B Vitamins Shown to Boost Both Short Term and Long Term Memory Function

B Vitamins Shown to Boost Both Short Term and Long Term Memory Function

Natural Society

A newly conducted study coming from Australia has shown that vitamin B12 and folic acid supplements hold some promise in supporting both short term and long term memory function. B vitamins have been shown to support cognitive function by halving the rate of brain shrinkage – a physical symptom connected with dementia and memory loss in older individuals. Similar to the findings of previous research, individuals in the recent study who supplemented with vitamin B12 and folic acid for two years scored better in memory tests than those who did not take the vitamins.

Researchers involved with the study had more than 700 people aged 60 to 74 years old either supplement with either a daily dose of vitamin B12 and folic acid, or a placebo alternative. All the participants in the study showed signs of depression and were experiencing moderate stress levels. The study aimed to see if nutritional aspects could positively alter cognitive function using randomized and controlled conditions.

Even though the study revealed hardly any difference in the two groups after 1 year, the group taking the vitamin B12 and folic acid supplements showed greater improvements in memory test scores after the 2 year mark.

Why B Vitamins are Important and Where to Find Them

Most B-vitamins, found in various foods such as fish, meat and poultry, are essential if you intend to function normally. These vitamins allow the systems in your body to flourish by converting food into energy, helping healthy cell production, and promoting mental health. People with B-vitamin deficiencies are often tired, and suffer from lifespan-crushing mental stress. It is also a little known fact that most B-vitamin deficiencies are present in elderly individuals and vegans. As you age, your ability to absorb nutritional intake from food is diminished. This is often a contributing factor to what seems like dementia and mental breakdown in older people. As for vegans, their lack of animal foods in their diet prevents them from finding proper B-vitamin intake.

Even those eating a handsome amount of foods rich in B vitamins may not be absorbing optimum levels. Foods simply do not have the same nutritional value they used to. It is for this reason supplementing with vitamins and minerals can be so important for your health.