Texas Pushes for GMO Labeling with Introduction of New Bill

A GMO labeling bill was recently introduced in Texas that would require all foods containing genetically modified ingredients to carry a GMO label.

You Won’t Believe What the Media Said About Weight Loss Myths

A recent United Kingdom’s BBC article shockingly reads “Exercise ‘not key to obesity fight,’ but could this really be true? Not even close.

Listeria on the Rise: How to Fight Bad Bacteria in Your Food

The potentially deadly bacteria Listeria has always contaminated various foods we consume. Here are the foods to look out for and how to be safe.

Pepsi Removes Artificial Sweetener Aspartame From Diet Pepsi

Succumbing to public pressure, Pepsi has announced that it will be removing the artificial sweetener aspartame from its Diet Pepsi soda product.

Farmers of the Philippines Say ‘No Way’ to GMO Rice

Farmers from the Philippines are rejecting GMO Golden Rice because they have plenty of other solutions for Vitamin A deficiency. Gasp!

4 Banana Health Benefits Everyone Should Know

Do you love bananas, but don’t really know how they boost health? Here are 4 banana health benefits everyone should know about.

First Head Transplant Operation Aims for Immortality, Surgeon Says

A leading surgeon who will conduct the world’s first head transplant is using the operation as a stepping stone in his quest for human immortality.

McDonald’s to Close 700 Stores Amid Falling Sales

Amid falling sales and continued financial worries, McDonald’s will be forced to close a record 700 stores by the end of 2015.

After Cancer Link Confirmed, EPA Still Doubles Herbicide Use

The EPA recently approved a doubling in the use of Dow Chemical’s controversial new herbicide Enlist Duo, a toxic mix of glyphosate and 2,4 D.

Russian Man with Spinal Cord Disease to Be First Recipient of Human Head Transplant

An Italian surgeon will conduct the world’s first head transplant operation on a 30-year-old Russian man with a muscle wasting disease.

Vermont Becomes First to Have Mandatory GMO Labeling

After months of consumer and activist comments and fighting Big Biotech lawsuits, Vermont has just become the first state to have mandatory GMO labeling.

Which Promotes Healing — Drinking Alkaline Water or Eating an Alkaline Diet?

Should you be drinking alkaline water to achieve total wellness, or will an alkaline diet suffice? Here is the scoop on body ph and acidic vs alkaline.

FDA Database: 93% of Food Additives Aren’t Properly Studied

Why is the Food and Drug Administration allowing a staggering amount of additives to adulterate our food? Many of these additives cause health issues.

IRT’s Jeffrey Smith Appears on Daily Show; Warns Stewart of GMO Apples & Potatoes

The Daily show was the scene for Jeffrey Smith as he discussed the deep implications of new genetically engineered potatoes and apples biotech is releasing.

How Vitamin Studies Deceive the Public into Big Pharma Profits

Some studies claim that vitamins are doing more harm than good, but the researchers are not telling you it is actually synthetic vitamins that are harmful.

Monsanto Has Knowingly Been Poisoning People for (at Least) 35 Years

Evidence has surfaced that proves that Monsanto knew of the potential of glyphosate to cause cancer in mammals (human populations) since as early as 1981.

Love Napping? It Could Actually Improve Memory Fivefold, Study Says

Napping can actually have numerous positive effects – with one recent study suggesting that taking a nap can improve memory fivefold.