….STOP buying their products. STOP buying their stock. Find safer alternative smaller companies that will respect you as a valued customer.

    So, the power of change is in your hands. If you are mad with what is going on, change it. It begins with the actions of "the little guy/gal."

    SACC dedicated to stopping corporate abuse in YOUR life.

  • frenchfarmer

    What has taken all you guys so long to wake up.

    This was old news 20 years ago.

  • she

    YEA!!!! Way to go Adam, good for you, wow!!! : ))))))))))

  • Stardust on the Sage

    Well, if the public is finally becoming aware of the criminality rife at Monsanto, then we also better start getting the ball rolling to get Michael Taylor out of the FDA because one hand helps the other in a shell game like this.

    Actually the USA is already in more trouble than we’ll ever be able to undo. Our soil has been so bastardized in the past 40+ years that we can’t “fix” it – certainly we can’t fix it in one mere lifetime of 60 – 80 years. It’s going to take a LONG time to recover from Monsanto’s follies.

  • George

    Monsanto and bill gates are best buddies.

  • Thom

    Wait, it get's even worse…Monsanto and governments are behind the chemtrails you see over your heads on an almost daily basis, geoengineering the weather with aluminum oxide, which reflects sunlight back out into space, and barium so their GMO seeds will be used exclusively. And naturally, Monsanto now has an aluminum resistant patent out on their seeds now which is the main ingredient in their trails. Folks, Monsanto and their NWO supporters are in full control. How do you like the idea that we are now under attack on all fronts? The more facts that come in about this cold dark planet we live on the more pissed off we should all be getting. If there was ever a time to start feeling paranoid, that time is now here.

  • Pat

    As an example just the GMO corn, there's corn oil [salad dressing & cooking oil], corn chips, cornbread [hush puppies], corn flakes, dog food & etc. then people wonder why they're getting ill.

  • Melissa

    I CANT EVEN UNDERSTAND HIM, horrible recording quality, you should have posted captioning.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Anthony for sharing this its only a matter of time until Monsanto is ousted as the real criminals they are

  • John

    Monsanto is going to come under more and more scrutiny as the public becomes aware of the indescriminate use of technology that is destroying our biodiversity on this planet and threatens to destroy centuries of good farming techniques. The idea we need GMO to feed the world is not only ridiculous, but very dangerous and threatens our very existence on this planet.

    Monsanto should be criminally prosecuted for it's role in creating and manipulating the political system for it's agenda to promote GMO's. The shareholders will soon understand the impact of following this corporate agenda when the GMO's in California are required to be labeled! The same thing is going to happen that happened in Europe and this will be economically devastating to Monsanto & it's shareholders.

    Each of the shareholders need to ask the question that concerns their morality as it relates to their position on making money vs. the health of this nation. When a man is honest and he hears the truth, he embraces the truth or he ceases to be honest.

  • GySgt Attack

    What, Monsanto's creation of the chemical Agent Orange wasn't enough to distress and disturb everyone? They are STILL up to poisoning the people and the planet? Kudos to Adam Eidinger for the video and to Natural Society for spreading the story! =]