Glyphosate Proven to Be Making Milk Toxic

Glyphosate Proven to Be Making Milk Toxic
Toxins and Chemicals

Need another reason to ditch Round Up chemicals, including its main ingredient, glyphosate? If you’ve got milk, then more than likely you’ve got a cow with a disturbed metabolism caused by Monsanto’s best-selling chemical brew.

In a study published in the Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology, Dr. Kruger and researchers found that dairy cattle are affected adversely by glyphosate. Specifically:

“All cows investigated at the eight Danish dairy farms excreted glyphosate in their urine at significant different amounts between the farms. We found increased blood serum levels of parameters indicative for cytotoxicity like GLDH, GOT, and CK and the lipid profile marker cholesterol in cows at all farms and high urea levels in half of the farm animals.

Correlations between glyphosate and some of the measured blood serum parameters to CK (R= 0.135), Se (R=-0.188), Co (R= -0,403) and Zn (R=0,175) demonstrate that glyphosate is toxic to the normal metabolism of dairy cows. This study gives the first documentation to which extent Danish dairy cattle are exposed to glyphosate and its impact on different blood parameters.”

If glyphosate being linked to cancer isn’t a profound enough reason to stop eating GMOs, then what about possibly having your own metabolism disturbed? We are what we eat, as the saying goes, so if a dairy cow can’t process glyphosate properly, then you can bet we likely don’t either.

We already know for certain that glyphosate-based herbicides are endocrine disruptors in human cell lines. One study found disruption in the metabolism of cells at as little as .05 parts per million:

“. . . human cell endocrine disruption from 0.5 ppm on the androgen receptor in MDA-MB453-kb2 cells for the most active formulation (R400), then from 2 ppm the transcriptional activities on both estrogen receptors were also inhibited on HepG2. Aromatase transcription and activity were disrupted from 10 ppm. Cytotoxic effects started at 10 ppm with Alamar Blue assay (the most sensitive), and DNA damages at 5 ppm.”

Why should this matter to you? Your endocrine system is a system of glands that secrete important hormones in our body – without which NOTHING else can function properly. I won’t even go into the function of the endocrine glands like the thymus and pineal gland, which are important for developing a less restricted consciousness. But glyphosate assaults your body in many ways you can likely only begin to imagine.

There’s no mistake you are being infected with glyphosate toxins either. Glyphosate has been found in mother’s breast milk and in our blood. Now that it is measured in detail in dairy cow urine and the toxic effects are detailed – will Monsanto still act as if they are creating a benign substance? Certainly.

In the meantime, here are steps to take avoid exposure to this harmful herbicide:

  • Avoid using Roundup and other similar products
  • Avoid consumption of GMO foods. They are copiously contaminated with glyphosate.
  • Eat organic foods as much as possible
  • Since glyphosate decreases our body’s ability to detox on its own, be sure to detox on a daily and weekly basis using nutrients as well as other modalities such as sitz baths, Bentonite clay, and more.