How to Avoid Deceptive ‘Organic’ Food Labels

How to Avoid Deceptive ‘Organic’ Food Labels
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Are you being fooled by deceptive marketing techniques when it comes to the products you buy at the grocery store? Even hardened food experts are being tricked by one of the newest trends in food labeling.

Whether it’s a shampoo bottle or an ‘organic’ bag of chips, always look for the ‘USDA Organic’ certified seal. And for those who don’t trust the seal itself due to some shady practices, I can recommend you look on the back and see which ‘certifying body’ was responsible for the seal. Oregon Tilth is, generally speaking, at the top tier of organic quality.

But the truth is, even switching to organic in some areas of your life can make a great difference in your overall health. Avoiding products loaded with substances like BPA and various pesticides in your effort to eat better can be very rewarding.

So always remember to look out for deceptive labeling techniques, but at the same time remember that small changes every day are the secret to health success.

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