Bizarre: Coca-Cola Paid Spiritual Leaders to Use Coke In ‘Healing Rituals’

To get consumers to drink more soda, Coca-Cola is pushing spiritual leaders to use your beverages in a full fledged ‘healing ritual’ performed by Shamans.

McDonald’s Downfall: Even Kids Aren’t Eating Fast Food Anymore

As McDonald’s keeps losing profits each and every month, even kids are eating less disease-breeding fast food.

Why The Superbug-Killing Medieval Home Remedy Works

A medieval recipe was recently discovered that could be a solution to modern-day superbugs. But what makes it work? Let us take a look.

Scientists Discover Medieval Home Remedy Kills Superbugs and Infections

A 1000 year-old potion made out of onions, garlic, wine, and bile from a cow’s stomach can wipe out modern-day antibiotic resistant superbugs like MRSA.

“GM-Free” Domino’s Caught Selling GMO-Laden Pizzas

It seems that the fast food giant Domino’s has been caught selling genetically modified ‘Frankenfood’ pizzas while claiming to be ‘GM-free’ on its website.

The Simple Vegetable Gardening Cheat Sheet: All You Need to Know

This vegetable growing cheat sheet will tell you when to plant, how far apart seeds should go, what size pot to use, when to harvest, and much more.

The 1 Key to Make Nuts Healthful, Not Harmful

Before you buy your raw nuts, you must discover how sprouting seeds and soaking nuts is nature’s way of delivering pure nutrition.

This Community may be the First to Have Pesticide-Free Lawns

Toxic lawns are coming, but citizens in Maryland want to end the use of harmful lawn pesticides like Roundup, transitioning to pesticide-free communities.

Experts Call for Review of GMO Crops Upon Recent Pesticide-Cancer Link

The WHO says pesticide ingredients are probably carcinogenic, so yes, we should reconsider the use of GMO crops made specifically to tolerate pesticides.

The Music Tracks Made JUST for Cats – Take a Listen

How well do animals understand music? One composer is developing music just for animals to answer this question. Take a listen to this music for cats.

Are You Feeding Your Children the Right Kind of Milk?

Contrary to what we were told, research finds that young children who drink whole milk grow up to be slimmer than children who drink skim or low-fat milk.

Grassroots: Natural Society Reaches Beyond 209,000 Followers on Facebook

We wanted to take the time to thank you for being a dedicated reader to Natural Society – your support has truly helped us help millions.

Council: Monsanto’s Chemicals are in ‘Same Group as STDs Like HIV’

The WHO has recently classified the GMO herbicide ingredient glyphosate as a 2B carcinogen, which is in the same class as HPV and HIV.

These Toxic Chemicals Found to ‘Wreck Your Hormones’

Researchers estimated that up to $170 billion is being spent managing the immediate and long term effects that modern chemicals have on personal health.

Is Your Favorite Wine Tainted with Arsenic?

Recent lab results found out that among hundreds of wineries, vintages both old and young contain dangerous levels of arsenic.

New Study: Monsanto’s Herbicides are Breeding Super Bugs

Research is showing that the chemicals in Monsanto’s Roundup cause antibiotic resistance in harmful bacteria like E. coli and salmonella.

3 Ways Monsanto Has Formed ‘Secret GMO Lobbies’ in US

From lobbying to falsifying research to throwing out GMO labeling laws, it is clear that companies and politicians are united in pushing GMOs on the public.