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How the Modern Lifestyle Breeds Depression and Distress

Andre Evans
January 13th, 2012
Updated 11/06/2012 at 8:47 pm
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depressionpaper 210x131 How the Modern Lifestyle Breeds Depression and Distress

Mental illness is a steadily rising epidemic. With nearly half of all Americans set to receive some form of diagnosis for a mental disorder, it’s hardly something that can be glossed over. Mental health however, is in a highly compromised state due to all forms of societal changes and technological advances over the last century. In this modern age, many simple truths about human nature are overshadowed by our demanding lifestyle, and our attunement to forms of instant cures and gratification.

Take clinical depression, for example, a fairly common and recognized form of mental illness. The high stress environment of a modern life style, combined with a lack of personal fulfillment or gratification will quickly lead to where many others have gone, a dark and seemingly endless pit of emotional distress.

It’s normal to have doubts, fears, and anxiety. But how is this problem dealt with today? Either through the use of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, (which are interestingly linked to higher rates of depression and suicidal behavior) or by suppressing the emotion with some form of entertainment or escapism.

But these are only surface level treatments to a foundational issue. The vast majority of psychotropic drugs have been found to be more dangerous, and produce uncertain results by altering the brain chemistry of an otherwise healthy individual. It’s no wonder that nearly all of these drugs have warnings if your depression becomes worse.

The truth is that because many people are not diligently tending to their mental health, they are easily becoming more distressed. Stress is a huge killer, and reducing stress is crucial Proper diet and exercise alone can keep stress levels down.

Taking a break from mindless entertainment mediums also works wonders for those who feel emotionally distressed. Too many television shows, video games, movies and otherwise have been found to alter your mental state to a point where you are more likely to feel overwhelming levels of emotional stress.

People follow these things in an obsessive manner, but subjecting yourself to its ceaseless mental attack stops you from having a chance to actually relax and collect your thoughts properly.

What’s more is that people live in an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, without much value for human contact and stimulation. Sometimes, you need to simply talk and connect with people. Talking out problems and concerns often allows you to properly orient yourself to deal with them.

About Andre Evans:
Andre Evans has studied the connection between mind and body for the majority of his professional career, offering insights as to why we do the things that we do and how to change our lives for the better. Highlighting the extreme power of the mind and the numerous neurological reasons that you may be experiencing a health crisis, Andre breaks down exactly how to melt away your stress levels and enjoy your life the way you should -- naturally.

From around the web:

  • TimWebb

    “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God”.
    In a nutshell, the problem, and the answer.

  • Jen

    We are constantly being fed propaganda and shallow celebrity news stories in our mainstream media, urging us to emulate unrealistic and one-dimensional role models and persuading us that if we work harder, we too can look glamorous and have better relationships and sexual lives. We are told to aspire to consumerist / materialist lifestyles and putting our heads down and tails up is the only way to get there. If we fail, it's our fault, we didn't do enough; it's not because of discrimination, bad luck or governments or corporations moving the goal-posts.

    Surrounded by such poisonous culture that supports an unjust and rapacious economic system in which only a few are guaranteed to win, is it any wonder that people feel stressed and believe they lack control over their lives?

  • Gary

    In the early 1900's we were barhing in the benefits of our industrial revolution and could visualize with our new found machines that we could control and shape nature to a certain degree allowing for a life to be lived more free of the struggle and drudgery than in past centuries. Our confidence in our ability to control our living environment was at a very high point.

    In the present day, though, we see the results of the negative sides of this technological jugernaut. Fears of nuclear war, global climate change, the growing problem of polution and , of course the rapid pace of change has greatly diminished the euphoria of the past. No wonder that we don't have as much to look forward to.