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Pain Control: 5 Natural Pain Relievers

Lisa Garber
November 23rd, 2012
Updated 04/06/2013 at 11:37 am
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gingerroot2 250x156 Pain Control: 5 Natural Pain RelieversPain has innumerable causes, and therefore just as many remedies. If you’ve gone through the gauntlet of the usual treatments—stretching, exercise, massage, costly pain medication—and still find yourself with a stiff neck or sore joints, try some of these other natural pain relievers for pain control.

Natural Pain Relievers for Natural Pain Control

Ginger – Inflammation and Joint Pain

We’ve long touted ginger for its anti-inflammatory properties, which are especially useful for joint pain. Make ginger tea by cutting up and boiling pieces of ginger for several minutes and adding a dollop of honey and coconut milk; drink two to three times daily until the pain subsides. You can opt for powdered varieties if you’re on the go.

If you think ginger isn’t worth your time, consider that it’s been on several occasions more effective than dangerous cancer drugs at destroying tumors—without side effects, to boot.  And no wonder: ginger is a close cousin to another one of our favorites, turmeric, which is also a powerful anti-inflammatory food. You will truly be amazed at the benefits of ginger.

Arnica – Injury

If you’re in a lot of pain from a sudden injury, consider using lesser known natural pain relievers such as arnica gel, which is made of a flower and is purportedly as effective at removing pain as ibuprofen gel. Apply three times daily until the pain goes away, but only on unbroken skin. Be wary, too, of what else is in the cream and be sure to avoid parabens, PEGs, and the like.

Capsaicin – Back Pain

If your nerves are shooting pain up your whole back, try rubbing some capsaicin cream onto the trouble spot. Capsaicin is a key component of chili peppers and provides relief for your neck, back, and muscles. Apply a cream or spray three times daily to unbroken skin, keeping an eye out for bad ingredients in the product.

Vitamin B12 – Overall Pain Relief

Great for pain control, this vitamin helps your body thicken the protective coating around nerves, preventing the “short circuiting” of pain. Vitamin B was once abundant in our soil but today is usually thought of as being found mostly in animal products like eggs, cheese, liver, and seafood. This can be problematic for those who don’t consume animal products or fortified foods, which are often heavily processed. (Rather than blame food choices, however, we can point at our vitamin B12-deficient soil and factory farming techniques for this predicament.) If you take B12 supplements, be sure they’re not genetically modified!

Oil-pulling – Toothache, Stiff Joints, and Arthritis

One of the several potential benefits of oil-pulling—in addition to prevention of gingivitis and cavities—is relief from stiff joints and arthritis. Although sesame and sunflower oils are most effective, coconut oil is another powerful anti-inflammatory agent, perhaps best used in cooking and massage rather than oil pulling. Oil pulling may also be an effective home remedy for toothaches.

Osteoarthritis patients may also find relief in dietary omega-3 fats. Because much of today’s sea life is contaminated, it’s probably best to do  your research to see which local fish are best for your body and the environment via the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. You can also get the majority of your omega-3s from flax seeds, walnuts, and GMO-free soy (to be found wanting in most grocery stores).

Instead of turning to pharmacies for your pain treatment, try some of these natural pain relievers for natural pain control – and don’t forget to share what works for you!

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  • akinnola fagbamiye

    Is ginger effective in curing nonhoptinslimphoma? If yes, how can it be used to treat NHL?

  • Kayla

    Hard to tolerate any type of pain in my body. I ask right away doctor suggestions after getting hit by pain. Back pain specially is a disturbing one for me. Anyways whatever five natural pain relievers pain control ways you've mentioned here is excellent and looking forward to give attention on each steps. Thanks.

  • Nathan Bowles

    Do these work with jaw muscle pain as well? I hyper-extended my jaw a little bit trying to take a big bite of a huge burger. Now, it hurts whenever I try to move my jaw.


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  • Steve

    I also love how Ginger warms your body.


    Very surprised to see such a good website endorsing anything from Dr Oz. He just did a backflip, saying eating organic was not democratic. He has also purported that that there is no nutritional difference between organic and non-organic food. He needs to be removed from this site, before you lose credibility.

    • Janet

      This article doesn't mention Dr. Oz.

    • helen tatsios

      should be removed if he is saying stupid things like eating organic is not democratic.

  • Ravi Behere

    Good .

  • Seda

    What about white willow bark? There's more empirical evidence backing it up than any other item on her, aside from capsaicin for mild topical relief.

    • g is too short

      yes ww bark is basicly where aspirin came from but dont forget that ginger in double blind trials did in fact show to have enormous anti-inflammatory benefits just recently :-)

  • Edward

    What are there any Western European equivalents?