Vitamin D Improves Vascular Health and Lowers Blood Pressure

Vitamin D Improves Vascular Health and Lowers Blood Pressure
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Vitamin D could probably be called the miracle vitamin of the last 5 or 10 years. Study after study has come out glorifying the benefits of vitamin D, and for good reason. The vitamin has been shown to be a powerful cancer fighter as well as 800% more effective in preventing the flu than vaccines. Vitamin D has also been shown to be better than fluoride at cavity prevention. Research has also pointed out that vitamin D can be an effective solution to lower blood pressure, promote vascular health by helping blood vessels, and contribute to healthy arteries.

Vitamin D Shown to Improve Vascular Health and Lower Blood Pressure

The study which shows a lack of vitamin d leads to impaired vascular health involved 554 participants with an average age of 47 and were generally healthy. After blood tests were taken, the average level of vitamin D in the participants was 31.8 nanograms per milliliter. Out of the 554 participants, 14 percent were deficient in 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels (a stable form of the vitamin which reflects both diet and production in the skin), which is less than 20 nanograms per milliliter. 33 percent of the participants had level considered insufficient at less than 30 nanograms per milliliter.

It is important to note that these researchers are using vitamin D level ranges that are not optimal. Here are more current optimal levels. Every single expert will not agree on this.

  • Deficient – <50 nanograms/milliliter
  • Optimal – 50-70 nanograms/milliliter
  • Treat Cancer and Heart Disease – 70-100 nanograms/milliliter
  • Excess –  >100 nanograms/milliliter

The researchers also ran tests to measure vascular health and the health of arteries, but even after controlling factors like age, weight, and cholesterol, a lack of vitamin D was found in people who had stiffer arteries and impaired vascular function. What’s more, participants who raised their vitamin D levels over the next 6 months experienced improved vascular health and had lower blood pressure

If you want to lower blood pressure, contrite to the health of your arteries, and improve vascular health through helping blood vessels, look no further than vitamin D. Vitamin D beats the pharmaceuticals, and doesn’t come with any harsh or nasty side-effects. It is also extremely easy to attain through combining sunlight exposure with diet. When on a mission to experience the incredible benefits of vitamin D by escalating vitamin D levels, remember to supplement with vitamin D3 instead of vitamin D2, as vitamin D2 is a synthetic form and has been shown to be toxic.