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Doctored: New Documentary Shows Big Pharma’s Cracks

In a new documentary by Jeff Hays, Doctored shows the shortcomings and even the insidious nature of the modern medical and pharmaceutical culture.

5 Fracking Consequences You’ve Never Heard About

We know fracking contaminates the air and our water, but it does much more. Here are 5 other consequences of fracking you may not have heard of until now.

Why You Should Avoid Low-Fat Cheese and Milk

If you thought you were doing your body justice by reaching for the low-fat cheese or milk, you may want to think again. While dietitians and others recommend low- and no-fat varieties, more experts are starting to realize why full-fat milk, cheese, and dairy as a whole should be chosen. If you want to lose weight and be healthy, skip the skim and reach for full-fat varieties of foods instead, especially dairy.

Does Writing Make Us Smarter? How About Typing?

Despite the rapid pace of the digital age, it’s still too soon to toss the paper and pen. Actually, you may never want to writing for good – if you want to further develop your brain, that is. While there are undoubtedly benefits to teaching children typing skills, the shrinking time spent on cursive and even handwriting in school classrooms may have negative effects on children’s development.

Splenda’s Many Secrets: Gut Flora Destruction, Side Effects

It’s becoming increasingly clear that aspartame is bad news. But what about the other artificial sweetener, sucralose (Splenda)? Is Splenda safe? Known commercially as Splenda, sucralose is a synthetic product—a chlorinated sugar molecule—of McNeil Nutritionals, LLC, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

Scientific Paper Argues Against Factory Farms “Feeding the World”

The case for small-scale, organic farming is still alive. Lest we yield to cynicism and the belief that Monsanto has managed to buy the professional opinions of every policymaker and scientist in America, a group of researchers led by a distinguished soil expert has published a paper urging the US to rethink its current alliance with Big Ag.

Flashback: The Genetically Modified Rice Made with Human Genes

In the wake of the so-called defeat of Proposition 37, it’s eerie looking back on this 2007 Mail Online article on the “world’s first” genetically modified food crop containing human genes: rice made with human genes.

5 Benefits of Sunlight You Probably Never Knew About

Most of us thank sunlight in terms of natural healing for one thing: the sunshine vitamin – vitamin D. But cavity- and cancer-preventing vitamin D isn’t the only reason to spend time in the sun. Here are 5 benefits of sunlight you probably never knew about.

NIH Study Links Diet Drinks to Depression

A new study by the National Institutes of Health has linked diet beverages with heightened risk of depression in older adults. Researchers surveyed over 260,000 adults aged 50 to 71 in the United States on their beverage habits. Ten years later, survey responders were asked if they had been diagnosed with depression. Of those who reported consuming four or more daily servings of artificially sweetened soda, iced tea, or fruit drinks, 31 percent had been diagnosed.

How Cursive Writing Uniquely Helps Brain Development

In an age of keyboards and touch-screens, some might argue that teaching cursive is a vestigial nicety in today’s classrooms. Even handwriting, much less cursive writing, is neglected in the national curriculum guidelines supported by 45 states at the end of 2012. Many educators and scientists, however, are railing against the trend.

Diet Soda, Aspartame Shown to Destroy Kidney Function

In an 11-year study by scientists at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, there was a strong positive correlation found between degeneration of kidney function and consumption of aspartame-containing diet soda.

How Flimsy, Manipulated Research Leads to more Harmful Pharmaceuticals

From headaches to heartburn, anxiety to cancer, there’s a pharmaceutical for everything these days. Few of us really bother reading the long list of side effects before popping a few pills, and we don’t question our doctors or the so-called medicine for which they make us break the bank. We assume that they all mean well. Maybe they do. Even if that were true, it’ not working.

GMO Soy Repeatedly Linked to Sterility, Infant Mortality, Birth Defects

The genetically modified crop soybean grown on 91 percent of US soybean fields is repeatedly attributed to devastating reproductive and birth defects in animal studies. Nevertheless, the powers that be—in both the private and public spheres—continue to allow Americans to shovel GMO soy onto their dinner tables.

Scientist: Top Selling Weed Killer – Monsanto’s Roundup – Linked to Infertility

Monsanto has made a pretty penny over the last several decades thanks to its top-selling herbicide, Roundup, and cash crops genetically modified to withstand heavy doses of the chemical, such as Roundup Ready corn, soy, and cotton. Meanwhile, Roundup’s key ingredient glyphosate has ravaged the earth, our food chain, and our bodies, and is even causing infertility among the masses. Its effects haven’t gone unnoticed.

‘Smart’ Utility Meters Causing Sleep Trouble, Headaches, Heart Problems

Smart meters—utility meters that use radio frequencies (RF) to report data to utility offices for billing and other purposes—may be harmful to your health. Shortly after installation of a smart meter, one man began to experience tooth aches, constant tingling, and aches in his leg that kept him from sleeping.

11 Home Remedies for Various Ailments

The next time you think about taking a trip to the drug store, don’t! With all the ills of modern allopathic medicine and toxin-ridden pharmaceuticals, it’s best to give nature a chance. Nature, after all, offers affordable, effective, and less harmful treatments. Here are 11 home remedies for various ailments and issues.

Neurotoxic Flu Drug Approved for Use on Infants

Tamiflu, the antiviral drug facing international criticism for its deadly side effects, has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for use on infants just two weeks old. The FDA’s decision comes amidst international controversy over Tamiflu, known generically as oseltamivir.