Warning: Toxins, GMOs Fill Highly Popular Children’s Vitamins

General Health

Natural SocietyNearly as soon as our children are able to chew, we begin teaching them that they can depend on lab-created solutions for proper nutrition. And while there is a place for supplements, that place may not be in the fruity, chalky flavors of popular children’s multivitamins. As a matter of fact, the very vitamins that so many parents feed their children could be doing them more harm than good.

“82% of kids aren’t getting all of their veggies,” says the product page for Bayer Health Science’s Flinstone vitamins, one of the top-selling children’s vitamins on the market. “Without enough vegetables, kids may not be getting all of the nutrients they need.”

With this statement, and the massive amount of money spent on marketing children’s synthetic vitamins, parents are led to believe a tiny chewable will solve their child’s nutritional deficiencies, that somehow adding more vegetables (the simple, common sense answer) is far too difficult.

But the sad fact is, many parents aren’t looking closely at these vitamins. If they did, they’d probably be surprised. And as Anthony Gucciardi has detailed in the past, synthetic vitamins hiding in your favorite supplements come with a serious host of concerning health consequences.

According to a report by GreenMedInfo, Flinstone’s Vitamins contain a whole laundry list of unhealthy ingredients—things many parents already try to avoid. These include: aspartame, sorbitol, zinc oxide, ferrous fumarate, artificial colors, GMO corn, hydrogenated soybean oil, and cupric oxide.

Many of these ingredients, and others included in the list, have been labeled as hazardous substances by the European Union. Curpic oxide, for example, is included as a source of copper. It is not only considered harmful but is even “dangerous to the environment.” In addition to being in your children’s vitamins, it’s found in rayon and cell batteries.

Ferrous fumarate is included as an iron source, and this ingredient is so dangerous that even Bayer warns consumers about it. On the Flinstone’s website there is a warning against iron overdose because ferrous fumarate is a “leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under 6.” It’s this ingredient that warrants the label:

Keep this product out of reach of children.”

Proper nutrition can lay the groundwork for a healthy life. One can’t emphasize this enough. But, getting that nutrition in a simple piece of toxic “candy” makes no sense. Instead, teach your children how to get all the nutrients they need through natural, organic foods. And if you’re worried about a specific deficiency, look into natural and organic supplements, not these potentially-harmful, bestselling vitamins.