Oral Polio Vaccine Lies, Omissions, and Propaganda: Causing Death and Paralysis

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oral polio vaccineRecent mass oral polio vaccinations (OPVs) among young children in India and Pakistan have been covered in the mainstream media and hailed as the final answer to both nation’s polio epidemic. You will see claims of outrageous success about how polio has been greatly reduced ever since the OPV campaign had begun a very few years ago.
This campaign, initiated by the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), is partially funded by $1.3 billion from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It’s primary targets recently have been India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and the Philippines. But the tales of success are tainted with partial truths, important factual omissions, and big lies.
This article will look into the deceptions surrounding this expensive campaign that literally left behind a trail of paralyzed and dead children’s bodies.

World Polio Vaccination Programs Lies, Omissions, and Propaganda

Oral polio vaccines have been banned in most Western industrial nations because they cause polio paralysis. But those polios are called other names, thus making it seem like regular wild virus polio as reduced or eradicated. OPVs contain live polio viruses that fester and recombine in the digestive system to come out stronger in feces. This process lasts for a few weeks.
The root of contagious viral diseases, including polio, in developing nations stems from poor waste removal with drinking water also used for bathing. Many of the five years of age and younger children given mass oral polio vaccinations did wind up bathing in village drinking water.
The result has been an epidemic of vaccine-associated polio paralysis (VAPP) and acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) reported by the 2012 Indian Journal of Medical Ethics 2012. In India during 2011, almost 48,000 such cases arose, and the numbers rose regionally in proportion to OPV doses administered to children. AFP from OVPs cause more paralysis and death than wild polio virus.
A polio epidemic? In 2010, there were only 42 cases of wild virus polio reported in India. In fact, around 2005, before this recent OPV program, India had declared that polio was no longer a health priority. And the facts that only around 1% of polio victims become paralyzed, and that safe, inexpensive mega-dose vitamin C may treat polio have been hidden from view from almost everyone.
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Statistically, children infected with AFP by oral polio vaccines are twice as likely to die as those infected with the wild polio virus. Worldwide, AFP cases have risen steadily from 1996 to 2010. Under the umbrella tag of AFP, there are Poliomyelitis, Transverse Myelitis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, enteroviral encephalopathy, traumatic neuritis, and others.
While India celebrated the so-called eradication of polio in early 2012, the 2011 AFP statistic was ignored by the world’s mass media. Apparently, changing names of polio-like diseases caused by vaccination does work for the unquestioning.
But in Pakistan, where the program continued, up to 30 healthcare workers administering OPVs have been killed by villagers over the recent two years. It seems the word got around to enough of those villagers.
But not here. The mainstream media won’t question the sacred cow of vaccines, especially with polio. Not lining up and rolling your sleeves or handing your children over to medical authorities for way too many vaccinations at an early age is considered anti-science and a crime against humanity.
Basic psychology calls accusations like that projection, where the perpetrators accuse the innocent of their crimes.
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