Apple Skin 6x more Powerful than the Flesh at Preventing High Blood Pressure

Apple Skin 6x more Powerful than the Flesh at Preventing High Blood Pressure

apple peelIf you’re peeling your apples and not eating the skin, you’re missing out on the best part. No, it’s true; apple skin is packed with components that can protect against hypertension more than some of the “superfoods” we’ve all come to recognize as heart health-boosters.

Apple Skin 6x More Effective than the Flesh

According to researchers from Nova Scotia, apple peels are up to 6 times more effective than the inner area of an apple at inhibiting high blood pressure. They tested the flavonoids of apple peels on something called ACE—an enzyme responsible for hypertension. It was significantly more effective than the flesh of the apple in inhibiting the ACE.

The reason for its multiplied effectiveness—the peels of an apple have six times more flavonoids than the flesh.

All fruit contains flavonoids; they are powerful antioxidants that provide a wealth of benefits. There are 6,000 substances that are considered flavonoids; they do everything from protecting cells to controlling inflammation.

This latest research indicates that flavonoids in apple skin are even better at fighting high blood pressure than those found in blueberries, green tea, and other superfoods. (But, remember, these foods have other important benefits.)

With one billion people around the world suffering from high blood pressure, this should be good news. The risks associated with high blood pressure medications are many and natural, preventative measures like this could spell better health for the people who hear about it and for those of them who actually decide to be proactive.

The study used apple peel extract. But you can get the same benefits from actual apple peels.

Another apple flavonoid, called rutin, was recently shown to reduce blood clots and thereby prevent heart attack and stroke. One study from Florida State University found that dried apples can cut “bad” cholesterol by 25 percent.

When looked at collectively, this research is clear justification for you to eat apples on a regular basis. No, you don’t need an expensive apple supplement, just natural and organic (local, if possible) apples.

In addition to consuming apples, have some coconut water and papayas. And don’t forget to check out these 7 ways for lowering blood pressure naturally.

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