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Blatant Corruption Exposed as EU Blocks France’s Ban on Monsanto’s GMO Maize

Anthony Gucciardi
May 24th, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 6:35 pm
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corruption 235x147 Blatant Corruption Exposed as EU Blocks Frances Ban on Monsantos GMO Maize

Just after France legislators and officials moved to ban Monsanto’s genetically modified strain of GMO maize over environmental and health concerns, the European Union has decided to step in and re-secure Monsanto’s presence in the country — against the very will of the nation itself. This should come as no surprise when considering the fact that the United States ambassador to France, a business partner to George W. Bush, stated back in 2007 that nations who did not accept Monsanto’s GMO crops will be ‘penalized’. In fact, ambassador Craig Stapleton went as far as to say that the nations should be threatened with military-styled trade wars.

That’s right, it appears the reason for the unprecedented move to maintain Monsanto’s deeply-rooted foothold in France has to do with the fact that the United States and other nations are continually pushing Monsanto’s agenda — even going as far as to threaten military-styled trade wars to those who oppose the company. Monsanto has major connections with political heads that have actually threatened trade wars against nations opposed to GMOs on record. As I reported back in January, WikiLeaks cables surfaced revealing and startling information concerning Monsanto’s deep involvement with back-end politics.

One of the most telling details involves a statement made by Craig Stapleton, in which he said:

“Country team Paris recommends that we calibrate a target retaliation list that causes some pain across the EU since this is a collective responsibility, but that also focuses in part on the worst culprits. The list should be measured rather than vicious and must be sustainable over the long term, since we should not expect an early victory. Moving to retaliation will make clear that the current path has real costs to EU interests and could help strengthen European pro-biotech voices.”

And that is not even the most shocking part. WikiLeaks cables go on to state that United States diplomats actually work directly for Monsanto, furthering the agenda of the company across the globe. Is it any wonder that France is being assaulted by the EU over its decision to secure the health of its citizens?

It becomes even more obvious when examining the ridiculous reasoning as to why the EU had to step in and block France’s in-house legislation. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) rejected the ban on the grounds that “there is no scientific evidence” that shows “risk to human and animal health or the environment.” Of course there is an overwhelming amount of research showing that Monsanto’s creations do in fact threaten not only human health, but the planet as a whole. Even the EPA has warned over the fact that Monsanto’s GMO crops are spawning ‘mutant’ resistant insects and subsequently requiring substantially more pesticides.

Consumers are waking up to Monsanto’s agenda and the dangers associated with their modified creations. Over 45,000 comments were submitted on the USDA website in opposition to Monsanto’s new genetically modified strain, and only 23 in favor. The corruption of Monsanto is now out in the open, and only serves to show how deeply rooted the company is within the United States government. Is it any coincidence that a major head of the FDA was a leading employee of Monsanto?

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Blatant Corruption Exposed as EU Blocks Frances Ban on Monsantos GMO MaizeGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • Don Jusko

    It's time to close Monsanto. Surround there facilities and don't let the employees in. Class action sue them. We have the proof. I'm getting tired of people agreeing how bad they are and doing nothing.

    • Dave Hinkes

      It's criminal for sure. I called our Senators, emailed the fda, called Congressmen and tv stations and none believe what I'm saying. This, on top of the chemtrails poisoning our soil and our well being. maybe I can call a lawyer that has the backbone to fight. After all Monsanto changed a states point of view and and the EU to force France to accept their poisons.

  • Screenarts

    The Monsanto agenda is the same as every "corporation" as required by "LAW". The officers are after Monetary PROFIT and the destruction of its competitors. Nothing Personal. But they are not allowed by law to care about anything but paying the "OWNERS"… Global Corporations have taken rule of the planet…

    • Sedevecantist

      It's good to find thinking and conscientious members of this dead police state empire like yourselves. There's an extremely important website that you have to visit and keep visiting until you're convinced because they're the only ones preaching true Christianity which is the one true historically based Church of Christ known as the Catholic Church. However, they are completely opposed to the counterfeit "Catholic" church in these end days known as the V2 sect. They also have the extensive research to prove it. I promise you if you are honest and of good will and want to save your soul this will change your life. It is http://WWW.VATICANCATHOLIC.COM. P.s. they also have a news section with all the news that really matters about the giant conspiracy and conspiracies going on in this crypto-fascist globalist regime. ITS THE REAL DEAL!

      • J.M.

        You are right, once you unmask the conspiracies in the spiritual realm, everything falls into place.

      • Mozart Floyd

        It never fails someone always has to bring their religion into it. See a discussion, bring in religion; join the fellowship of the sheep. No thanks, leave it at the door.

      • UpRoarLion

        Anyone who thinks the Catholic Church, pre or post Vatican 2 is the REAL church is either intentionally ignorant, or too lazy to just do basic research, or can not think for themselves. They have not done any real research and have not studied a Bible to validate the Catholic Church's claims. The Catholic Church claim as the original, one and only TRUE church is based on the TOTAL, INTENTIONAL misinterpretation of ONE verse of scripture. The ROCK that Jesus was referring to was NOT Peter. But the holey spirit inspired statement Peter made about Jesus. Jesus is the ROCK, that is what the Church is based on. Not Peter. The Bible uses a completely different word for rock than Peter's name as well. Jesus did not make a MAN head of His Church. Study Catholic Church history and all the Popes and you will find there is NO FREAKING WAY, that is Jesus's church or the Pope his head guy on earth. Scripture clearly denotes Jesus as the Head of His Church. No if, and buts, or alternatives. NOTHING IN THE BIBLE supports the Catholic Church's claims to be the one and only true church. I was raised Catholic. And I don't have any bad Catholic experiences to make be a Catholic basher. The whole Catholic religion is a just con-job. Like ALL man made religions. That is not say there are Catholics who are not Christians or love God. I believe there are. Lots of very good people are Catholics. But the Catholic Church Institution is NOT the true Church, pre or post Vatican 2. So whatever Catholic propaganda garbage this site is prompting is just garbage. It only takes sONE thorough reading of the New Testament and then a comparison with the Catholic doctrine, and it is very easy to see, the two do NOT line up. You can believe the Catholic doctrine if you want, but it is not biblical. Same goes for Mormonism by the way. These are all man made religions that use the bible as an occasional reference, but they each have their own doctrine that makes them the ONLY TRUE religion. Or so they say. And if you don't believe their interpretation you are going to hell. Whatever.

    • DJ

      @Screenarts; It is personal! Monsanto is personally targeting me, my family, my friends, my country, and my way of life!! They don't have to remain in control/rule. Stop talking like it's over. Like they have won. It gives people who care the wrong impression. We all need to find ways to stop them, and a good start is by shopping for Organic, Non GMO foods. I've just recently learned what is going on, and I changed my purchasing! Elect people to government that aren't there for the money! Ron Paul is a great example, and he endorses candidates that are like him. There is no law that gives corporations the right to kill us slowly.

  • organic dream

    Just gos to show you, how evil EU , Monsanto and corporation power rules take over and kill us all. wake up world.

  • Jim Martindale

    The Monsanto agenda of the people who control the beast is ALWAYS exactly the opposite of what they say is their objective. It is completely about ruining the health and well-being of people and animals. In fact is it is about sterilizing the planet and population reduction to meet published goals of the Rockefeller foundation. The mounting evidence extends from miscarriage rates in females to lowered sperm counts in males to lower starch and fat content in the corn and bean plants they respectively "engineering".