EU Moves to Eliminate Many Food Label Expiration Dates

Organizations are calling for “best by” dating on foods with long shelf-lives to be lifted, which could save tons of food waste and money for consumers.

The Extreme Importance in Maintaining Second Brain ‘Gut’ Health

The relationship between friendly gut flora and mental and physical health is extremely important. This imbalance could be why you’re sick.

Housing Bubble Solution: Low Cost, Off Grid, Small Agricultural Plot Living

A new community being created in Somerset might be the seed for multiple off-grid, low-cost, rural homesteads across multiple countries.

5 Easy Ways to Use Food Grade Activated Charcoal

Food grade activated charcoal is an amazingly useful substance. Here are 5 easy ways to use and benefit from food-grade activated charcoal.

Study Says Diet Sodas Better than Water for Weight Loss – Could it be True?

A study funded by the American Beverage Association suggests diet soft drinks are even better than water when it comes to losing weight. Could it be true?

Calamus Root – The Natural Remedy to Kick a Smoking Habit

Calamus root can calm the nervous system. Just by chewing on the root, it can take the edge off of cigarette cravings so that it is easier to stop smoking.

USDA Survey: Americans are Making Healthier Food Choices

A new survey from the USDA reveals American adults are eating better and becoming more conscientious about which foods they put in their mouths.

Monsanto Contaminating African White Bread with GMO Soy

A new report details how Monsanto’s genetically modified soy is contaminating much of the white bread in Africa – industry-wide contamination.

Harvard Study: Eating Nuts Reduces All-Cause Death Risk by 20%

One of the largest dietary prospective studies proves that eating nuts reduces overall mortality by 20 percent, protecting against numerous diseases.

California Could be First for Soft Drink Warning Labels

Due to the unhealthful, dangerous nature of sugary drinks, state lawmakers in California have moved closer to putting warning labels on all soft drinks.

Are Unhealthy Foods Better or Worse for the Environment?

Foods which provide less nutrition and cost more per unit often have the largest environmental footprint, a new French study has found.

Radiation in Tuna Triples After Fukushima, New Study Says

A study has affirmed the spills from Fukushima have affected sea life and Albacore tuna in particular, with radiation in tuna tripling since the incident.

Aromatherapy: The Best Oils for Anxiety

Aromatherapy has proven time and time again to be an effective anxiety treatment. Here are some awesome herbs to use with anxiety-smashing aromatherapy.

Are You Buying Toxic Baby Products? New Report Details Toxins in Baby Products

To help parents make informed decisions regarding products purchased for children, a new report outlines how safe and dangerous certain baby products are.

How to Maintain Important Vitamin B12 Levels, Even as Big Pharma Lowers Them

Maintaining vitamin B12 levels is very important, as many medications cause this deficiency. Here is how to increase your B12 levels.

Minnesota: First State to Ban Ingredient in Antibacterial Soaps

Minnesota has banned the potentially-harmful ingredient triclosan, commonly found in antibacterial soaps and tied to numerous health issues.

Mulberry: The Ancient Super Food of Silkworms and Now, People

In ancient Chinese medicine, the Mulberry fruit was considered a golden elixir of super-human health. Here is what mulberry has to offer.