Retain Muscle Mass and Avoid Sarcopenia with the Best Milk Protein

Retain Muscle Mass and Avoid Sarcopenia with the Best Milk Protein
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As we age, our bodies go through what is considered to be a natural, continuous transformation known as degeneration. Eyesight suffers, hormone production drops, metabolism slows, and many other things occur with old age. What people also experience is sarcopenia, the loss of muscle mass with age. As with many other problems arising from progressive deterioration, sarcopenia can be stopped, or at least slowed by utilizing a beneficial dietary tactic.

Which Milk Protein is the Best Protein?

To figure out which protein is the best protein for helping sarcopenia, researchers decided to test out a few different types of milk protein – whey protein, casein, and casein hydrolysate proteins. The researchers took 3 groups of older men and fed them one of the 3 different proteins in the amount of normal meal. The protein was also combined with intravenous tracer which helped the researchers analyze and access digestion, absorption, and muscle mass synthesis rates. The researchers concluded that whey protein was superior than the others in muscle protein accretion, and therefore helped with sarcopenia the most out of them all.

This research can be very beneficial for anyone who wishes to retain muscle mass, especially as they begin to reach older age. Whey protein was found to be superior than the other proteins due to its faster digestion and absorption kinetics. Whey also contains a higher leucine content, a branched-chain amino acid very necessary for muscle building.

Retaining muscle is an extremely important part of successful aging. Muscle deterioration is often the reason elderly individuals lose mobility and are unable to live on their own. Sarcopenia was estimated to cause about $18.5 billion in direct medical costs in 2000, which was equivalent to 1.5 percent of the countries total health care spending that year. By retaining muscle mass and avoiding muscle deterioration, you will save yourself a lot of trouble in the future as well as a lot of money.

Combine Strength Training and Whey Protein to Build Muscle

There could be a number of causes for sarcopenia, including hormonal changes, oxidative damage, sedentary lifestyles, infiltration of fat into muscles, resistance to insulin, and even some causes triggered by the brain and the nervous system. Living a total healthy lifestyle by eating organic food, limiting consumption of drugs and chemicals, and optimizing vitamin D levels is a great way to retain muscle and be very healthy. But the best method for avoiding sarcopenia is to exercise and consume whey protein. Combining resistance training with the consumption of whey protein may be the only things you need to retain muscle mass and strength, and therefore bypassing the negative effects of sarcopenia.

Whey protein is also excellent for a high vegetarian diet.