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Kellogg, Pepsi, Kraft & Coke Drop GMOs in Europe, but Keep Feeding it to USA

Christina Sarich
August 13th, 2013
Updated 05/07/2014 at 6:48 pm
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gmo no 263x164 Kellogg, Pepsi, Kraft & Coke Drop GMOs in Europe, but Keep Feeding it to USAAlluding to consumer fears, many large US-based corporations, including Kellogg, Pepsi, Kraft, Coke and Heinz will now drop GMO foods from their European products while leaving GMO-sourced food in our US supply. This begs the question – do US citizens deserve to eat GMO-free food?

Companies Continue to Serve GMOs in U.S. While Backing out of Other Nations

Larry Bohlen, a Safer-Foods Safer-Farms campaign director, is encouraged that 22 different European nations have been putting the heat on GMO producing companies like Monsanto, Dow and BASF. He says, “If companies are feeling the heat from 22 European nations, wait until they start hearing from 50 American states.”

This could be good news since US politicians seem to conduct business as usual while millions of Americans verbosely tell their representatives that they don’t want GMOs and at the very least they should be labeled. While the United States and Canada have virtually no GE food labeling laws, countries like Russia, Australia, Italy, and more have mandatory labeling of nearly all GE foods. But at least a Boston City Council recently unanimously voted in favor of a resolution to ban GE foods until they were more seriously scientifically scrutinized, and also labeled.

There are currently over 150 territories in Europe which are GMO-free zones. Check out this global map to see which nations reject GMOs. Interestingly, many US companies still sell modified goods, not modified crops in countries where GMOs are not allowed in order to still conduct business there. Kellogg and General Mills both sell products in the EU, even though Kellogg and General Mills defended themselves against a January anti-GMO campaign with commentary from Kris Charles, a spokesperson for Kellogg.

Could these US companies’ change of heart be part of the reason that Monsanto has pulled their bid to have new GMO crops approved in Europe?

The US government and FDA have a history of telling us that foods are ‘safe’ when they are in fact deathly: Phthalates in baby products, DDT in our food, BPA in plastic trash can liners, and ‘safe’ nuclear power to fuel our cities is just the beginning of these lies. Of course they will tell us that GMOs are ‘safe’ until the number of cancers and strange physical ailments become so numerous they can no longer cover up the studies that have said GMOs more than just cause for concern. The pure and obvious evidence will be too overwhelming to go on denying it.

As long as we continue to boycott the companies that sell GMO, though, we have a chance of affecting real change. In America – money talks.

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  • Bobby

    But the same companies have no problem continuing to experiment on Imbecilic America. No problem there.


    Do seeds that have not been GMO infected exist? From all the documentaries I have seen and articles I’ve read, I doubt there are…when they say Organically grown, are we only talking about the dirt? Those seeds are the same GMO ones aren’t they?

  • Dylan

    To the Author – Christina,

    I am from Australia and read your articles on a daily basis.

    I have noticed that you continue to write that Australia … "have mandatory labeling of nearly all GE foods". This is also in the websites free health book. But, it is untrue! Processed foods containing GM ingredients are not required to state such on the label.

    Please research this further and correct errors. Such errors discredit your other valueable information.

    • Anonymous

      I have contacted several said companies, for example Kraft and they guarantee that no GMO are in their products in Australia and they adhere to GMO labelling. However a recent call to Cenovis to ask where they sourced the soybeans used to make their vitamin E tabs they replied with a vague media statement which didn’t answer the question. I understood this to mean yes they may have GMO. Bottom line it’s vague and not clear. I may just have to get to the bottom of this!

  • DJ

    Be advised if you shop at Trader Joe`s that although their website claims that all of their TJ branded products are GMO-free they refuse to name their third-party testing lab and they refuse to produce one single GMO-free product certificate.

  • joe nemit

    Oh,they don't love us anymore.

  • joe nemit

    Oh, they don't love us anymore.

  • Debi

    At first thought I was angry yet again with MonSatan, but it seems to me that the bullies who get our votes by "We the People" are bought off by big corporations. Bribery and money funding to elected officials needs to stop!!! This is illegal!!!! Call it lobbying, whatever… when money buys my vote, this is true corruption. I really am starting to rethink about Democracy in the United States or is it United Satan?

    • skinnycat

      And some were appointed by the president. Like the Sec'y of Agriculture. He is a Monsanto man.

  • Diana Herrington

    Great info! I tweeted it and many RTs because people know this GMO stuff is not good for us.