BPA Leads to Fertility Defect in Offspring

Bishphenol a (BPA), the headline-topping chemical commonly found in plastics, cans, and food packaging has been tied to yet another negative condition — adversely affecting male genital development and subsequently affecting fertility rates.

Government Holds Back on Testing Deadly Anthrax Vaccine on Children

After the media erupted with backlash regarding the recent government decision to test the death-linked anthrax vaccine on children, government officials have decided to hold back the decision. The advisory board announced Friday that ‘ethical’ issues need to be resolved before moving forward with the tests.

Fraudulent Seafood | Are You Really Getting What You Think You Are?

Government inspections find an average of 37% of seafood fraudulently identified. The most common mis-labelings are for red snapper, cod, wild salmon and grouper. Most fish purchased in the US is imported but the FDA currently inspects less than 2% of these fish.

New Study Challenges Official Fukushima Explanation | Radiation Released Exceeds Twice what Experts Claimed

Significantly more radioactive caesium was released into the atmosphere as a result of the Fukishima explosion than many experts previously stated. A new study challenges the official explanations of the Fukushima explosion.

A Flu Vaccine Timeline | The Recent History Revolving Around Vaccine Dangers

If you thought you were safe from the flu after receiving a flu vaccine, think again. It’s hard to keep up with all the false claims and corruption revolving around flu vaccination, but if you were to piece the massive puzzle together, everything may suddenly become crystal clear. Not only are people risking their health by subjecting themselves to the almighty prick, but it turns out that all of the effort is for nothing.

The Gardasil Timeline | A History of Corruption and Negative Reactions

The HPV shot Gardasil has a history that is not only filled with adverse reactions and death, but political corruption. In fact, many are completely unaware as to what extent Gardasil was pushed on the public using bribery, omission of numerical facts, and complete lies.

Improving Memory | 5 Memory-Boosting Foods

The ability to store, retain, and recall information could possibly be one of the most important aspects of success. If you are unable to remember appointments, meetings, people’s names, or information in general, life will inevitably be a struggle to say the least. With eating habits down in the dump and food being tampered with, it is quite difficult to attain the necessary vitamins and nutrients to improve memory.

Healthy Halloween Treats | Enjoy Halloween without the Toxic Ingredients

Halloween is fast approaching, and you may be in the dark over whether or not it is really possible to make Halloween healthy. Thankfully, you do not have to go to either extreme this Halloween, as healthy Halloween treats do exist and are very simple to find.

Hepatitis E Found in Farmed Rabbits | First Findings in the United States

A virus was recently identified in farmed rabbits in the United States for the first time. The virus, up until now only having been found in rabbits in China, was identified by researchers in the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech. The virus which the researchers identified was the hepatitis E virus. But what does this mean for humans?

15 Companies Whose Products Contain ‘Wood Pulp’ Ingredient

Cellulose can be found in popular products ranging from crackers and ice cream to pizza sauce and barbecue sauce. What many do not realize, however, is that cellulose is actually wood pulp. Unable to be digested by humans due to the lack of necessary enzymes needed to break the ingredient down, cellulose has been deemed ‘safe for consumption’ by the FDA.

Vitamin D Improves Vascular Health and Lowers Blood Pressure

Vitamin D could probably be called the miracle vitamin of the last 5 or 10 years. Study after study has come out glorifying the benefits of vitamin D, and for good reason. The vitamin has been shown to be a powerful cancer fighter as well as 800% more effective in preventing the flu than vaccines. Vitamin D has also been shown to be better than fluoride at cavity prevention.

Advisory Panel Urges CDC to Push Gardasil on Young Boys

A government advisory committee that advises the CDC on vaccine recommendations has urged the CDC to recommend the HPV shot Gardasil to be given to boys between the ages of 11 and 12. Gardasil was linked to 3,589 harmful reactions between May 2009 and September 2010 alone.

Liposuction Not a Permanent Weight Loss Solution | Fat Returns and Relocates

Obesity is a global and nation-wide problem, and everyone knows it. Obesity rates are steadily climbing, and what’s worse is that many people feel powerless when it comes to losing or maintaining weight. Resting at a maintained weight isn’t terribly difficult to do, but it isn’t quite as easy as it used to be either.

Having a Tonsillectomy is Associated with Weight Gain in Children

One would think that tonsils have absolutely no connection with weight gain. Similarly, no one would expect a link between gum health and erectile dysfunction. But research shows both cases to be true, and studies indicate that going through tonsillectomy, sugary removing the tonsils, can result in weight gain.

Is Inactivity Destroying our Society as We Know it?

Are you increasing your risk of death by living a sedentary lifestyle? In our society, the physical labors are sometimes greatly diminished due to the psychologically and emotionally demanding lives we lead. This emotionally and psychologically demanding lifestyle, however, seems to be increasing the risk for adverse health risks.

Toxic Hormone-Mimicking BPA Now Linked to Diabetes

It seems evident that the effects of bisphenol A have been made known to a large contingent of health conscious individuals. This chemical pervades nearly every plastic container, is used as lining for metal cans marketed towards children, and can even be found on receipts and U.S. dollars. Now, a new study has linked this hormone-mimicker to diabetes.

Wendy’s Natural Cut Fries Are Far From Natural

People are starting to know more than ever as to how food here in America is treated and created. With fabulous documentaries available like Food Inc. and King Corn to reveal the secret behind food and its treatment and care, the adoption of an organic lifestyle is continuously growing.