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Monsanto Bt Pesticide Damages Red Blood Cells, Organs

Christina Sarich
June 21st, 2013
Updated 05/07/2014 at 8:56 pm
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bt toxin monsanto 263x164 Monsanto Bt Pesticide Damages Red Blood Cells, OrgansStudies are now showing that Monsanto crops damage red blood cells which are responsible for delivering oxygen to the body. And without functioning red blood cells, our bodies are in critical condition — desperate for life support.

The bad news about Monsanto can seem like an overwhelming highway car pileup, but thankfully the news is leading to a larger response by activists. Movements like the Monsanto Video Revolt, announced by Anthony Gucciardi last week, are taking the fight to Monsanto following the major success of movements like March Against Monsanto. Studies like these only lend more aid towards the cause that we fight for each day.

The study found that red blood cells suffer due to a bacterium commonly used as a pesticide in Monsanto’s crops, called Bacillus thuringenesis (Bt). Specifically, the Bt toxin affects mammals in ways that previously were not understood. Heretofore the Bt bacterium were only thought to harm insects, but this is proving to be grossly erroneous.

Dr. Mezzomo and a team of scientists at the Department of Genetics and Morphology and the Institute of Biological Sciences, at University of Brasilia published their findings in a recent issue of the Journal of Hematology and Thromboembolic Diseases.

Poisons known as Cry toxins are used for gene pyramiding (a method in which multiple genes are assembled to have desirable traits from parent genes for a new, altered, single genotype) in GMO foods. These Cry toxins specifically alter the hematoxic levels, which means they poison our blood. “Cry toxins are disruptive even at the lowest administered doses,” says Mezzomo. The number of red blood cells in Monsanto Cry-toxin-exposed mammals (in this study, unfortunately rats were used) was not only lowered through the destruction of the cells themselves, but the toxins also disrupted blood clotting and caused organ degeneration and tissue damage.

Further, the levels of hemoglobin for oxygen were also significantly reduced.

Other scientists are backing Dr. Mezzomo’s findings with their own studies. Professor Joe Cummins from the University of Western Ontario has also concluded that Bt toxin is directly impactful to human health. He points out that the Bt toxin damages the ileum, the final section of the small intestine responsible for the absorption of vitamin B. While Bt toxin does appear naturally in the environment, it does not normally occur in conjunction with soil, insects and plant surfaces, so the spreading of this bacterium through GMO is quite possibly going to create yet another super bug that can cause additional human deaths.

Our meat, including beef and chicken, has already been found to contain unwarranted amounts of super bugs that have become resistant to antibiotics. Natural Society reported on this back in April, but now it seems yet another bacterium is brewing that can cause more havoc on the food supply and the public’s health – all thanks to your favorite, greedy, industrialist company – Monsanto.

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  • rhoneyman

    This is way out of line. If Bt is in fact common in organic farming, the author has an obligation to point that out.

    However, that in and of itself does not take Monsanto off the hook. My read of the article suggests that the blood-borne issue with Bt is a recent and highly disturbing discovery. If properly publicized, I would expect most organic farmers to move away from using such pesticides.

    That is part of what differentiates natural farming from industrial farming: industrial will build on top of its existing technology, adding more potential risks to the health of the consuming public.

  • Yvonne

    Maverita, The reason is that there were no studies back then and the studies you may be talking about were conducted by Monsanto cronies…as well as…
    .A revolving door exists between Monsanto and U.S. regulatory and judicial bodies making key decisions. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a former Monsanto lawyer, was the one who wrote the majority opinion on a key Monsanto case. Michael Taylor once worked for the FDA, later represented Monsanto as a lawyer, then returned as the FDA's Deputy Commissioner for Policy when rBGH was granted approval.

    Monsanto spent $8,831,120 for lobbying in 2008. $1,492,000 was to outside lobbying firms with the remainder being spent using in-house lobbyists.

    Former Monsanto lobbyist Michael R. Taylor was appointed as a senior adviser to the Food and Drug Administration (United States) Commissioner on food safety on July 7, 2009

  • axxo

    Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new
    to me. Anyways, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll
    be book-marking and checking back often!

  • Cathy

    Over 3000 Dogs have died eating Beneful PURINA Dog food.. Corn is an ingredient.

  • shell1j

    When I was a kid, "Monopoly" was just a fun board game where you bought and sold properties. When I was in school we were taught that there were laws against businesses becoming monopolies. But Monsanto is a monopoly as many of the top employed just happen to be in our government .
    Just look at how vast and insidious this monopoly has become. Even our Supreme Court Justice worked for them at some point.

  • Maverita

    Bt has been used for decades and is approved for use on organic crops. But your writer says nothing about this? I am beginning to think that Natural Society is not trustworthy, more editorial perhaps than truly investigative? Because the even bigger story here is that now we cannot trust organic crops either…

    • Patti Jo Edwards

      Are you a troll? If you can't be helpful, please, do not comment. We need people to inform us AND if you are going to find fault, attack those who are poisoning us, not those who seek to inform. BigAgra and corporate complex wins when they succeed in creating conflict amongst those they seek to dominate. What CAN one do? Plant a garden using heirloom seed, do not use or even compost GM anything. Purchase things from thrift stores. Save water during the rainy season. Build community. Barter. Make napkins from old clothing and use rags rather than paper towels. Use glass jars to store leftovers and bring your own filtered water. teach your children how to make green smoothies using mint and dandilions and fruit. Use gray water to water the garden. Build a greenhouse to protect your food from chemtrails fallout. Pet food is unregulated and full of GMOs, pesticides and fillers that cause everything from cancer to diabetes to anemia in pets. Dogs and cats are carnivores (meat eaters) feed them raw and dehydrated organic meats and bones. Think! Be creative! Be vigilant and supportive of anyone and anything that supports your goal of the true common good.

      • Anonymous

        I agree. I do all these things and more, but most people are too lazy or don’t want to bother with all the extra effort it takes to live this way.

    • Strawberryfield

      I agree with the above; Bt is a big help to fight caterpillars in organic farming-and I am organic farming for 30 years.
      I it is dangerous in any way for our health it should be banned-and not only for GM -farmers.
      We should keep our head cool and get proper answers instead for lecture other people like Patti

  • Susan

    And let me guess, dog food is probably made from these same products and or others that use the pesticide. I recently had to put my 11 yr old Rottie down because he was anemic and his hind quarter had given out. Maybe the food I fed him was made with some of these products and caused his anemia.

    • cathy

      Over 3000 dogs have died after eating BENEFUL PURINA Dog Food. Corn is listed as an Ingredient

  • Marla Pridemore

    I just bought this pesticide today to kill bagworms. They are destroying our trees. I am not using this product now because I already have low red blood cells. Cause is unknown.

    • Anonymous

      Just cut off the branch with the bag worms and burn it.

  • Steveo

    It is great that the tobacco science of Monsanto is finally getting called out on the carpet. Avoid all GMO products and any food that contain them. Europe was able to get them thrown out, only if we speak up, tell the food companies that we wont buy this garbage, then they will not order it any longer and the companies that make the products will be forced to change, and then the farmers, then we get rid of them 100%.

  • Creci Elens

    we are turning yellow, lack of red blood cells. no more red faces.. only ;amarillos. thanks monsanto

  • Jamie Willoughby

    Wow. O.o