Black Friday Madness Reveals How Far People Will Go (Video)

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You’ve likely already seen the numerous photos and videos of the Black Friday madness captured earlier today, but one thing you may have not considered is what this means for our future. It’s important to remember that these people are not fighting over essential items like food, clothing, or shelter. Instead, they are going as far as to shoot and run each other over in order to secure a purchase of some electronics or similar items that are usually only $50 off or so.

And for a minor $50 off of a still highly expensive flat screen TV with the latest gadgets, Black Friday shoppers are willing to do anything.

Some news pieces from around the web detail literal gang fights over Black Friday sales, frenzied shoppers pulling guns on each other, shootouts over the hottest deals outside Walmart, and much more.

Black Friday Madness Turned Survival Over Essential Goods?

Now imagine what this means for any real struggle for essential goods. Goods like food, water, clothing, shelter. These Black Friday madness partakers, who already display animal-like frenzy towards their fellow humans, will become ever more wild than ever before. We saw it with Hurricane Sandy, where citizens of New York were in fist fights over gasoline and facing looters without power or cell phone coverage. Some are even still affected.

I’m not trying to scare you. In fact, the videos detailing the shooting, looting, and killing during Black Friday are the scary things here. And with an adequate supply of food and water for you and your family, there’s no reason to be scared. It’s also quite simple, and you have the tools to begin doing so in small increments over time. I recommend the article written by our writer Andre Evans on the 8 essential preparedness skills, which are:

  • Food storage  – high quality foods that will last for 10+ years that you can utilize in the event of an emergency. Checkout the 4 cheap foods to store forever.
  • Water storage – purified water and a water filtration device that can provide for 1 gallon per person each day
  • Home gardening – a long-term skill to enable you to provide your own food over time
  • Readiness health kit – be sure to have your essential supplies such as bandages and wraps, but don’t neglect powerful superfoods and tinctures like turmeric and oregano oil
  • Power – whether it’s a generator or an off-the-grid solar panel system, power may be a powerful resource
  • Hard money – don’t expect to trade cash for food in the event of an emergency. It will come down to a bartering system and it’s important to have something of value
  • Readiness relationships – connecting with others who are preparing will help almost more than anything else on the list. It is through community interaction that you can ultimately support each other
If the history surrounding events like Hurricane Sandy and other disasters has taught us anything, it’s that it is highly important to be prepared and self-sufficient — at the very least to a certain extent. Many of the individuals who neglected to prepare are now doing so quite considerably. The best part is, however, that even a little preparedness will go a long way.