Sunlight and Vitamin D Shown to Reduce Chickenpox Risk

Although the chickenpox is usually a mild disease with little complications in healthy individuals, you probably want to rid your child of this spotty intrusion. What you may not know is that letting your child outside when the sun is out and strong may be the best remedy and preventative measure to take to avoid coming down with the chickenpox. This is mainly due exposure to ultraviolet light and the vitamin D that is absorbed from it.

Officials Say ‘Toilet on Tap’ Wastewater Same Quality as Tap Water

Do you think it might be possible that you’re drinking wastewater (also known as ‘toilet on tap’) and don’t even know it? It just so happens that many Americans are, whether they know it or not. But new federally funded research brought to you by the National Research Council says that wastewater is completely safe, if not safer than existing water supplies. What does this say about the current state of your tap water?

Scientists On Track to Develop ‘Exercise Mimicking’ Pill

Scientists have reportedly discovered a key protein in muscle that is responsible for the healthy benefits of exercise, improving blood sugar and targeting unwanted fat. Naming the newly identified exercise ‘key’ after Iris (the messenger of the Greek gods), scientists have yet to unlock the potential benefits in humans. For now, researchers have only managed to exhibit the effects in mice, though a future exercise-mimicking pill or medical intervention could be on the timetable.

How the Modern Lifestyle Breeds Depression and Distress

Mental illness is a steadily rising epidemic. With nearly half of all Americans set to receive some form of diagnosis for a mental disorder, it’s hardly something that can be glossed over. Mental health however, is in a highly compromised state due to all forms of societal changes and technological advances over the last century. In this modern age, many simple truths about human nature are overshadowed by our demanding lifestyle, and our attunement to forms of instant cures and gratification.

Massive Pesticide Exposure Inflating Global Obesity Crisis

Among the toxic substances that you are exposed to on a daily basis, pesticides are one of the most ubiquitous. Second only to genetically modified ingredients, pesticides inhabit the majority of conventional produce and have been repeatedly found to wreak havoc on your body. New findings have pinpointed growing exposure to pesticides as a contributor to the obesity crisis that is currently sweeping the globe. What’s more is that the study reached these conclusions when studying one of the most commonly used pesticides in the world.

Setting the Record Straight: Did Monsanto Really Buy Blackwater (Xe)?

There has been a great deal of publicity over the potential purchase of Blackwater (now known as Academi, and Xe before that) by mega corporation Monsanto. While the two seem to be a great match, as they both fail to consider the morality and repercussion of their actions, it seems that Monsanto is only involved with Blackwater in infiltrating activist groups who are opposed to the biotech giant — an operation quite sinister enough. The truth of the matter is that Academi (Blackwater) was purchased by private investors, and the heavily sourced article written by Jeremy Scahill in The Nation actually says nothing about Monsanto buying Blackwater.

Real Proof of Cancer Cures Comes from Cured Patients, Not Scientific Documents

Scientific language can be used to obfuscate reality, especially in medicine. Mainstream medicine disregards cured patients stories as anecdotal, meaning it isn’t “proven scientifically.” This is total bunk. Any of them can be proven scientifically, and many of these anecdotal cures are clinically documented. The cancer industry, which includes fund raisers, research universities, and Big Pharma, has too much to lose if alternative cures are acknowledged.

USDA Ignores Pesticide Ravaging Bee Population, Threatening Global Environment

It has recently been reported that certain research was suppressed concerning the bee decline which has been occurring over the past few years. It seems that the large sum of money raked in by Bayer, a maker of pesticides, was enough to kick research under the carpet that linked the company’s pesticide to the massive bee decline. There has been a great deal of cover up and secrecy regarding the ongoing bee deaths, enraging environmentalists and activists alike.

A Currently Illegal Fungicide Has Been Found in Orange Juice

An unnamed juice company recently contacted the Food and Drug Administration to let them know that it detected low levels of a fungicide called carbendazim in the company’s own orange juice as well as competitors’ orange juice. The fungicide isn’t currently allowed to be used on citrus in the United States, but it is used in Brazil, which exports orange juice to the US. FDA officials show little concern, but claim they will increase testing to ensure no problems arise from contamination.

Forced Sterilization Victims Granted 50k Over Admitted US ‘Eugenics’ Program

This is no conspiracy theory — North Carolina officials are proposing that victims of forced sterilization programs be given $50,000 each in compensation, with the Associated Press admitting that the sterilization campaign was part of a “once-common public health practice called eugenics.” Victims include thousands of individuals, such as criminals, mentally disabled, and women who were sterilized after giving birth to children as a product of rape.

Shocking: Positive Effects of Marijuana on Lungs

The federal government claims that marijuana has ‘no accepted medical use’ and continues to classify it in the same category as heroin, MDMA, and PCP. This claim is made by the government despite countless studies existing which highlight its many industrial and medicinal uses. One very recent study sheds light not only on how the plant could be beneficial, but how casual marijuana use doesn’t even lead to lung damage.

Red Wine Shown to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk When Moderately Consumed

Recently conducted research shows that not every kind of alcoholic beverage leads to an increased risk for breast cancer, which is what most people believe. While it is still being documented that regular alcohol consumption raises breast cancer risk, one type of alcohol, red wine, has actually been shown to have the opposite effect when consumed in moderation. The study, published in the Journal of Women’s Health, was conducted by researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Unplug Yourself: How Advertising and Entertainment Shape Your Subconscious

They say the subconscious is more powerful than the conscious. Usually, people are more influenced by their innate subconscious desires or intent than a rational and planned decision. This aspect of human nature is heavily influenced by your daily activity. In western society, the subconscious mind of the individual is often subject to a number of heavy influences, through entertainment mediums especially.

Monsanto’s GM Corn Approved Despite 45,000 Public Comments in Opposition

As previously reported, while people were de-stressing and enjoying their much needed time off during the holidays, the United States Department of Agriculture announced its approval of Monsanto’s ‘drought tolerant’ genetically engineered corn. The decision to give the green light to Monsanto regarding their GM corn didn’t seem too difficult for the Obama Administration, despite receiving nearly 45,000 public comments voicing opposition and only 23 comments in favor since comments opened.

UK ‘Drug-Driving’ Law Ignores Far Deadlier Legal Drugs

The United Kingdom government will soon be advised by an expert panel on introducing a new offense of ‘drug-driving’. Maximum levels for different drugs will be considered for those driving while under the influence of illegal drugs, very similar to laws already put in place concerning alcohol consumption and driving. The panel aims to conclude which specific amount of cocaine, cannabis, heroin, or other drugs constitutes as an offense. As revealed in The Independent, it is expected that the panel begin focusing on these regulations this spring.

Simple Dietary Changes is the Answer to Treating Children Labeled as Having ADHD

A recent article published in the journal Pediatrics evaluated and compared dietary impact as a replacement for pharmaceutical medications in children labeled as having attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Researchers J. Gordon Millichap and Michelle M. Yee analyzed 70 studies and found that a diet heavy in fiber, folate, and omega 3 fats could be the key to helping children deemed to suffer from ADHD.

Doctors Urge Fracking Halt Over Health Concerns

Doctors are warning United States government officials and gas producers about the dangers of hydraulic fracking, the controversial act of pumping water and chemicals underground in order to facilitate the flow of oil or gas. As previously admitted by the EPA, reports have revealed that fracking is leading to groundwater pollution that could be endangering your health. Jerome Paulson, a pediatrician at George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, is calling upon gas producers who are heavily involved in fracking to finance studies examining the safety of the process.