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Breaking: Vermont House Passes GMO Labeling Bill

Anthony Gucciardi
May 10th, 2013
Updated 05/08/2014 at 10:59 am
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vermont gmo labeling house 263x164 Breaking: Vermont House Passes GMO Labeling BillIn a legislative blow against GMO giant Monsanto and major food corporations who wish to keep you in the dark over what you’re eating on a daily basis, the Vermont House has passed a significant new GMO labeling bill known as H. 112 by a count of 99-42.

I will be covering more news on this as it develops, but the great voter turnout means that representatives are either waking up to the reality of GMOs or at least being forced by voters to go ahead and take action on the GMO labeling issue. And as we’ve seen in other states like New Mexico, it comes down to a grassroots campaign demanding that action be taken while spreading awareness on a national level.

Unfortunately the New Mexico initiative, as you may be aware, was ultimately shot down by massive lobbying (as may have been expected with the recent passing of incognito legislation like the Monsanto Protection Act).

But despite the mass lobbying and mountains of cash that go into squashing labeling, around 90 plus percent (or more on average depending on the polling institute) of the public is in favor of GMO labeling — and an increasingly large number of this percentage are turning into hardcore activists who are sick of Monsanto’s food monopoly.

Activism Can Trump Lobbyists

What’s also interesting to note about this legislation, which is similar to Prop 37, is that it’s really the farthest in the legal system that any such bill has gotten. Prop 37 ultimately came down to a vote in California, and we know there was extreme foul play there with the Monsanto-backed organizations who sought to sabotage the entire GMO labeling initiative due to profit incentives, but the Vermont bill here can quite simply be passed by the Senate and be on its way to implementation.

I am very hopeful about this bill, and I think if we gather enough activism on this front we can send a message to the Vermont Senate that effectively reads: We will not tolerate Senators who betray the health of the public for profits and lobbyist relationships. I encourage everyone, whether you live in Vermont or not, to generate awareness over this issue. Share this article far and wide, and start demanding that GMO labeling be taken seriously.

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  • AnotherHillbilly

    How does the Feds amendment on the 23rd may affect this , and how do we fight the Feds amendment , and yes there are many Genetic Engineering Corps and many are patenting our DNA Genes, so we will be paying for Medical Tests and other ways, we need to fight all GE and GMO Corps and promote Growing our own Food, and for Buycotting Organic non Gmo foods.

  • Sheryl Turgeon

    This is a great step toward a healthier USA. Now we need to keep the momentum going!

  • dogitydog

    Everyone has their attention focussed on Monsanto and justifiably so, meanwhile there are hundreds of other biotech companies going unnoticed. Here is a link to the top 100.
    The problem is much bigger than Monsanto.

  • yankee phil

    Finally,there is one state that is still american.

  • chrissyB

    Good luck everyone in USA, about this issue. Hopefully the people-power will get over here into Europe as well. Monsanto is a dirty word here, as well as in USA.

  • emeraldknighted89

    I am glad that Vermont is doing something about GMO labeling. Monsanto is bad period!

  • Daniel Beck

    Labeling a turd, doesn’t make it any less of a turd. These crops need to be irradiated from the face of the planet. Anyone know a pyromaniac? Monsanto has some very large fields that would make great kindling. To me, that’s what needs I take place.

  • Andrew Durham

    Profit is not their motive. Power is. Far more money is to be had in selling good food to informed people. No, Monsanto is after something insidious. When will you find and break *that* news?

    • lexi

      Yeah. World control of the food supply, and pretty much all plant life on earth. They spray aluminum into the air and then waiting in the wings is a patent they filed for trees that are aluminum resistance. Uh huh. No problem here.

  • Sumant Chavan

    GMO labeling should be made compulsory worldwide.

  • Hah