The One Superfruit that can Significantly Clean Your Arteries

Pomegranates have been the focus in numerous studies – concluding that the superfruit is fantastic for cleaning the arteries and boosting heart health.

White Kidney Beans can Help You Lose Weight & Control Glycemic Levels

Research shows that white kidney bean extract can greatly help your body break down carbohydrates or starches, leading to weight loss.

Mom Petitions Mars (M&Ms) to Replace Artificial Colors with Natural Colors

One mother is asking candy-maker Mars to replace their artificial colors with natural ones. Why? These artificial colors may be hurting you.

Food Portion Sizes Double over 20 Years as People Grow Fatter

Numerous reports indicate that food portion sizes have doubled (or worse) over 20 years for both Britain and America. Food is larger, and people are fatter.

4 Health-Protective Qualities of Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a health-boosting, super-antioxidant found in grapes and several other natural food sources. Here are 4 beneficial qualities of resveratrol.

Use this Common Fruit Juice to Boost Heart and Cardiovascular Health

Phytonutrients in cranberries have been shown to greatly improve cardiovascular health, by not allowing bacteria or plaque to collect in urinary tracts.

Study Finds Conventional Chicken to be Highly Contaminated with Arsenic

A recent study has found that chicken is highly contaminated with arsenic. Researchers found that conventional chicken is more contaminated than organic.

Health Benefits of Cloves: When All Else Fails, Try a Little Clove Oil

Known as one of the best antioxidant foods, cloves are a lesser utilized health-boosting food offering numerous health benefits.

4 November Superfoods to Enjoy this Autumn

There are several foods you can eat during unhealthy autumn months to maintain good health. Here are 4 health-boosting foods that are in-season in November:

Sweet Potato Greens Inhibit Cancer Cell Growth by 69%

In a 2011 study, sweet potato greens extract (SPGE) ‘remarkably inhibited’ the growth and progression of cancer cells and led to absolutely no toxicity.

Bananas: 4 Reasons they are Gaining the Title of “Superfood”

Everyone loves bananas. They are both delicious and nutritious. Here are 4 great reasons bananas are gaining the title of superfood.

What – You Still Believe Cholesterol Causes Heart Attacks?

A meta-analysis of studies on heart health and saturated fats concluded there was no association between cardiac issues and saturated fats.

Compound in Broccoli Offers Significant Protection Against Radiation Sickness

Researchers found that a compound within cruciferous vegetables like broccoli could protect against radiation sickness and the death that usually follows.

Antioxidants Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene may be Key in Brain Protection

Research found that those with Alzheimer’s have significantly lower levels of antioxidants vitamin C and beta carotene, suggesting to increase the levels.

4 Herbs Everyone Should Have in their ‘Medicine’ Cabinet

We have chosen 4 healing herbs everyone should have in their ‘medicine’ cabinet. These herbs should be the cornerstones of every natural healer’s arsenal.

Bee Pollen: 50/1000th of a Millimeter Particle is a Complete Superfood

Bee Pollen is one of nature’s most perfect foods. Man can not re-create it, and millions have experienced the many benefits it has to offer – naturally.

The Little-Known Okra: History and Health Benefits

Okra has a long history and a wealth of health benefits. Best of all—it’s super easy to grow. If you don’t know about Okra, check out this article.