Research Exposes How our Water is Making us Depressed, Sick

A recent study has found that fluoride within our water supply may be fueling thyroid issues experienced by millions, leading to depression and more.

Nestle Drops Artificial Colors and Flavors – But Still Wants to Own the Water

In a tactically-influenced move, mega-food corporation Nestle announced a phase out of artificial flavors and colors from its candy bars by 2015.

Victory: Hershey to Remove GMO Ingredients from Milk Chocolate

Candy-maker Hershey has announced that it will soon remove genetically modified ingredients from its candy while moving toward ‘simple ingredients.’

Science Discovers Molecule that ‘Stops Alzheimer’s in its Tracks’

Scientists from Cambridge University have found that a naturally occurring molecule may be the answer in stopping Alzheimer’s disease in its early stages.

4 Reasons Why More People are Turning Away from This Popular Fish

From over-fishing to radiation and mercury contamination, here are 4 reasons more people are turning away from canned tuna.

Key Marijuana Case may Lead to Nationwide Reclassification

Nine men were recently accused of growing marijuana illegally on federal land. The case just might lead to the drug’s nation-wide reclassification.

Girl’s Routine Dentist Visit Ends up Saving Her Life

An 11-year-old girl went to the dentist for a routine cleaning, only to discover that she was actually suffering from a large mass on her pancreas.

Video Reveals Why Eating Chocolate can Actually Boost Health

A new video reveals how eating dark chocolate can actually boost health through the deliverance of various disease-fighting compounds.

Researchers Discover Glyphosate Herbicide in Honey, Soy Sauce

After analyzing various foods, research has discovered honey and soy sauce to be tainted with concerning amounts of the herbicide ingredient, glyphosate.

Turmeric Compound May Fight Root Cause Behind ‘Thousands of Diseases’

A new study has shown once again how turmeric and its active compound curcumin can inhibit inflammation – a major factor for disease development.

How Green Tea can Destroy Oral Cancer Cells

A recent study has found that a compound within green tea is capable of destroying oral cancer cells while leaving healthy cells completely unharmed.

Dead for 45 Minutes, 14 Year Old Boy Comes Back to Life After Prayer

A 14-year-old boy pronounced dead for more than 45 minutes has reportedly come back to life after his mother started praying for him in a loud voice.

Man Forced to Choose Between Son with Down Syndrome or Wife After Given Ultimatum

After given an ultimatum by his wife, a man named Samuel Forrest was forced to choose between his wife and a newly born son with Down syndrome.

Bill Demanding GMO Labeling Introduced in Rhode Island

In another move against Monsanto, Rhode Island has introduced a bill calling for the labeling of foods created with genetically engineered ingredients.

Ice Cream Giant to Drop Milk with Monsanto’s rBST Growth Hormones

In the face of a health-conscious collective, ice cream giant Breyers has decided to stop using milk from cows treated with the growth hormone rBST.

Denmark Launches ‘Most Ambitious’ Organic Venture, to Double Organic Farming by 2020

Denmark plans on doubling organic farming in order to serve organic food to the nation’s public. It is deemed the ‘world’s most ambitious’ organic venture.

4 Must-Have Foods for Reducing Inflammation Naturally

Chronic inflammation is said to fuel all disease, so it must be tamed. Here are 4 foods that are must-haves for reducing inflammation naturally.