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8 Ways Corporations are Poisoning Our Food, Water, the Earth

Mike Barrett
March 2nd, 2013
Updated 08/25/2014 at 4:04 pm
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biohazarddoor 265x165 8 Ways Corporations are Poisoning Our Food, Water, the EarthWhile we may be under the impression that our system of government is here to protect us, corporations—and the politicians getting paychecks from them—do a fair job of making that difficult. This manner of “legislative capture” is manifesting itself in a host of appalling ways far beyond those listed here. Here are 8 ways corporations are poisoning our food supply, humans, and mother Earth.

1. Sugary Drinks, Diet Drinks are Addictive and Fattening

Sugary drinks, especially soda, run rampant in the U.S., with corporations shelling out millions to advertise to both children and adults. Kids are taking in 7 trillion calories of sugar each year from soda alone, with sodas making up 15-25% of the daily recommended caloric intake for kids aged 2 to 19. Sugar-sweetened sodas can contain upwards of 200 calories per can, but even artificially sweetened drinks should not be considered safe. Several studies show that artificial sweeteners—like cancer-linked aspartame—can contribute to tooth decay, obesity, kidney damage, and depression.

2. Bisphenol A and Other Chemicals in Canned Goods

BPA is a hormone disrupting chemical used in canned goods and plastic bottles. The chemical, which is labeled as “toxic” in other nations, had a chance to be banned of March 2012. In a move that angered activists within the US and even internationally, the FDA ruled against the ban. This ubiquitous chemical has been linked to:

3. Buying Out and Creating Organic Companies

You may not know this, but many organic companies are actually owned and operated by major corporations like Coca-Cola or Kellogg. Companies like Honest Tea and Odwalla may appeal to health conscious shoppers, but they are actually owned by Coca-Cola. Another popular ‘health’ brand is Kashi, owned by the Kellogg corporation. Some products from these companies may be ’100% organic’, but do you really trust their labeling practices? Or perhaps more important, do you really want to give support to the corporate producer?

Further, these large corporations are buying out some of the companies many natural-health advocates have grown to love. One example is when New Chapter, a vitamin and supplement company offering worthy products since 1892, was bought out by mega-corporation Proctor & Gamble.

4. Antibiotics are Making People Fat

These days, physicians are a little stab-happy with their antibiotics, often to just please the patient with a medical solution (a placebo effect, if you will). But it could be setting us up for lifelong obesity – at least that’s what some research has to say. In addition to killing “bad” bacteria, antibiotics kill “good” bacteria in the gut, thereby disrupting digestion even in the long run. There’s also mounting evidence that antibiotics may be promoting diabetes and metabolic syndrome—but not killing the cold and flu viruses that parents think they are (antibiotics cannot kill viruses, only bacteria).

5. Antibiotics in Livestock are Promoting Bacterial Resistance

Last year, The Guardian wrote about 150 scientists and 50 farmers—including a former FDA commissioner—demanding that Congress regulate antibiotic use in livestock. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has even blamed overuse of antibiotics for the global resistance to antibiotics, which could make antibiotics futile against disease-causing bacteria. And this is not even considering the other ill effects antibiotics have on the animals we eat.

6. Supporting Genetically Modified Foods and Herbicides

If you are into organic foods and have been following GM news, you know that the latest and greatest chance for GM labeling was with California’s proposition 37. Needless to say, the bill was not passed, but Prop 37 did teach us a lot about the interest of various companies and mega corporations. It was no surprise to see biotech giant Monsanto dish out over $4 million to fight the bill, but some people were surprised to see Naked Juice, Kashi, Cascadian Farm Organic, Honest Tea, and some others on the side of anti-GM labeling. As mentioned above, many of these companies are owned by corporations like Coca-Cola or General Mills.

They all support GM food, are anti-GM labeling, and subsequently support the use of herbicides and pesticides. Pesticides that are being used in greater amounts each day thanks to mutated insects that become resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup-ready GM crops.

According to numerous pieces of research, GM foods like Monsanto’s corn have been implicated of contributing to weight gain, organ disruption, tumor development and infertility in rats. Roundup—a glyphosate-based herbicide— is to thank for contributing to water pollution, resistant rootworms and superweeds, and environmental devastation.

7. Herbicides and Insecticides Contributing to Bee Colony Collapse

Although technological products like cell phone towers and cell phones are hurting the bee population, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides brought to us by Bayer, Monsanto, and Dow AgroSciences appear to be the main culprits. It has been shown time and time again that these chemicals are ravaging these tiny insects that are essential for agriculture purposes and pollinating food crops.

“…a document was leaked revealing that a bee-killing pesticide put in use by the EPA may be to blame [for the bee decline]. Adding to the controversy, more records have emerged showing that the USDA was fully aware of the pesticide’s threat to not only bees, but humans…Neonicotinoids, the particular type of pesticides used, are absorbed systemically into plants, including the pollen and nectar. Once the bees begin to pollinate, they also absorb the insecticide, and die.”

Neonicotinoids have been banned in France and Germany, but not the United States.

8. Factory Farms Devastate Land and Sea

If you purchase your meat from a grocery store instead of a farmer’s market or co-op, it was probably raised in a factory farm. Not only are these farms known for extreme animal cruelty (which many undercover videos have gruesomely pointed out), but they are also responsible for polluting groundwater, drinking water, and contributing to massive deforestation. Actually, they produce 100 times more waste than the entire U.S. population.

Run-off from these establishments as well as non-organic crops are contributing to blooms and dead zones in coastal waters. Earlier this year, a scientific paper argued against the case of factory farms feeding the world, but with the USDA and FDA deep in industrial farming’s pockets, it will take considerable time and effort before we see any changes.

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About Mike Barrett:
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  • Ali

    I haven’t bought into Kashi for over a year now!

  • Ali

    That’s because those others are perhaps Vitamin D deficient. Since upping my vit D3 my levels have been optimal, and I get tested annually. I haven’t been sick with colds and flus for about 5 years now!

  • david

    No…just CERTAIN corporations. Do your research. For example Mansanto, who brought us Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, now they are the one’s manufacturing GMO. This is not a name calling “game”. This is REALITY. It’s just that the majority of our population would rather sleep and not deal with it.

  • Frank

    Conspiracy Analyst (a person who analyzes, evaluates and interprets ) In other words someone who thinks and reasons

  • TessaC

    I’m so glad I had my sons at home. No one OWNS their DNA.

  • TessaC

    You are control at every level…it’s a matter of time before organic farms are wiped out. Get serious and do your research.

  • TessaC

    The Rothschild family doesn’t give a damn about Jews. They USE The People anyway they please without guilt or conscience.

  • TessaC

    Is ‘Evergreen Corp’ still contracted?

  • TessaC

    Direct THAT to your city council. (Hopefully your city doesn’t have a ‘City Manager’, which is an International Banker Agent. CMs don’t listen to anybody.)

  • issyco

    What you can do is not buy any of it. That’s what I started doing years ago. Just buy what you know is good for you and that you will eat in a week or less. No junk food, chips, etc. There are crackers and chips that are organic, but they are really just filler. Try to give up meat. It’s easier than you think once you know what the animals have to go through!

  • Resident of the Unit

    We all use the planet, not all destroy it.
    I am a republican free market Austrian Capitalist.
    What we see in American corporations is not Capitalism. It is a counterfeit. It looks like Capitalism on the surface.

    This is corporate socialism now. Socialists (Marxists/Communists) destroy everything in their paths and blame it on Capitalism, because Americans no longer understand the implications of that word in depth.



  • phil

    The wealthy bribe the politicians who pass weakened environmental & safety laws. That ‘s not blame, that’s a fact!

  • Christinne


  • Lin

    The blood test taken from the heel of every newborn almost world wide has nothing to do with the health of the baby and much to do with checking that the child will be unhealthy, recording its dna markers and is also stored on a database forever. No choices there, also the vitamin K jab whether you want your baby to have it or not. gets toxins into the newborn within minutes of birth

  • mary

    If you just consider corn and soy and byproducts of…then go into a store and make a check mark for every item that has those products in them…hard to avoid…a little here and there in everything ='s a whole lot…company's are big on 'acceptable amts' per product…consider wheat alone, flour, breads, cereals…any wonder cancers from birth on?…that doesn't include chemicals other than what goes in/on food crops…artificial sweeteners, dyes, preservitives and a host of other things…our bodies must be having trouble regenerating every 7 years by now…almost have to do a blind study on individuals to find out how much chemical etc is being taken in per/day for a month to start…w/b interesting

    • alex

      * at least you're awake & aware…we just need to wake up the 100th 'human' lol

    • GerriM

      Being awake and aware is the first step but like Mary says what can you do when these products are the majority of what there is to buy/eat??
      There is something wrong with this picture. Could it be the corporatocracy?

      • alex

        * 'your mamma didn't raise no fool'

  • Leslie Cole

    The antibiotic claim caught my eye. I have not been on antibiotics for years and have only been slightly ill one time and that was while everyone else was getting the flu this past season. I felt 'bad' for about a day. Had a wonderful doctor who would write me a prescription for antibiotics but would also tell me not to get it filled or take them unless I thought I just had to use them. Seems he had some good advice. Also seems the people that get the sickest are the ones on antibiotics for every little ailment.

  • Michael Evans

    many people have for gotten Captain Morgan. he was a martyr to the freedom of writing printing and speaking the truth. he was murdered for exposing the secrets of free masonry. check out the video ” secret mysteries of America’s beginnings” volume 1 the New Atlantis nothing has changed. the free masonry organization has a distinct independent government with in our own government and beyond the control of the law of the land by means of secrecy

    • painter

      You have to add in the Council on foreign relations and the Trilateral commission they are the real shadow govt with about 500 members in high offices throughout our govt.. Created to control both party's, and funded by the Carnegie ,Rockefeller and Ford foundations, It is their goal to bring in the new world order under the United Nations, Everyone listed on the CFR site is a subversive whether a Dupe or Knowledgeable.. They are the reason people complain about the media because they control it..

  • Sannu

    These 8 ways are only tip of the iceberg, and I gladly admit I am a "conspiracy theorist".

  • Angel

    And the air! What are your thoughts on Chemtrails?

  • Philip Higson

    You left out fluoride!

  • Leita

    Prop 37's demise was rigged anyway. Whole Foods signed the petition but
    contributed nothing.

  • dogitydog

    Of course, to speak of these crimes against humanity would label you as a 'conspiracy theorist'. A convenient label created by the conspirators themselves.

    • GerriM


  • bikpet

    and some say that horse meat is bad.

  • June

    This is no different than killing ants, poison them thru their food and they take it back to family and kill them to or make them sick for the future insuring big pharma lots of clients

    • alex

      Wish more people like you could WAKE UP…cheers

      • Mother Earth

        Amen! Absolute Bottom Line…grow your own from organic heirloom seeds, so that you can save the seeds to plant the next year. Hopefully, you have enough space between you and BigAg farms to assure that your seeds were not polluted by their inferior GMO seeds! If you can not grow your own, join a local organic farm co-op or buy only USDA certified organic (with the little label on the front), although there are pitfalls there, too. For instance, you can buy oganic canned tomatoes, but when you open the can, you will notice that it has BPA lining the interior of the can. Remember…the only real vote you have regarding what is sold in the grocery store is with you dollar! If you can not find something you want organic, ask for it. Start demanding that the food you buy your family is organic and NOT the over-produced, nutrient free, chemically laden "soylent green" main stream "food" offered in most grocery stores! Get active, people…it's YOUR life that is at stake! Peace, out.

  • alex

    * Seems like a plethora of inverted /metaphorical porcupine quills stabbing methodically into the general population at large…
    Methinks it's more like a massive geno/democide of "Useless Eaters' perpetrated by the same 0.2% …you know the scoin of the I.G.Farben conglomerate ie: Nazi-Zionist-Banksters that created ALL of the unspeakable atrocities of ALL of the 20th century wars thus far on planet Earth…using the faceless corporation as they hide in board rooms & dictate their monopoly of poisons via Monsanto-Dow -Bayer et al (Pig Harmaceuticals)..machinating machiavellian war marketing/ propaganda agendas …this is a fermenting ponerological nest of generational socio/psychopaths…claiming the Earth as there own.
    …Consider the OBVIOUS…now that I've pointed it out…It's TOTALLY DELIBERATE…there I said it!

    • timeklek


      • alex

        * flushed a "stinkin badges" Troll out of hiding…+1 for me…hahahahaha!