Alaska Possibly Next State to Legalize Recreational Use of Marijuana

Following Colorado and Washington, and with more than enough signatures, it looks like Alaska could be the next state to legalize recreational marijuana

Massive: Russia Considers Complete Ban on GM Food Production

Russia is preparing a bill heavily restricting the import of genetically modified foods, as well as stop it altogether from being produced domestically.

20 Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Licensed, Preparing to Open

Recently, Massachusetts announced they granted their first 20 licenses to medical marijuana dispensaries, slated to open between now and summertime.

Michigan Pig Farmer Receives Veiled Threats

Mark Baker raised heritage hogs his whole life, but the state of Michigan recently decided his pigs were a wild, invasive species that must be destroyed

Exposed: Big Pharma Hides $450 Million of Influenza Drugs & Research from Public

The UK government was caught stockpiling over 450 million worth of an influenza drug called Tamiflu. The truth is, there is no transparency with big pharma.

Canada River Loaded with Artificial Sweeteners, Flows Into Great Lakes

A new study indicates a Canadian river used for drinking water contains the highest concentration of artificial sweeteners in surface waters worldwide.

Whole Foods Bans “Sludge” or Human Feces on Produce

Whole Foods announced they will be banning sludge, aka biosolids containing human poop, from produce. A marketing or health-related move?

FDA Tells Drug Companies, Farmers to Phase out Antibiotics for Livestock

The FDA announced a voluntary program in December of 2013 that would hopefully reduce the amount of antibiotics used in animals raised for food.

Chamomile: A Natural Cancer Fighter and Sleep Promoter

It’s true that the chamomile plant is great for promoting relaxation and deep sleep, but it’s also useful in fighting anxiety, depression, and even cancer.

Hilarious Video Exposes What ‘Natural’ Products Really Mean

Millions have been duped by the use of corporate language within the food products industry, and they may not even know it.

Caution: GMO Non-Browning ‘Arctic Apple’ Coming Soon – Would You Eat It?

The latest non-browning genetically modified atrocity, the Arctic Apple. is coming soon thanks to modern science, but I’m not sure its safe to take a bite.

Naringin (in Grapefruit) Reduces Cervical & Breast Cancer Tumors by up to 75%

Numerous studies have found that naringin, an anti-carcinogenic compound in grapefruit, is able to reduce the growth of and destroy cancer cells without toxicity.

5 Facts About Farm-Raised Fish You Should Know

While fish from the ocean may be riddled with pollution and radiation, farm-raised aren’t great either. Here are 5 things you should know about farm-raised fish.

Attorneys Conclude that Demanding GMO Labeling is NOT Unconstitutional

In an analysis of our First Amendment rights, attorneys determined that labeling GMOs is far from unconstitutional. It is protected under the Bill of Rights.

Pine Bark Extract Shows Promise in Treating HIV/AIDS

Pine bark extract shows promise in treating HIV/AIDS since it inhibits HIV cells from binding to other cells while suppressing the replication of HIV cells.

Connecticut’s Medical Marijuana to Go On Sale Summer 2014

Recently, Connecticut, which legalized the medical marijuana program in 2012, announced medical pot would finally be available for purchase by summer 2014.

37 Better Food Preservatives & AntiMicrobials than the Chemical Crap “they” Put in Your Food

From basil to garlic, here are 37 better preservatives and anti-microbials to look to instead of the chemical cocktails being used by food manufacturers.