WHO Calls for Publication of ALL Clinical Trial Results – Not Just Favorable Ones

The World Health Organization made it clear that researchers have an ethical mandate to publish all clinical trial results, regardless of their outcomes.

California Parents Voice Resounding ‘No’ to Forced Vaccines

A group of concerned citizens assembled at the SB277 Senate Committee Hearing in California last week in retaliation of forced vaccines for children.

Can Monsanto Boycotts Go Mega-Viral with this New Hedge Fund?

This hedge-fund should be causing public-facing corporations that have grown accustomed to profiting off secrecy and the abuse of citizens to back down.

Study: This Pain Reliever Doesn’t Work for Lower Back Pain, Osteoarthritis

Research suggests that acetaminophen, AKA Tylenol, is ineffective at treating lower back pain as well as osteoarthritis in the knee and hip.

Booming Organics: U.S. Farmers Forced to Import Organic Crops to Meet Non-GMO Demand

Demand for organic food is growing so much that the U.S. is needing to import organic corn from nations where crops largely are free of bioengineering.

Monsanto and Others Caught Paying Internet ‘Trolls’ to Attack Activists

Did you know that companies like Coca Cola and Monsanto actual pay people known as ‘internet trolls’ to verbally attack others and spread misinformation?

Dr. Oz to Speak Under Pressure on GMOs as Doctors Move to Have Him Resign

Dr. Oz is now facing his biggest attack to date as he discusses Monsanto and GMO’s in the mainstream media as doctors move to have him resign.

Here’s Why We Don’t Need Genetically Modified Fruit Like the GMO Non-Browning Apple

The FDA recently approved a highly questionable non-browning genetically modified apple – but non-GMO, non-browning apples already exist.

Brazil Admits Monsanto’s Roundup Is Causing Cancer After Approving 3 GMO Crops

Brazil’s National Cancer Institute recently voiced concerns over glyphosate while condemning GM crops for fueling pesticide use…but keeps approving GMOs.

What’s REALLY in the Popular Instant Ramen Noodles?

Instant Ramen noodles is a cheap, convenient food, but as the toxic ingredients within the food would suggest – this food is nowhere near healthy.

Roundup Chemicals Linked to Cancer of the Lymph System

About 44 research papers note a striking increase in the incidence of non-Hodgkin’s type lymphomas in the last 30 years – a time where pesticide use has skyrocketed.

Australia Enforces $11K Tax Penalty for Parents who Don’t Vaccinate

Those who refuse to vaccinate their kids in Australia will be denied as much as $11,000 in childcare rebates and welfare under new rules by the government.

Tylenol Ingredient Found to Suppress Emotions, Dull Feelings

Researchers found that acetaminophen – the most common ingredient in pain relievers – can suppress emotions and even reduce positive and negative feelings.

FLAKKA: A New Dangerous Synthetic Drug on the Rise

A new synthetic drug called Flakka is sweeping across Florida, causing a surge of bizarre and dangerous cases that often results in injury.

Researcher: Scientists Have Warned for Years that Monsanto’s Roundup Causes Cancer

A major professor in Argentina notes how the international scientific community has known for years that the herbicide glyphosate causes cancer.

Activist Power: Lowe’s to Stop Selling Bee-Killing Neonics

Mega home improvement store Lowe’s plans to stop selling a type of insecticide known as neonicotinoids, as these chemicals are killing the bees.

Will Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide Soon Be Banned?

With news on how Monsanto’s Roundup is carcinogenic, we can finally ask the question: will Monsanto’s chemical stew be banned in the U.S. and around the world?