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Doctor Wonders Why Vitamin C for Whooping Cough Treatment is Ignored, Vaccines Pushed

Paul Fassa
September 24th, 2012
Updated 11/01/2012 at 3:36 am
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orangesandorangejuice 235x147 Doctor Wonders Why Vitamin C for Whooping Cough Treatment is Ignored, Vaccines Pushed

A doctor whom I greatly admire because she didn’t just step out of the medical monopoly matrix, she jumped out of it – Dr. Suzanne Humphreys, MD. is sounding some alarms regarding whooping cough treatment. She is now a homeopath and holistic health counselor and in the wake of a rash of whooping cough incidents, she raised the question, “Why is nobody mentioning vitamin C in whooping cough”?

Pertussis (whooping cough) vaccinations are given to infants, and are followed by booster shots a few years later. Now even adults are being hoodwinked into gambling with their lives on a vaccination that not only doesn’t work, but some say even helps causes the illness it’s supposed to prevent against.

The potential of a life destroying vaccine side effects is a lot to risk for a vaccination that doesn’t work.

Another fact is that despite the increased amount of pertussis vaccinations, whooping cough breakouts are occurring more. The vaccinated get whooping cough as often or more than the unvaccinated ones. But somehow the unvaccinated children are blamed for bringing the disease to those who have been vaccinated.

What! I thought vaccines protected those who were vaccinated. How could there be any excuse for a vaccinated person to be affected by an unvaccinated person. It seems mainstream medical professionals can say anything and get away with it, no matter how absurd.

Adding even more ridiculousness to the absurdity, the pro-vaccination crowd will crow about herd immunity. Herd immunity implies that 90% of given population needs to be “immunized” to ensure immunity against any infectious disease. So those who don’t get vaccinated are responsible for any disease breakouts among the vaccinated. Say what? Aren’t vaccinations supposed to protect you against the disease?

In fact, there have been examples of breakouts of mumps, measles, or pertussis in schools or regions with 90% of the kids vaccinated against those diseases. So what is there to do for this nasty ailment called whooping cough?

Vitamin C for Whooping Cough Treatment (Pertussis)

Dr. Humphries covers a history of vitamin C used to rapidly heal whooping cough, a history that was not uncommon before the rash of antibiotics and vaccines popped in.

Even low dose vitamin C shortened the duration and intensity of pertussis in all the examples Dr. Humphries cited, as well as with her own cases of administering vitamin C for whooping cough treatment.

Mainstream medicine prefers to use antibiotics, however, which all have nasty side effects, and can destroy the probiotic intestinal bacteria needed for digestion and immunity. The destruction of this intestinal flora can result in obesity, mental illness, and diabetes. And antibiotics used for whooping cough treatment can lead to Clostridium difficile or C. diff, which produces inflammatory colitis type symptoms for months. If not halted by other antibiotics or treated in another way , it can lead to death. Of course the antibiotics lead to even more damage in a different form.

But there is one more intervention for treating the C-diff before death relieves the patient of his or her misery: Fecal transplants. Yes, human poop from a donor is filtered, mixed into a saline solution, and fed orally through a tube into the stomach. It seems that if  you develop protracted c-diff from the antibiotic given for pertussis, you you just be guided to a to poop transplants.

This is getting disgusting and desperate, considering the simple vitamin C solutions available. Despite all the attempts to deny its efficacy by mainstream allopathic medicine, high dose vitamin C works wonders for pertussis.

If the bowel tolerance is too limiting, IV (intravenous) mega-dose C is even more magical. It works wonders for a myriad of infectious diseases, as well as cancer and radiation poisoning. But thanks to the AMA and FDA, et al, such treatments are difficult to find and not covered by most insurance carriers.

Countering the financial and accessibility limitations for mega-dose IV vitamin C, a new form of oral vitamin C has been developed that is accessible and affordable while matching the efficacy of IV C. It’s a liposomal encapsulated vitamin C called Lypo-Spheric C. You can even make your own liposomal C at home.

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  • Dawn Owens

    I’m convinced most Westerners are at near-scurvy levels with their Vitamin C intakes. The ‘RDA’ is only enough to prevent scurvy, not provide optimal results. Linus Pauling who won two Nobel Prizes before the AMA tried to have him in jail as a crank, recommended 10 grams of C a day to get us in line with what other animals produced in their own tissues. Humans are odd in that we can’t manufacture our own Vitamin C, and it’s been only recently that we started eating totally ‘manufactured’ foods, transported at great distances rather than locally grown and eating with the seasons. You can buy sodium ascorbate powder cheaply and add it to water (tastes like lemonade), sweeten with stevia if needed. Don’t add it to milk products, it will curdle.

  • Joy

    Cough and cold can be very annoying, especially during pregnancy. Furthermore problematic is that pregnant women cannot make use of all types of cough medications, as certain ingredients might have adverse effect on the unborn child. So they should always look into the ingredients and confirm with their physician before you take them. Given here are some medications and residential remedies that can be safely utilized by expecting women.

  • Patti

    Why parents aren't taught to give their children Vit. C every day (I found the one with bioflavanoids and rosehips work better for myself)..along with a few other supplements, is the problem of low immunity to begin with. Being asthmatic, and susceptible to respiratory all my life, I finally learned this. I would say very few get enough in food everyday and it's too bad to see something easily avoidable be so prevalent. They don't need vaccines, they need vitamins! my opinion.

  • Patricia P. Tursi

    While only approximately 15-16% of oral vitamin C is absorbed, intravenous C is out of the reach for average Americans. Lyposomal C (tradename Lypospheric C), a nano form of oral C and lipid encapsulated, can bypass the digestive system and go directly into the cells. It is reportedly as much as 5 times as effective as intravenous C. It can be purchased, or made at home.