How to DeStress the Brain | 8 Surprising Ways

How to DeStress the Brain | 8 Surprising Ways

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Stress always has been and always will be one of the main contributors to virtually every problem known to man. High stress levels have been shown to lead to an early death and wreak your immune system, wshowing that you really do need to know how to destress. Although it was, and still is, very hard for many people to believe how impactful stress can truly be, realizations concerning its connection with illness and disease are beginning to be achieved. Stress levels today may very well be at the highest point they have ever been in history. The simple act of driving a car raises stress levels a considerable amount, and adding a cell phone into that equation elevates the levels thousands of times.

Knowing this information is critical to pinpointing possible causes of any health complication. It is also critical to know to destress the brain, and to have a pocket full of destressing techniques so that there is never a time where stress levels can’t be lowered at least a little bit. Although there are hundreds of ways to de-stress the brain, here are a few surprising ones you can try out almost immediately.

How to DeStress | Eliminate Negative Thoughts

Are negative thoughts cutting your lifespan in half? I actually can’t stress the importance of eliminating negative thoguhts. The thousands of thoughts you are thinking every single hour of every single day have a direct impact on how you feel and therefore how stressed you may be. Many people don’t even realize that the majority of their day they are thinking about what might go wrong with this or that, and how the drawer is broken. In the grand scheme of things, the little things simply aren’t worth worrying about. The next time you find yourself thinking a negative thought, consciously be aware, then do your best to transform that thought into something more pleasing.

DeStress by Feeling Just a Little Bit Better

When feeling stressed or just really bad in general, the goal should not be to feel exuberant, but only a little bit better. Paying close attention to thoughts and feelings is one of the best techniques on how to destress and enjoy life as you should always be doing. If you feel doubt, try to feel just a little bit better by feeling boredom. If you feel frustration, give yourself a chance to feel optimism. Moving up the emotional scale is probably one of the most important things you have to do every day. Whether your feel-good activity is playing with a pet, painting, or going for a walk in beautiful weather, never forget they exist for you.

Eliminate Negative Thoughts by Thinking in the Present Moment

Thinking in the present moment will stop you from worrying about past event or future negative potentialities. Often the reason people can’t get stuff done or aren’t really listening in a conversation is because thoughts are bouncing around the timeline of life. Although thinking positive thoughts about the future or remembering positive experiences which happened in the past, thinking in the present makes you focus on the present. When you focus on the present, you are building your future.

Notice Your Posture

Adding another technique on how to destress, an incredibly effective and little-known technique for feeling better and reducing stress levels is to notice and change your posture. The majority of people slouch, frown, and don’t stand up straight nearly all day and don’t even notice. The way you sit and stand, as well as the muscles you’re using to create a facial expression, have a direct correlation with feelings. Feeling bad is incredibly easy when posture is poor. As an experiment, next time you notice poor posture, immediately put a smile on your face, sit up straight, and take notice of the changes internally. This technique without a doubt should lead to better feelings.

Engage in Intense, Deep Appreciation

Appreciation may very well be at the top of the emotional scale. Many people take what they have for granted. Seldom do we cultivate thoughts of how grateful we are for the things that we have, but instead we choose to take special notice and damn the unwanted things we have. The truth is, no matter what your situation, things could be worse. Having the ability and opportunity to simply live on this planet should rise above all “negative” aspects of our lives. The moment you engage in intense, deep appreciation is the moment your life will change forever for the better.

Other techniques on how to destress:

Realize your Worthiness

Practice Deep Breathing with a Clear Mind

Compliment and Recognize While Being Complimented and Recognized