Americans To Eat 1+ Billion Pounds of GMO Foods On Superbowl Sunday

Americans To Eat 1+ Billion Pounds of GMO Foods On Superbowl Sunday
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This year, Super Bowl fans are expected to break previous records in consuming over 1 billion pounds of GMO-laden snack foods — with the vast majority of these individuals still completely in the dark over what they’re truly consuming in their food (even beyond GMOs).

In what amounts to a nuclear bomb of potato chips, pizza, chicken wings, and fast food, the numbers are now in on the amount of food expected to be consumed within the 24 hour period that is Super Bowl XLIX Sunday. With over 1,600 orders per hour expected to roll into Pizza Hut alone, here are the astonishing consumption estimates on just the top contenders:

  • 1.2 billion chicken wing servings (enough to circle the Grand Canyon 120 times according to the National Chicken Council)
  • 11.2 million pounds of potato chips (usually laced with the recently renamed high-fructose corn syrup, found to contain mercury and proven to be more toxic than even regular table sugar)
  • 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips (around 88% of corn or more is genetically modified)
  • 48 million take out and fast food meals
  • 11 million slices of pizza, specifically from Domino’s alone
  • 100 million pounds of avocados (for guacamole)

And to put these numbers into perspective, it would take 222,792 football fields of farmland just to grow the corn, potatoes, and avocados necessary to fuel this single Super Bowl snack day. But here’s another statistic that may shock you: with the 1.2 billion chicken wings eaten, that’s enough chicken wings to circle the Grand Canyon a whopping 120 times. All in all, it takes 312.5 million chickens just to meet the demand.

While mainstream news is reporting on these statistics purely to demonstrate the mass appeal of this year’s Super Bowl, the true concerning message surrounds the reality that millions of people will be indulging in mass amounts (an average of 2,000 calories during game day) of processed food thanks to slick marketing by mega food and beverage giants that want to ensure they force their GMO-laden products on you and your family.

Check out how our staple crops have been genetically modified to such a degree that you are almost certain to be chomping into some GMOs with each bite:

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating the Super Bowl, or enjoying some snack foods — the true travesty is that these mega food corporations are loading your favorite foods with mercury-laden high-fructose corn syrup, GMOs, artificial flavors, and a whole list of other toxic additives.

The solution? Secure your organic Super Bowl snacks instead and avoid these fillers, additives, and GMOs. That way, you don’t have to give up the chips, guacamole, and even chicken wings during this time of year.