Simple Dietary Changes is the Answer to Treating Children Labeled as Having ADHD

Simple Dietary Changes is the Answer to Treating Children Labeled as Having ADHD

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A recent article published in the journal Pediatrics evaluated and compared dietary impact as a replacement for pharmaceutical medications in children labeled as having attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Researchers J. Gordon Millichap and Michelle M. Yee analyzed 70 studies and found that a diet heavy in fiber, folate, and omega 3 fats could be the key to helping children deemed to suffer from ADHD.

An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses Leads to Children Being Labeled as Having ADHD

ADHD-labeled children are not exactly diagnosed fairly. The ‘psychiatric bible’,  known as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, possesses the definition of every single existent disorder.  As the book becomes updated the criteria for labeling a person for many disorders becomes much lower. As the decades have gone by, the amount of disorders someone can possibly have has gone up by the hundreds, all due to the simple stroke of a pen in this manual. Thanks to this book, children are being diagnosed with ADHD if they act more hyper than ‘normal’ and show signs of being easily distracted.

The amount of children being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactive disorder has risen dramatically over the past couple years, thanks to these questionable diagnosing techniques and profit-driven guidelines. In fact, there are so many children being diagnosed with this disorder that drug companies are actually struggling  to acquire enough of the active ingredient used in the popular drug to ‘treat’ the ‘disease’ — Adderall. This is leading to complications for the drug companies since they are unable to provide for the high demand.

The issues of ingesting pharmaceuticals self-perpetuates as the children are prescribed these behavior altering drugs, which alter their brain chemistry and lead to more serious problems like depression and drug dependency later in life. Even over the counter drugs which are much more accessible are dangerous. Pharmaceuticals are only a temporary fix that do not address the fundamental issues behind behavioral disorders.

Simple Dietary Changes is the Answer

Aside from an epidemic of misdiagnoses, an improper diet has everything to do with children expressing ADHD-like behavior. For parents with children labeled with ADHD, try this simple test. Completely alter the child’s diet so that no fast food, junk food, and little processed foods are consumed. The average American diet is sickly full of foods no one in their right mind would consume if taste wasn’t at all a factor. America’s number one source of calories is cancer-inducing fructose, and with its consumption comes a less compliant, more hyper child. Removing this staple in many American’s diets will not only reduce rates of cancer, diabetes, and obesity, but will also positively effect children’s behavior.

Switching over from western diet to a diet rich in organic foods will undoubtedly ignite incredible change in behavior. Additives and artificial colors found in processed foosd are toxic to the body and should be avoided. These toxins, once consumed, alter brain function and cause children to be restless as a result of a shorter attention span. In addition, refined carbohydrates should be avoided as they only have negative effects on overall health.

As noted, a diet rich in fiber, folate, and omega 3 fats can specifically be consumed to hasten the positive response to a child diagnosed with ADHD. A diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains should be consumed in order to attain these health-promoting nutrients. Put these dietary changes to the test, and you should see results almost immediately.