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Common Food Items Could Contain 180 Times More Fluoride Than Tap Water

Anthony Gucciardi
February 7th, 2012
Updated 11/06/2012 at 12:26 pm
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fluorideinfood 210x131 Common Food Items Could Contain 180 Times More Fluoride Than Tap Water

Fluoridated tap water and toothpaste are oftentimes considered the main sources of fluoride exposure, but it turns out that common food items could actually be largely contributing to your fluoride intake. According to fluoride expert Jeff Green, who has been actively protesting and studying the effects of fluoride on the body for other 15 years, one common food product contains up to 180 times more fluoride than your fluoridated tap water!

According to Green, the culprit is non-organic food, but not just one kind. If you’re still eating conventionally-farmed food products, you may be unknowingly exposing yourself to extreme levels of fluoride. Green says this is made possible by fluoride going incognito within the food supply in a very concerning way:

“Cryolite is actually sodium aluminum fluoride… This sodium aluminum fluoride is especially effective at killing bugs,” Green says. “It’s also very sticky, so when they spray it, it’s more likely to stick on your produce, unless you’re… really working at trying to get it off of it.”

Fluoride-Based Pesticide Contaminating Food Staples

While Green states that a large number of non-organic produce items can contain shocking levels of this fluoride-based pesticide, iceberg lettuce may be one of the largest offenders. In fact, iceberg lettuce can now be laced with a startling 180 parts per million (ppm) of fluoride – 180 times higher than the ‘recommended’ water fluoridation level. This ‘health’ food could actually be corroding your body with heavy levels of fluoride. But what other seemingly-healthy produce items contain high amounts of fluoride?

  • Citrus fruits are actually allowed to contain 95 ppm’s of sodium fluoride.
  • Potatoes can have as much as 22 ppm’s on the outside, and 2 ppm inside.
  • Raisins are allowed 55 ppm’s.

Fluoride has been linked to decreased IQ in children, and even the United States government is calling for lower levels of fluoride to be added to United States water supplies. Perhaps the next big hurdle in the fight against fluoride will be within the food industry.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Common Food Items Could Contain 180 Times More Fluoride Than Tap WaterGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • heath mcgregor

    Its the type of fluoride all you pro-dentist people who have done no research.
    Despite what most dentists probably believe, the fluoride in our drinking water does not come from sodium fluoride but rather hydrofluoric salicylic acid; a byproduct of the phosphate fertilizer industry. They capture this poisonous byproduct during refinery and “clean it” turning it into hexafluorosilicic acid, and that is what is used to fluoridate our water. Then non organic food is grown with this. The sad thing is that organic is hard to afford for a lot of worker bees.

  • Latelearner

    Doesn’t sodium fluoride accumulate in soil and ground water over time? Will the amount of it in the future make all produce toxic? Aren’t all crops ,including organic, watered with flouridated water? What science is there to clean this and convert other industrial waste and make them useful? Who will put spring water in bottles made of hemp plastic? I could cry.

  • Miss Denier Slayer

    This is fairly well-known anecdotal knowledge. It is true the fluoride dumped into the water is industrial waste. Fluoride is a psychiatric medication and an ingredient in Prozac and other SSRI’s and SNRI’s, so putting it in the water supply IS mass-medication. The pineal gland thing, well that sounds like speculation although there are studies confirming that rats with high fluoride exposure suffered from hyper-calcification of pineal gland … The nazi thing – I think Joseph Stalin did use fluoridation in prison camps because he found it weakened their will. I think there are sources to back that one up. Not so sure about Hitler though.

  • Mithrandir

    How the hell would you know??? Did they tell you?

  • jack

    I love the “it changes the appearance of your teeth” !! You could have saved a few words by saying “it causes fluorosis” but maybe that word was not on the PhD program of “Organic Chemistry”.
    For your info, several countries had the common sense to NOT force fluoride ingestion on their citizen (as only TOPICAL use is proved effective): Most of Europe, Japan, and many others. Israel Health ministry just decided to ban water fluoridation based on… oh, surely they have read too much of Wikipedia.

  • x

    You’re uninformed and paranoid. The process of labelling organic food is not the definition of the word. Keep telling yourself money is more important than health and knowledge.

  • TruthHurts

    you are a twat … No one that studies organic anything would say that … Who do you work for that you would defend a toxin , it contains aluminium for a start that is carcinogenic … you are a liar and a fool

  • jwood

    What are your sources for the PPMs in lettuce, potatoes, and raisins? Can you link to studies please?

  • schlenkline2

    Are you serious people? The author and many of the commenters are TERRIBLY misinformed.

    Fluoride is the ion of the element fluorine. Molecules are comprised of a unique combination of elements, and the behavior of that compound is a result of the combination of elements, not solely on the elements itself. Fluorine is a ubiquitous element on earth, and is present in a number of minerals and is around in trace levels in all water on earth. Comparing the net levels of fluoride in lettuce to the toxicity of sodium aluminum fluoride, an entirely different compound is absolutely ridiculous. This would be like saying that carrots are dangerous because they contain nitrogen, because nitrogen is also an element in the most potent nerve agent on the planet, VX. Therefore eating a carrot is like eating a nerve toxin. In fact, nitrogen is simply a building block and it’s toxicity is dependent on how it is built into a specific compound, not on the element itself (Nitrogen, by the way, is contained in every amino acid in your body).

    Fluoride is one of the most harmless chemicals out there, and only displays one benign side effect: When taken in large doses (like eating a whole tube of toothpaste), it changes the appearance of your teeth. Better yet, this only occurs in children of 1 to 4 years old.

    The government is not trying to poison you with fluoride.

    It is trying to combat the public health issue of tooth decay.

    Granted, if a 2 year old kid ate the equivalent of thirty heads of lettuce in a day, then the fluoride may contribute to making his teeth look different. That is the limit of it’s toxicity.

    While there are other reasons to buy your expensive, “natural” organic lettuce, the argument in this article is a complete uninformed, unscientific crock. For god’s sake people, this is stuff is on Wikipedia. Take the time to make informed decisions and cartridge the chemiphobia.

    Source: I have a PhD in Organic Chemistry.

    • Yvonne

      Wikipedia says: In high concentrations, soluble fluoride salts are toxic and skin or eye contact with high concentrations of many fluoride salts is dangerous.

    • Gordon Freytag

      Eat a couple tubes of toothpaste and say that again smart guy.

    • Dr. Sam


      Chemists compare the same fluoride that is in our water, to cyanide and uranium.

      MOREOVER, Why is there be a warning on the back of fluoride toothpaste, "DANGER! POISON! IF INGESTED GO TO A POISON CONTROL CENTER IMMEDIATELY TO HAVE YOUR STOMACH PUMPED! SIDE EFFECTS OF INGESTION INCLUDE DEATH!" Obviously, this warning is because the fluoride in toothpaste is POISON.

      Obviously you are a disillusions MORON, OBVIOUSLY does not have a PhD in ANYTHING. YOU PROBABLY DROPPED OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL.

    • Dr. Sam


      Chemists compare the same fluoride that is in our water, to cyanide and uranium.

      MOREOVER, Why is there be a warning on the back of fluoride toothpaste, "DANGER! POISON! IF INGESTED GO TO A POISON CONTROL CENTER IMMEDIATELY TO HAVE YOUR STOMACH PUMPED! SIDE EFFECTS OF INGESTION INCLUDE DEATH!" Obviously, this warning is because the fluoride in toothpaste is POISON.

      Obviously you are a disillusioned MORON, who OBVIOUSLY does not have a PhD in ANYTHING. YOU PROBABLY DROPPED OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL.

    • rick

      Then why dont you swallow some toothpaste an test your theory out you so and so?!

  • Claire

    Great article, I think awareness amongst the general public about the fluoride in our food is very low. I have written an article explaining the basics about what fluoride is and why too much is not good for us:



    • quaziel

      Aformative article,Awareness is a saved mind to be kind.

  • Planet Awesum

    Great comments! Check the new article on fluoride about to/ now being added in Portland Oregon's water supply. Then get to work on stopping it! I live in va, which is already hopelessly lost in these dangerous toxic industrial waste byproducts effects on their quality of lives.

  • Brent

    As long as you don't go over 5 mg per day, you will be fine. 8 glasses of water won't even have 1 mg of fluoride. Rinse of your produce because most of the fluoride is on the surface from pesticides. Soil contains natural fluoride, so nothing can be done about produce containing any fluoride. For that matter, untreated water can have as little as 0.5 ppm of fluoride, but can go much higher than that. There are times that fluoride has to be removed from the water supply because it exceeds the allowed amount. Fast food can have so much fluoride that you should never eat it more than once a week.

    • Planet Awesum

      I'll rephrase what you just said, "toxic industrial waste byproducts from the nuclear, aluminum, and fertilizer industry put into our water supply and on our food are okay as long as its not too much. Mass medicating the water supply, that's sprayed on our foods our kids eat, that is known to shut down our pineal glands which connect us to higher source/ common sense, age us, destroy our bodies.. A practice that started in nazi death camps to make the prisoners docile… " …umm, that's totally insane. Who are you working for? Big business would love to have more fluoridated cannon fodder I know.

  • Anne

    As fluoride is mentioned in section 87 (fluoridation of water supplies at request of relevant authorities), in the HEALTH and Social Care Bill it must surely be classed as a 'MEDICATION'? If it is not a "medication" what and why has it been included in our pure drinking water system under the HEALTH and Social Care Bill? In the Convention for the protection of Human Rights etc, Article 5 states: ‘An intervention in the health field may only be carried out after the person concerned has given free and informed consent to it. To the best of my knowledge the people have not been asked. Is this Government then forcing this "medication" upon us against our will?

    The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Dignity of the Human Being with regard to the Application of Biology and Medicine: Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine Oviedo, 4.IV.1997

    The Treaty of Lisbon amending the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty establishing the European Community entered into force on 1 December 2009. As a consequence, as from that date, any reference to the European Community shall be read as the European Union.

    Article 5 – General rule

    An intervention in the health field may only be carried out after the person concerned has given free and informed consent to it.

    This person shall beforehand be given appropriate information as to the purpose and nature of the intervention as well as on its consequences and risks.

    The person concerned may freely withdraw consent at any time.

    • Merina Alchemy

      Didya know, You could start a petition, Easily?

      I believe it's, check it out, and let us all know, if you do!

      I agree with what you're stating, and think that's a strong foundational argument for removing flouride from the food and water supply.

      (BTW, I eat organic food, mostly prepared myself, and do not ingest municipal water, at all. I have a well.)

      I think it's great to prevent the rest of the population from being dumbed down with this poison.

      • Dee

        there is an active petition on It goes to your state senator's office.

  • Anne

    Try this in Google or whatever


  • Bob

    Interesting info. Do you have any links to studies cited? If so, I'd like to mention this article in my blog on the subject. Thanks Bob.


    The only logical explanation is population control which has been a topic for many decades (see Fabian Society & George Bernard Shaw)…too many people for this poor old planet & a plan for a superior race (hmmm, sounds like Hitler). I wonder when the elitists will find out that they are NOT in charge?!

    • Yvonne

      They are in charge now.

  • Norma

    If your still drinking any kind of soda please stop drinking from aluminum cans…aluminum and fluoride are magnets to each other..fluoride comes from aluminum manufacturing plants. Have read tha some fluoride is imported from China now and it has amounts of arsenic and lead. Population depletion perhaps.

    • Don

      YEP, San Diego is using China's toxic waste fluoride in our water. I don't drink the crap or drink sodas.

      My two main "missions from god" are about Aspartame and Fluoride. They will both kill you and they were both push through the FDA by big money. Aspartame was pushed by an executive order from Reagan so that Donald Rumsfeld could make millions by selling it as a sugar substitute. The FDA would not allow Aspartame on the market due to the cancers it caused in lab mice. But Reagan sign an order to remove certain tests that allowed it to be used in foods as well as many other chemicals.

      But Fluoride has never been subjected to a double blind study to tests its ability to stop tooth decay. It was pushed into use to keep from having to depose of it as a toxic waste by product of aluminum manufacturing during WWII.

      I don't recall the details but it was a member of the state department or something who was also working for Alcoa, who pushed it through.

      And we have been drinking it and brushing with it ever since. Hell they use to sell Radium pills for joint relief and X-Ray the hell out our feet in shoe stores back in the 50's. All I can say is that the FDA is not here to protect the public's health, the FDA is the pimp for the drug companies and they will allow anything that will make a buck and bring in taxes.

    • Yvonne

      Yes, depopulation idea from the Georgia Guide Stones.

  • Trade Mark

    I dont seem to bother fish in aquariums, pets drink it, the house plants thrive on it? I water the grass with it – Hell I wash with it – I dont drink it cuz it taste like bleach – im more concerned drinking bleach but it dont bother the pets – Juss sayin

    • Mary Sparrowdancer

      If you're bathing in it, then you are receiving substantial daily doses of it. It readily goes through the skin. Animals are indeed suffering from the effects of fluoride, including horses (they drink 10 times as much as humans), dogs, and birds. If you're cooking with Teflon, you are receiving an even higher dose of it. If you are drinking tea, then you are receiving one of the highest doses found in all plant matter.

    • Cassius

      The 'bleach' smell is chlorine, also added to your water.

      Fluoride's effects are cumulative.

      The lifespan of your fish may not be

      a clear indicator.

  • Paul Bloechl

    How often canor should you take the pinch of borax, it is sodium tetraborate and says to not take internally.


    • chuck

      Hey Paul, I've been doing research on borax and boron sodas and have come up with between 1/8 and 1/4 teaspoon per liter of distilled or reverse ósmosis water once a day for 3 or 4 days a week. Plus you will need calcium and vitamin d supplements, as the flouride leeches calcium as its neutralized and flushed out with the borax. And 20 mule team from the laundry isle is what to use.

      • warbaby

        Borax also does wonderful things to your clothes when you wash them with it. Beautiful stuff.

  • ImDyinOverHere

    This may be a dumb question but does anybody know of a practical and fairly cheap way to test food for flouride?

    • mary

      …..wild animals or outside esp squirels/birds won't eat gmo But please don't feed them-get it?

      • mary

        Baking soda or powder?

  • mothman777

    Find out how fluoride damages your brain AND stops it from repairing itself, and how you can recover tissue lost to this insidious poison, in 'Phosphatidylserine Depletion Caused By Fluoride' at 'Mothman777's Blog'.

  • http://. Tim

    Great article Rob!

  • geoffrey franklin

    Yea no wonder everyone is brain dead and unable to resist their own demise. Incredible!

    • Kim

      I love the way you put that:

      "unable to resist their own demise."

    • mary

      edible egg…..from chicken

  • omario

    so now we know why that extra chlorine molecule is attached to the sugar making it a "Splenda"

    yes we can ! /end sarcazm

    • mary


  • Anonymous

    Amazing… thanks.

    Organic gardening!

  • Daniel

    Organic food may be more expensive, but the more people shop for it, the less expensive it will be in the future. Unlike most commodities, food does not follow the rules of supply and demand. There is and always will be an abundance of fresh, healthy, sodium fluoride free organically grown food. Her's a trick: next time you grab the shopping cart, fill it up with organic produce before you travel down the cocoa pebbles isle. Learn to make a stew for Pete's sake! You can freeze what you don't eat and have lunch all week. Save money! Save your pineal gland from fluoride poisoning!

    • Kim

      You are 100% right. Some placesw are already there, like California. If you wanted to grab a meal out, it wasn't hard at all to find salads made with organic greens, etc. I live in a small town in Texas, and awareness of such things is really low. No one over 40 recycles, even. Kind sad, when you think about it.

    • Rae

      The problem with organic food is the FDA now own the word "organic". Yes you read it correctly they "own" the word organic. This mean they can define the term any way they deem fit. So in a nutshell organic no longer mean free of pesticides and genetic modifications. The safest way to eat healthy foods is to grow it yourself preferably in a greenhouse. Otherwise you have no way of knowing what you're eating because corporations are not going to tell you the truth thereby risking the bottom-line, profits. Many people are paying more for their so-called organic foods but are getting the same modified and poisoned foods sold by the local grocer.

      • Sandy

        Au Contraire, Rae:

        Regardless if the FDA claims copyright to the term "organic" (they in fact don't), people who don't have the acreage to grow their own food do have the ability and the opportunity to improve the quality of the food they ingest.

        I believe it's important to empower people by promoting awareness on what people are able to do in their current daily reality. For those who have black thumbs; for those who live in apartments because you've bought into the NWO idea that high-density humanity is "good for the Earth"; for those who simply don't know how to find genuinely healthy food, I offer this suggestion: Do an internet search for "community-supported agriculture"+"your area" and get in touch with as many local food growers and providers as you can.

        Ask each food source to explain the things they do to grow their food/raise their animals/process after harvest – and then ask more questions about how their methods help or harm your health. This simple step, available to anyone with a telephone and access to a library computer, will bring you light-years ahead of others who continue to consume grocery-store and restaurant food without learning about its genesis.

        To your health!

        • mary


  • Gabriel

    But the cryolite is used in the field, and fluoride is the main toxic agent in that. Very high in grapes, and so, very high in grape juice. So sad, you know..

    • mary

      Yes it is…..

  • Jeffrey

    An important source of fluoride is from plants grown in areas where levels of fluoride occur naturally in the soil and water. The reason why raisins are allowed such leeway is that red grapes can be naturally high in fluoride and fluoride levels in California wines and purple grape juice can be very high because of where the grapes are grown. This is also true for other crops.

    Tea also has naturally high levels of fluoride. Dr. Russell Blaylock suggests drinking only "White" tea. White tea is harvested early in the growth cycle of the plants and has less natural fluoride than green, black or other teas which are picked when leaves are more mature.

  • Gabriel

    Don’t want to detract from the impact of the article — important topic. But it is a punch in the gut to imagine such massive fluoride intake from every food source — and it isn’t true.

    The big numbers for fluoride levels in food reflect the use of sulfuryl fluoride in packing and storage warehouses. In warehouses (not in the field), sulfuryl fluoride is used 3 or 4 times per year to fumigate. It is at this point high levels of fluoride in food arise — that’s 3 or 4 times per year. Good? No. Better? Yes. All this above is from (the FAN, Fluoride Action Network website)

    • Daniel

      Brought to you from ALCOA

  • JTD

    I wonder what sources of foods the Rockefellers and Rothschilds eat. I once read that Rothschild ate only foods produced on his estate. The article was published several decades ago.

    We old folks have been poisoned. Its too late for us, but you young ones had better do your homework and try to eat and drink healthy food. Good day.

    Justice will be served if not in this life; it will served in the next. Good day.

    • Rob

      It's not too late!

      Regarding fluoride (and chlorine) in the body, here are some comments from an acquaintance of mine that has studied this subject indepth (although he's not a doctor). Words worth heeding:

      i mentioned this law in a few articles back when discussing the glands… in particular the thyroid gland…

      The thryoid gland is very dependant on IODINE… you can write a bible on the importance of iodine and am sure everyone can search google…

      iodine keeps the nervous system calm… helps burn stored fat… and helps you think clearly….

      what many do not realise is that iodine is easily displaced… i.e. easily voided… neutralised… negated… by several elements and one of them is FLUORIDE… yes this magic ingredient they put in our drinking water in excessive amounts…. which also numbs the pineal and pituitary glands…. and helps calcify the glands… is it a wonder they like to keep pumping this ingredient into our water..

      not only we have FLUORIDE… we also have CHLORINE which negates IODINE…. and what more than ever do we find infested everywhere in our food and/or water are these two elements…

      supplementing with IODINE will not help one iota… if these ingredients such as chlorine or fluoride are in the body…. you are just throwing your money down the toilet…

      there is a family group of elements known as HALOGENS and these are… fluorine… chlorine…. bromine… iodine….asatine…

      the halogen law states that.. "The Halogen element having the lowest atomic weight will ALWAYS DISPLACE another, within the Halogen group, whose atomic weight is greater."

      arranged in ascending order from lowest to highest atomic weight…

      Element Symbol Atomic Weight.

      Fluorine F 9.

      Chlorine Cl 17.

      Bromine Br 35.

      Iodine I 53.

      Asatine At 85.

      as you can see above… IODINE has a greater atomic weight than flourine or chlorine…. which means anytime they come across each other… the lesser weight halogens will FORCE the greater weight halogens out of the cell….

      IODINE is stored mainly in the THYROID… however as soon as chlorine and/or fluoride comes along… they push IODINE OUT of the cells and take its place…. further to this… fluorine is the number one calcifier of the glands…. which are a biomarker for aging…

      both fluorine and chlorine… these two toxic elements will ALWAYS displace Iodine… an element that is vitally needed to protect your thyroid gland and prevent goiter and poisoning from radioactive elements…

      fluorine will decompose almost ALL compounds to form fluorides… and most important element for existence… OXYGEN… will never combine with it… this should explain oxygen deficiency in our cells…

      chlorine is a greenish-yellow gas that attacks the respiratory tract… it almost always included in most of the war gases…

      the above is a simple explanation… however even more dangerous is fluoride and aluminium are twin-flames… they absolutely love each other…. fluoride accelerates the absorption of aluminium into cells especially brain cells and yes… our glands… in particular the ones in the brain… and there is no need to tell you what aluminium does…

      however regardless one has to ask who is the puppet master and where is the directive coming from to continue to put fluoride in our water and toothpaste.. toothpaste companies just want to sell toothpaste so I doubt they care what they put in the toothpaste… but who is INSISTING that it has to be fluoride…

      i was asked is there an antidote to fluoride…. and believe it or not according to my friend the recluse biochemist… there is… it is borax (a form of boron)…. you take a pinch of borax in a glass of water and that does the trick….

      last but not least… I want to add… the problem in this sodium/salt business is not sodium per se…. but its combined form with chlorine to form sodium chloride (table salt)…. so when they blame SALT for various ailments… they areally are doing sodium a dis-service… as they do not mention the chlorine as the cause of heart attacks/heart disease and blood pressure.. look here

      anyway I could go on for ever.. I hope this answers the questions to those asking… but want to answer a question…. what is the best thing you can do for your glands (biochemically)….. is take lots and lots of vitamin C! the human body was genetically tampered… and now does not make its own ascorbic acid…. I will cover this in another post… suffice to say you need to take 70mg of Vit-C per Kg (30mg per pound) body weight…. the best form of ascorbic acid to take is SODIUM ASCORBATE… and even better your glands will love you is MAGNESIUM ASCORBATE… throw in some bioflavinoids with them if you can or eat fruit… and of course lots of water…

      please save your glands.

      I then asked him:

      You mentioned borax to eliminate fluoride. How about chlorine? Do you know of an antidote for that, or will that just normally flush from your system?

      And he replied:

      yes indeed there is an anti-dote for chlorine and I use it a lot… actually many people in agriculture or hydroponics use it… to remove chlorine….

      it's called "sodium thiosulfate"…. and you can usually get it at swimming pool chemical suppliers…. very cheap…

      you only need drops per quart of water..

      • Paul Bloechl

        Paul Here

        How often to take "Borax – Sodium Tetraboirate"

        The bix says do nnot take internal. The computer web sites say not to take internally but also say up to a teaspoon full is not harmful but it does not say per day or week either. The doeage is inportant Right?


      • Sweet

        Hey Rob!

        That is an impressive contribution, thank you.

        I do think that you need to be more specific with the information on cleansing, though. You don't want a bunch of people winging it and drinking pool cleaner and borax like thier daily smoothie. I, too, am personally interested in these details.

        Love & Light

      • KAREN

        wow, thank you, Rob…need more details & further research!

      • Matthew

        Hey Rob, really interested in what you had to say and would love to know everything else you know. Could you email me some info or links to websites that would be of interest?

        Thanks very much

    • schlomo

      I actually have an organic farming and cooking magazine that was given out free at Whole Foods. There is an article about organic farmers in New York and how they supply the Rockefeller Foundation cafeteria with locally grown, organic produce. If I recall, the chef at the foundation was saying how the organic food is very important to them. So there you have it.

      • Rick


        I would love to have a scan of that Whole Foods article. I've written a piece showing the Gates Foundation uses only organic:

        I'd like to expose the food hypocrisy. If you could send me an email I'd appreciate it: Rickwarden *at* write

    • jayjohne

      AMEN to you JTD, you said it exactly………………Justice will be served, whether it's served in this life or in the next life…

    • warbaby

      In the Monsanto cafeterias NO GMO food is served to those who eat there!! This was in a very recent article.

  • Aparate foto

    Another socking fact is that governments around the world are trying to add fluoride to water and denying that is a poison.

    • Lynn

      Trying to add flouride to the water? Where have you been Aparate foto? This has been an ongoing agenda at least since the 1960's!

  • brazen

    Jesus wept, thanks for the info

  • paul

    that is something very important to be aware of, great article!

    • Rosalyn Whit

      I live in the UK, N.East, Chlorine and Flurodie were added to our water in the 70's, which as you rightly say eliminates the iodine in the water. Iodine is also essential to womans breast hormone, coincedntely Breast Cancer has increased year on year here in the UK, strangely not getting less.. It is now 1 in 9 woman in the UK will get breast cancer, although woman in Japan, who have a diet with lots of iodine, the figure is 1 in 10, although I believe this is on the increase because of their change of food habits to the Western Diet.

      • Rosalyn Whit

        Opps the Japanese figure was 1 in a 100 not 1 in 10.