Report: Half of All Americans to be Diagnosed with Mental Health Problems

Report: Half of All Americans to be Diagnosed with Mental Health Problems

Natural Society

According to a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, half of all Americans will be diagnosed with a mental illness during their lifetime. Published on Sept. 2 in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, the report highlights the diagnosis crisis that is currently ongoing in the United States and elsewhere. The monetary empire of antispsychotics became obnoxiously apparently in 2008, becoming the top-selling therapeutic class prescription drug in the United States and grossing over $14 billion in sales. Surpassing even pharmaceuticals used to treat high cholesterol and acid reflux, antipsychotics quickly became the most profitable pill to push on patients.  Even more disturbing, is the health-damaging effects of the pharmaceuticals given to mental health patients, often leading to side effects that are far worse than the original symptoms.

In 2005, it was found that link between Prozac and suicidal behavior was kept a secret. The BBC even reported in as early as the year 2000 that Prozac ‘led to suicide’. Oftentimes killers will end their own lives after shootings, or attempt to force the cops to kill them. This is essentially a form of suicide with a mixture of murderous tendencies. If Prozac can drive someone to suicide, could it also drive someone to end someone else’s life? Paxil, an anti-depressant drug, was found to belinked to violent behavior in 2006. The link incited multiple lawsuits, and brings up questions as to whether or not similar drugs have the same effects. Anti-depressants have horrible side effects, but about the even more hardcore drugs, such as the drugs that many of the other killers were taking?

Nearly every shooter in recent times has been loaded up on harmful pharmaceuticals, arguably driving them to commit the horrendous acts that they have become known for. Loughner is most likely no exception. With children worldwide, particularly in foster homes, being dosed up with insane amounts of psychotropic drugs, it is a large concern. Prozac has even been found in the drinking water. Taking pharmaceuticals that lead to extreme thoughts of suicide and violent behavior is a recipe for disaster.