Cherry Juice Could Increase Sleep Time by ‘Almost 90 Minutes’ a Night

Can you NOT sleep at night? Researchers found tart cherry juice could be an answer for sleep deprivation, increasing sleep time by 90 minutes a night.

Turmeric vs. Ibuprofen: Which is Better for Arthritis?

Numerous studies have found that turmeric is better than Ibuprofen in relieving arthritis pain – with few side effects too. Time to have some turmeric.

The Health Benefits of Peaches: Weight Loss, Heart Health, and More

From preventing cancer to promoting weight loss, peaches are a deliciously unique fruit which offers a a wealth of health benefits.

Honey and Ginger Kill Superbugs Better than Pharmaceutical Meds

Researchers compared honey combined with ginger powder to three different antibiotics for their ability to kill superbugs. The natural approach dominated.

Mom’s Diet can Alter Baby’s DNA Even Before Conception

A new study reveals that a mother’s nutrition can have lasting effects on a child’s DNA, even before the child is conceived.

Carrots can Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk by Nearly 20%

Researchers analyzing 10 studies focusing on carrots and cancer prevention found eating carrots 3 times a week could cut prostate cancer risk by 18 percent.

Study Indicates ‘Healthy Trans Fats’ in Animal Products may Cut Diabetes Risk

Emerging research suggests we can’t lump all trans fats together, that some trans fats in animal products may actually help reduce diabetes risk.

Study Finds Mulberry Leaf Boosts Heart Health, Prevents Heart Disease

What if some of the physical risk factors for cardiovascular disease could be reduced significantly by something as simple as mulberry leaf?

Coffee Reduces Diabetes Risk: Caffeine or Not

Americans are known to run on coffee. A new study suggests whether you choose regular or decaf, you could be reducing your risk of diabetes.

Two Common Kitchen Items to Combine for Amazing Health Benefits

Honey and cinnamon’s combined effects are proven and recognized as valid for several health issues including diabetes, arthritis, and even cancer.

4 Natural Foods for Fighting Feelings of Depression

Have feelings of sadness and depression? There are several foods and herbs that can provide relief from depression without the costs – here are 4 of them.

Latest Research Reveals Real Reason Dark Chocolate is Awesome

Why is chocolate so beneficial? Researchers found certain bacteria ferment chocolate into anti-inflammatory compounds that are good for the heart and more.

5 Fun Benefits of Lemon Water You may Not Know

More than simple water, drinking lemon water offers a wide array of benefits. Here are 5 fun benefits of lemon water you may not know about.

New Study: Just One Week of Organic Eating can Lower Pesticide Levels by 89%

Worried about pesticide exposure? Eating organic, pesticide-free fruit and veggies for 1 week can reduce pesticide residue in urine by 89 percent.

3 Pepper Plants to Grow Easily Now for Summer Harvest

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, peppers are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Here are 3 varieties of peppers you can easily start growing today.

Petitions Cause Soda Makers to Remove Banned Ingredient from Soft Drinks

Thanks to online petitions, soft drink makers are removing a controversial “flame retardant chemical” known as brominated vegetable oil from soft drinks.

Daily Cup of Coffee can Save the Eyes, Preserve Vision

A new study found that the chemical constituents of coffee can help prevent the deterioration of eyesight and possible blindness due to retinal damage.